The GOP has lost its base


One of the benefits of Bannon leaving the administration is that it sets up an ideological divide between the economic nationalist policies Trump ran on and the establishment Republican priorities the current politicians in the Senate and the House want him to pursue.

Five thirty eight recently published an article where they cite a survey in 2016 by the Cooperative Congressional Election Study. They look at the policies put forth by Bannon and Trump during his campaign and distilled them into 5 questions asked in the survey. A quick note to all the liberals reading here. Do you see how fast you can actually understand the philosophy behind the Trump movement once you get past the autistic screeching about racism? These are the five questions.

  1. For or against the Trans Pacific Partnership?
  2. The US should send troops to help the UN uphold international law.
  3. The US government should identify and deport immigrants in the US illegally
  4. Their local police should receive a grade of A, B, C, D, or F?
  5. Their state government should increase spending on infrastructure.

The study found that 15% of all people who voted for Trump in the general agree with him in all 5 questions. 50% of people who voted for Trump agree that the US should get out of the TPP and be involved in less foreign interventions. 45% agree that the police is doing a great job and that illegals need to be deported. 40% want more infrastructure spending and to get out of deals like the TPP. What is most dangerous for the GOP is that only 2% of people who voted for Trump agree with none of these five statements.

Let us take a look at the stance of the establishment GOP on these issues. We know that they generally favor things like the TPP. They have expressed their desire for amnesty and other things that reward illegal immigration. Mccain and Graham are good examples of the stance of the GOP establishment towards war. On these issues where 98% of Republican voters agree on the GOP establishment is outright against 3. The stance of the GOP on infrastructure is very debatable as well. It could very well be that the only thing the GOP establishment and its voters agree on is the good job the police are doing.

The lesson is clear for the Republican politicians. Republicans don’t agree with your policies. You are getting voted for now because you are marginally better than the democrats but the minute someone like Trump offers any sort of alternative your base will leave you. It will happen over and over again until you realize you have to do what people vote you in for.

The lesson is clear for Trump. If you govern like a standard Republican. If you govern like a JEB! you will lose reelection. People voted you in for a reason and if that is not achieved we can always look elsewhere.

Most importantly the lesson is clear for economic nationalists. The Republican party is now our party. The Republican voters agree with our beliefs and not with the beliefs of thinkers like Ben Shapiro and their current crop of intellectuals. It is our party now. Run for local office as a Republican. Connections and funding be damned. The voters agree with us. If you make enough of an impact the funding will follow as you as people will always back a winner.

If you are reading this and think of us as racist. Then I urge you to look at the questions as determined by five thirty eight, who I consider to be left leaning, then you may be an economic nationalist too if you agree with us on any of them. You will just have to get used to the autistic screeching outside your door.


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