How Democrats Incite Political Assassinations

This is part of my #bloodontheirhands series of articles. Political assassinations have proven to be of great benefit to the party that calls for them. In the American scenario not only do the Democrats have a chance to replace any slain Republicans in special elections they also delay any votes and derail the agenda of... Continue Reading →

Political Assassination #BloodonTheirHands

A terrible incident happened in that baseball field yesterday and we can never truly process the event until we are honest with ourselves at what occurred. It was not left-wing terrorism nor was it a random act of violence or any other name we could come up with to sugarcoat the event. It was an... Continue Reading →

Dodd-Frank is a Failure

The other day I wrote an article explaining why we needed to repeal Dodd-Frank and showing why the Financial Choice Act was better. Today I want to focus more on why Dodd-Frank has been such a colossal failure. One of the most exasperating thing about Dodd-Frank is how effectively the democrats and their media allies... Continue Reading →

The Truth About the Dodd-Frank Repeal

Republicans in the house have voted to repeal Dodd Frank and replace it with the choice act. As usual they have declined to explain why this is done and have let the Democrats control the airwaves with their message of the Republicans who have been bought by the banks and are going to crash the... Continue Reading →

3 Important Points from Comey

The entire country watch Comey testify yesterday and there were some important details that are easy to overlook. Others have already done a discussion on each word and what they could possibly mean. For this article I am focusing on 3 things and their implications. FBI did not access the DNC Server The entire narrative... Continue Reading →

The Truth about FAA Privatization

President Trump has lent his support to efforts to privatize the air traffic control functions of the FAA and predictably the Democrats are setting their hair on fire. Every possible reason has been brought up from worse services to increased costs on consumers due to fees being passed on. Senator Schumer even stated that the... Continue Reading →

The New Middle East

With new developments in the Middle East the strategy of President Trump is becoming clearer. The Sunni states are to be given a free hand in dealing with the Shia states with no holds barred and the full support of the United States. In return the Sunni states curb terrorism on their own and extend... Continue Reading →

The Misguided Climate Alliance

In response to President Trump pulling out of the Paris treaty several states and cities have set up a Climate alliance. They have announced that they would abide by the targets the US set in the Paris climate treaty. States and cities absolutely have the right to set whatever rules and regulations they like within... Continue Reading →

Europe is Mad at America. Why?

Since President Trump took office we have had numerous reports of European leaders being upset at Trump and America. Europe is upset that our President is asking for them to pay more for their defense. They are complaining that we would like a more equitable trade deficit. They are positively livid that we pulled out... Continue Reading →

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