The CBO is Wrong on Healthcare


The CBO has released their score on the potential repeal of Obamacare. According to them millions of people would lose their health insurance and costs for premiums would rise. Democrats are upset that Republicans don’t believe the numbers. This is because the numbers do not make logical sense. People have an inherent bullshit detector that can tell when they are being lied to or when certain facts are hidden. For instance for the year leading up to the election economists, the Obama admin, and the mainstream media has been telling people that we are at full employment. No one believed them and people elected Trump instead as well as giving historic majorities to Republicans. When you tell people there is full employment they expect that their wages would go up as well as there would be more competition for limited labor. When that did not happen people figured out it was a lie.


The CBO fails using the same logical standards. The entire reason Obamacare exists is to give people with preexisting conditions insurance. By definition people with preexisting conditions are sicker than the general population. Which is why insurance did not want to work with them in the first place. If you include them in the calculations then everyone has to pay higher premiums to keep the plans solvent. If you remove them from the calculations, like for example by repealing Obamacare, then the premium everyone else pays would get lower as a result.

Benefit of the Doubt

If you read the reports prepared by the CBO on both Obamacare and its repeal you can see why they make this error. Every projection and fact given by the Obama administration was treated as gospel truth and the CBO based their score on this. Since they were heavily biased towards the Obama administration the report they published was proven to be wrong. In contrast the CBO disagrees with everyone of the assumptions used by the Trump administration when it formulated its bill and repeal.

The proof is in the report itself. Hidden deep within the report is an admission that the only reason a lot of people would lose insurance is because they were forced into it in the first place by the individual mandate. If they were not forced to buy the insurance they would not purchase it because of the high premiums. If this were Obama they would have then stipulated that the people who lost the insurance voluntarily would have found their own insurance which would be at a lower cost than obamacare because there would be no one with preexisting conditions driving up the cost.

If you haven’t figured it out yet the CBO decides whether it supports a bill or not and then makes up assumptions to provide the data to reach its predetermined conclusion.


At this point in time Republicans would be crying about the CBO being biased towards the Democrats. That’s not exactly true. The government will always be biased towards giving the government more power. People like George Washington who refuse power when handed to them are incredibly rare. This is why we have a hard time removing any regulations, even redundant ones. Take Dodd-Frank for example. By any objective standard it has failed to rein in big banks as they are four times as large now as they were when the regulation started now controlling nearly half the entire banking industry. Yet government still rates it favorably.

Like any living organism government will protect itself. It will always tell you that it is needed and needs to be expanded. It is up to we the people to hold our elected representatives to their promises.


The Truth About Minimum Wage

th (3).jpg

Republicans, both nationalists and conservatives, have been crowing about the recent failure of the minimum wage increase in Seattle. While it is always nice for our world view to be validated I feel this article is necessary so that we will not be misunderstood. After all Democrats are always eager to paint conservatives as the tools of big business even while they passed Dodd-Frank which concentrated 43% of the banking industry in 4 banks and Obamacare which doubled the profits of the insurance industry at the cost of rising premiums and deductibles for the middle class. Republicans, like everyone else, do want wages to go up. We just believe that raising the minimum wage particularly the federal minimum wage is the wrong way to go about it.


Before I give our view I will debunk the points made by Democrats first. Whenever any policies are discussed the left will always bring up Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as their perfect utopias. Ask them point-blank if these countries have a federal minimum wage. As small as these countries are they have realized that a nationwide minimum wage might be apt for one location but would not work for another. In the context of the US a federal minimum wage designed for New York would price rural businesses out of the market but a minimum designed for rural areas would not be livable in New York. This is why these countries have minimum wage negotiated per industry instead of for the entire country.

Arbitrarily raising the minimum wage does not work either. A variant of that was tried in Venezuela in Petroleos de Venezuela, their national oil company. You may recall that just prior to their crisis they were also hailed as a model socialist country that the US should follow. Venezuela eventually nationalized the oil company. When they did they hired more people and increased their wages. The problem was they did not produce more oil nor did they sell it at a higher price. You just had more people doing the same amount of work at higher wages. This was not a problem while oil prices were high. When they bottomed out this became part of the reason we see the chaos we do in Venezuela today. Incidentally this is also why Trump is dangerous to Putin. More production by the US of oil and natural gas could cause a glut in the market which would cause worldwide prices to drop and ruin the Russian economy.


As Republicans we do believe in the free market. Even nationalists believe in a free market just one bound within the nation. Labor like anything else is a commodity and follows the rules of supply and demand. When the supply of available labor is high then the price is low. In addition when the demand for available labor is high then the price for labor will increase as well.

We believe that instead of setting random numbers as the minimum wage the government should instead set policies that will help lower supply of labor and increase demand for it. This way the change to wages will be organic and something the companies themselves would have to do in order to get the best of the available labor. We think this will be safer as in leaner times companies will not be forced out or forced into bankruptcy by wage levels it can no longer afford.

On a related note this is why the people don’t believe the Democrats and media when they tell them we are at full employment. If we are at full employment wages are supposed to go up but they are stagnant. The Trump administration is doing things that we believe are necessary to change this. The best example is addressing illegal immigration. The slave labor provided by illegals and those provided by those with work visas such as H1-b increase the amount of labor in the pool. With more labor available potential employees have less power to bargain for higher wages. Removing regulations and providing tax reform also increases the amount of businesses in the US increasing the demand for labor therefore making each individual worker more negotiating power.

To sum everything up Democrats believe in legislating wage increases no matter what conditions on the ground dictate while Republicans believe in creating conditions necessary for the wages to increase.


Impeach Tyrion

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When the book and television series first started I liked Tyrion. What was there not to like? A base dwarf with a heart of gold and the wits to match anyone. The farther the show goes the more incompetent he becomes. As a hand of the queen he has proven to be a dismal failure. Its time to retire Tyrion so we can remember the good times instead of the bumbling dwarf he is on the way to becoming.

Just a short summary of his time as hand.

Landing at Dragonstone

This has to be the biggest blunder Tyrion has made. The original Aegon landed at Dragonstone because he had very few troops with him. His military assets consisted of pretty much his 3 dragons. When he fought the Lannisters and Gardeners at the Field of Fire he was still massively outnumbered even with the defecting Riverlanders flocking to his banner. Dragonstone made sense because he needed a defensible starting point.

Dany is starting with 100,000 dothraki bloodriders and 8000 unsullied. A force that is unmatched anywhere in Westeros. At the height of his power Tywin Lannister had 60000 troops. 30000 under him and 30000 under Jaime. Tyrion managed to land the dothraki in the one place in Westeros that they could not deploy out of and require additional waterborn transport to be effective.

On a related note the only reason Euron is even relevant is because Tyrion chose an island as the home base for the Dany faction. If they landed anywhere in the Stormlands or even in Dorne Euron would have to challenge them on land to be useful to Cersei, throwing away his biggest advantage.

Losing the Iron Splinter Fleet

To compound his decision to stick his army in an island Tyrion decided to send the Arya Iron Fleet off to Dorne. At this point it gets intercepted by Euron who is in the same area and they lose the entire fleet as well as the leaders of Dorne. With Varys in tow there was no way that they were unaware of a gigantic ironborn fleet was hanging out in Kings Landing. Not to mention Arya already warned them that Euron was against them.

As a result of his blunder the dothraki have lost their transports towards Westeros proper and the army from Dorne is now questionable. After all the leaders they were supposed to rally around are lost. With Tarly taking up against Tyrell and the sand snakes defeated it is not even likely that the Targaryen forces can lay siege to Kings Landing.


There is quite a bromance going on between Jon and Tyrion. It even seems like Tyrion is angling for Jon to be the future husband of Dany. The problem is that as of right now the only redeeming factor for Jon is that Tyrion likes him. As an ally he is worthless and is actually a drain on whoever he teams up with. As of right now the Vale should be ready and willing to take the fight to Cersei. Instead since they allied with Jon they will now be wasted against the undead. Any forces Dany sends with Jon will meet with the same fate.

Impeach Tyrion now!


Debunking Russiagate


I have made articles debunking the liberal position on dodd-frank, obamacare, and other issues but have always avoided an article for Russiagate. The entire thing just seemed so ridiculous that it would have been a waste of time debunking it. Yet here we are. The hilarious thing about this is the Democrats don’t really care one way or another if Russia interfered with the election or not. The emails that wikileaks provided have been proved to be true. The entire thing is being used to generate headlines and derail the Trump administration. The main concern for Team Trump is that the country at large cares more about what he accomplishes than what Russia did or did not do. It is only the elite Republicans who care about Russiagate and the more they focus on it the less get done.


If we are going to debunk something let us start from the beginning. Whenever Democrats bring up Russia they always point to Trump calling on Russia on live TV to find the missing emails of Hillary. As everyone knows when your colluding with a foreign power it is always better to do it on live tv. The funny thing about this is that Clinton’s emails were never hacked. She deleted them all before handing it to the FBI. All we know about this emails come from what the FBI have been able to recover. It is one thing to hack information that is already there. It is quite another to reconstitute things that have already been deleted.

The second set of emails comes from John Podesta. If you were to go by technicalities you can say he was hacked. In reality Podesta gave up his password willingly to a phishing scam. Let me repeat that again. Podesta gave up his password willingly. You do not need the KGB to run a phishing scam. I think I get 10 or so false notices from credit cards asking for my personal details every week. Any teenager can do this.

Lastly we have the DNC server. If there was any hacking done it is here. Unfortunately we will never know as the DNC refused to turn over their servers to the FBI. All the information we have comes from Crowdstrike which is on retainer for the DNC.

This is the lynchpin of the entire Russiagate narrative and we are not even sure it happened.

Financial Ties

Democrats are also insinuating that Trump is beholden to Russia because he owes them vast sums of money. To prove this they are using his relationship to Deutsche Bank and there have been reports that the bank has turned over information to the Mueller investigation. Please note we are not talking about a fly by night operation here exclusively created to give Trump Russian funds. We are talking about Deutsche Bank. One of the largest banks in the world, based in Germany I might add which liberals seem to love all of a sudden. If it was a treason to do business with Deutsche then you would have to jail Gates, Buffet, and all of your other faux liberal heroes.

The truth is like many Americans Trump overextended himself in the financial crisis. Unlike other major players he did not get a bail out. He took his bankruptcies and the hit to your credit that comes with it. Like many Americans he had to find a bank willing to do business with him to continue his company and repair his credit. Some people found secured cards to repair their credit, Trump found Deutsche Bank willing to do business with him. Like many Americans Trump was able to recover thru hard work.

Secret Meetings

The next point in their ridiculous narrative is Trump and maybe his team has been having secret meetings with Vladmir Putin supposedly to get instructions. Democrats may not be aware of these but email and other forms of communications exist. If Trump really needed to get instructions from Putin he could get it without meeting face to face. Second these meetings are absolutely normal.

Remember when Obama met the Russian President and told him to pass a message on to Vladimir? Something like tell Vladimir to wait till after the election? If that statement had not been caught by the hot mic would it have been recorded anywhere? Was any of the advisers or translators with Obama at the time have been close enough to hear it? Were you fine with that?

Meeting with foreign leaders in passing in parties organized by third parties, back channels, and off the record meetings are all part of diplomacy. In fact they are part of any high level discussions in business or in politics. Presidents have done this before Trump and will do so after  Trump. The left is only freaking out about it now as it is the easiest way to destabilize the Trump administration.


The last thing Democrats will say is that if this was normal why would the Trump team hide it? What we need to remember is that these meetings are so mundane that no one thought to mention them. Take the most recent meeting with Putin for instance. Trump meets with Putin in a party set up by Merkel and all of a sudden the news was reporting that Trump was having all sorts of clandestine meetings with Putin.

Transition teams and even the campaign meet with 1000’s of people. Some of them will be important meetings but most of them will be forgettable. The truth can easily be uncovered. What are the things Trump has done since being elected? Do they help or hurt Russia?

Offering to sell missile defenses to Poland. Competing with Russia in Eastern Europe by supplying natural gas. Increasing the production of oil and gas which lowers the price world wide. Convincing NATO to increase its military spending closer to the 2% that they promised. Everything that Trump has done so far has been incredibly harmful towards Russia.


Peperidge Farm Remembers

download (4).jpg

Remember when the Steele document came out and democrats cheered? Pepe-ridge farms remembers. Remember when it came out that never trumpers funded the opposition research and the funding was taken over by the clinton campaign? Pepe-ridge farms remembers. Remember when it was revealed that some of the sources Steele used for his supposed research came from within the Russian government? Pepe-ridge farms remembers. Remember when the biased press accused the Clinton camp of colluding with the Russians? Pepe-ridge farms doesn’t.

The media may have conveniently forgotten. The politicians may have forgotten. The normies may have forgotten but Pepe-ridge farms always remembers.

When we remember this Democrats scream whataboutism. They say that Trump is the president and anything Hillary, Obama, and any other candidate has done should not be discussed. Pepe-ridge farms remembers because everyone running for office gets information about their opponents.

Pepe-ridge farms also remembers the Democrats colluding with Ukraine. The Pope screaming that Trump was not a christian to prevent the religious right from voting for him. Foreign leaders the world over trying to tip the scales towards the Democrats. Pepe-ridge farms remembers everything.

If Democrats want to bring down Trump let it be for something he did do but the others did not.


Pandoras Box


Democrats have opened Pandoras box with their Russia narrative. Earlier republicans would have already fallen all over themselves in apology. They would have prostrated themselves at the altar of biased fake media in the hopes that they would be spared the wrath of CNN and MSNBC. We are not the previous generation of Republicans are we? If they hit us we hit back twice as hard. If CNN and MSNBC throw their hat in the ring for the Democrats then we marginalize them and diminish their power. The Democrats want to investigate Russia collusion so we should oblige them and investigate Russian collusion. The Trump administration has already started on this by requesting investigations on who funds certain environmentalist groups. That is not enough. We have to expand this to others. As Hillary Clinton would say after the last week in Haiti “Let the bodies hit the floor”


As mentioned the Trump administration is looking into this already. The Russian economy is based on oil and natural gas. The higher the price for these goods the better the Russian economy does. Certain environmental groups are exerting effort to prevent the US from using fracking and other efforts to produce natural gas. If they are successful this means that there would be a lower available supply of natural gas and the US would not be able to compete with Russia in the Visegrad markets. Pushing the price of gas higher makes the Russian economy stronger and allows them to bully the Eastern European countries.

We have to look at environmentalists who push for this and see if they are funded by Russia.


The Iran deal gave billions of dollars to Iran and eased sanctions on Iran in exchange they agreed to some inspections they may or may not comply with in the future. This deal has been very beneficial for Iran while it has not been for the US. The primary ally of Russia in the middle east is Iran. Anything that benefits Iran benefits them as well.

We must take a look at the people who supported the Iran deal and check for funding from Russia.


As everyone knows the US and its NATO allies bordering Russia rely on the US military remaining strong in order to combat the Russian threat. Democrats are mainly against any increase in military spending. We have to check and see if any of them are funded by Russia and are working for a weaker US military.

These 3 scenarios are just the start. Illegal immigration advocates could be setting up a situation like the refugee crisis in Europe to weaken America using Russian funds. The Paris treaty gets funds from developed countries like the US and hands it to “developing” countries like Russia. This is an instance where Russia could directly be receiving funds from the US. We have to investigate the people who support that deal for Russian funding.

The Democrats want Russian hysteria. We should give them Russian hysteria.


Obama Wiretapped Trump: Step by Step


With new information coming from the Don Jr emails we now have a clearer picture of how Obama used his loyalists in the FBI to wiretap and conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign. Let us go step by step to see exactly how this was set up. It is actually quite brilliant.

The Bait

In essence Obama needed something to give the FBI an excuse to wiretap the Trump campaign. Enter Natalia. The Russian lawyer that Don Jr met who had information that was supposed to be “straight from the Kremlin”. Please note that this loyal agent of mother Russia who has been entrusted with its deepest, darkest secrets regarding the misdeeds of Hillary Clinton in Russia had anti – Trump rants in her facebook page. Wait a minute? I thought the Russians loved Trump and wanted him to win? Why would their chosen agent post messages like this? Why would their agent be against Trump? I thought Russia was dying for him to win. It is also strange that the attorney general, who met with Bill Clinton during the investigation and requested that specific terminology be used to describe the investigation, gave an exception for this russian spy to get in the country.

This would never hold up in open court but the Obama administration never expected it to get that far. They were arranging things for Clinton to win after all. All that mattered is that it gave the FBI justification to request for a FISA warrant. Please note that the Russian narrative is only a bonus. The Obama administration expected to be successful in fixing the election. The primary reason for the trap is the justification for the FISA warrant. The Russia thing only became useful when they lost.

The Trap

As mentioned earlier the evidence would never hold up in open court but the FISA court is not an open one. It is a secret court which acts as a rubber stamp to give intelligence agencies a veneer of accountability when conducting surveillance on American citizens. It has only declined 11 out of the 35000 requests it has received. Despite this Obama had to file 2 requests and have them rejected before they shopped around for a friendly judge to give them authorization to spy on the Trump campaign.

The Spoils

Once you have the authorization to spy on the opposing campaign all that is left is to analyze and disseminate the information. To facilitate this two things have to be achieved. First the information should be as easy as possible to understand and second as many people as possible should be able to see the information as possible. The Obama administration achieved this by changing the rules to allow as many people as possible would have the opportunity to see and leak the documents and by having Susan Rice request to unmask the documents.

Three simple steps and you can use the FBI to wiretap your political opponents. Step 1: Have one of your friendly operatives in another government meet with the opposing campaign. Step 2: Have that agent present no useful information but use the meeting to trigger a FISA request. Step 3: Have you administration leak the results both to the press and your parties campaign.

At least Nixon had the decency to use criminals.




In Defense of Joffrey Baratheon


In honor of the new Game of Thrones series starting I am taking a break from writing about politics today to write about my favorite character in the series. Joffrey Baratheon first of his name. Monster, Tyrant, Deranged child of incest Joffrey suffers from the worst reputation in the series. The tragedy of Joffrey is this prejudice against him prevents the reader from seeing his brilliance. If you have not read the books yet please note there will be some spoilers here.


Whether the knife was given to him by Tyrion, Littlefinger, or the Night King Joffrey was the one who ordered the hit on Bran instigating the events which led the North to rebel. This is usually viewed as a sign of incompetence from Joffrey.

Take a look at events from the point view of a future king. The Starks control half the kingdom directly. In addition to this they have a marriage alliance with the Riverlands who in turn had a marriage alliance with the Vale. That puts more than half of your Kingdom under the control of someone else. To make matters worse the 3 regions are right next to each other which means they can easily support each other. Robert is blind to this because of his personal loyalty to Eddard but the king will not always have that relationship with the lord paramount. In Joffrey’s reign you would have the ruler of the North, the ruler of the Riverlands, and the ruler of the Vale all belonging to one extended family. The same region that led the assault against the mad king. It was obvious that the situation could not stand so Joffrey had to act. Waiting until he was the king would have been too late.


Executing Eddard may have been the most brilliant move in the entire campaign. Think about the information available at the time of the execution. At this point in time all Tywin Lannister, the supposed great lion, had proved is that the Lannisters were hilariously incompetent in combat. All the Starks had to do was go south with a commander who had never experienced combat yet and Tywin promptly proceeded to lose half his army and get his heir and a whole slew of nobles captured.

If Eddard were released and proceeded to lead the Stark army against the Lannisters nothing would have been able to stop him. The vale already mutinous at being kept out of the war would have ignored Lysa altogether. The Freys who only had the courage to make outrageous demands because of Robb being a neophyte would have been kept in line. Robb would not have made his errors with Jeyne as well. In short releasing Eddard would have resulted in the loss of the throne.


Out of all the kings seated on the throne Joffrey is the only one who has shown he has the vision to create a stable Kingdom. When Joffrey was asked by Cersei what he wanted to do in his reign he mentioned that he would tax the northerners and take some of them to serve in a central kings landing army. Then if they revolted he would be down violently.

Joffrey understood that the kingdom such as it is not stable. He does not have the luxury of having pet dragons like the Targaryens nor can he count on the personal loyalty of the Starks like Robert could. In any case relying on the loyalty of one man is a shaky proposition at best. It may have led to a brief period of instability but Joffreys plan was best for the realm in the long term.

The saddest moment in the whole series is undoubtedly the death of noble Joffrey first of his name.

The Truth about the Nothingburger


The Democrats are tilting at the Russian windmill once again. It is no coincidence that this happens after a highly successful g20 summit and the fall of Mosul. Russia will always be brought out to distract the public when the President accomplishes great things.

There are two facets to the Russia story that are being used to suggest collusion. First is the staff involved in the Trump campaign had some connection with Russia and other governments, like Turkey and Ukraine for example, in the past and second for whatever reason Trump campaign officials would meet with various officials connected to Russia.


There is one thing that we have to remember about the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton was the establishment candidate and was very effective in rallying the establishment of both sides against President Trump. The Koch brothers did not give a single cent to the Trump campaign and the Bushes who controlled most of the political operatives of the were openly stating that they would vote for Clinton. There were even some stories circulating that anyone who worked for the Trump campaign would have been blackballed in Republican circles after they lost.

For better or for worse the regular Republican operatives were not available to the Trump campaign. It ultimately turned out for the better as the rag-tag team was able to deliver results the Koch and Bush vetted operatives were not able to. The 2016 elections saw major 8 and 9 point swings towards the GOP in Wisconsin and Michigan. There was even a historic 15 point swing in Iowa. Results like that come from experience and since the people involved in the Trump campaign were those in disfavor with Koch and Bush they could not get this in the US. They had to get it elsewhere and some of those places were in Europe. Only the most privileged people would not understand relocating where the jobs are.

Any insurgent campaign would go thru these pains as the establishment would link arms against them. When the media condemn the Trump campaign for their staff they are condemning all insurgents who dare run against the political class.


Let us start with the latest media meltdown, Donald Trump Jr. It seems some person said she was connected to the Russian government and said she had some damaging information on Hillary Clintons activity in Russia. Before we proceed let me just point out how hilarious it is that no one is stating that maybe Hillary did not have any covert activity with the Russian government and the lady who sent the email was bluffing. Everybody just knows that she has these ties.

In any campaign when somebody says they have damaging information about your opponent you take a look at that information. If it turns out to be nothing then you have wasted some time and move on. The Clinton campaign had a disgraced M16 agent in Steele researching pee tapes on Trump with his contacts in the Russian government and other governments friendly to Hillary doing everything they could to prevent Trump from being elected. The Pope, who has stated he considers the insistence of Trump on border control and prevention of illegal immigration to be dangerous, even worked to divide the Christian community from Trump by questioning his faith. Every campaign will pursue every scrap of information and lead they have. They did this before the Trump campaign and will continue doing this after the Trump campaign.

It should not come as a surprise that the officials in the Trump team meets with people from Russia or other countries. Since most of them were exiled by the Kochs and Bushes they developed their experience and contacts in other countries. Some of these contacts may reach out with information from time to time just like contacts from the US.

If Trump used regular Republican operatives he would not have these problems. If he did that then we wouldn’t have voted for him.

Fake News in Action: The Kaiser Study on Obamacare

download (3).jpg

For the past couple of days Democrats have been touting a study by the kaiser foundation stating that the Obamacare insurance market has stabilized. The premise of the report is simple. The loss margin was down therefore the insurance companies were doing better. In 2016 insurance companies paid out 86% of all premiums collected in insurance claims. In 2017 they have so far paid out 75% of all premium claims collected in the first quarter. This data is used to claim that the Obamacare market is stable and is not in a death spiral. Second they state that the amount of days spent in a hospital per 1000 patients is similar to last year which means that the health pool is not getting sicker.

Health Pool

Lets take a look at this one first since it is hilarious. In 2011 the average amount of days per 1000 was 20.6 in 2012 it was 21.2 in 2013 it had risen to 21.6 and lastly in 2014 it had gone to 21.7. Over 4 years there was an increase of 1.1 days. By 2016 the amount had risen to 23.8 days and in 2017 it had gone up to 24.7.

The very study that they use to show that Obamacare had stabilized and that the health pool is not getting sicker shows a 0.9 increase over 1 year when it had only increased 1.1 days over 4 years previously.

Premiums and Loss Margin

Can anyone think of something that happened last year that would cause this? That’s right the insurance companies jacked up their premiums massively. Of course the data will show you are paying less money as a percentage of the premiums you collect. It is not because you are paying less money in claims as your health pool is getting sicker as evidenced by your own data but because you are collecting more money.

There is good news though. Insurance companies are already signalling another round of massive increases to premiums for Obamacare plans this year. Some will even go 40-50% higher in just one year. Congratulations. I guess Obamacare will be much more stable.

To summarize the arguments offered by the Kaiser foundation in defense of Obamacare. Our health pool got sicker 4 times as fast as previous years and premiums are going up at unprecedented rates therefore Obamacare is working! lol.