Who is the Anti-fa?

antifa on campus hero.jpg

With their recent coverage in the news it is important for everyone that we understand who Anti-fa is, what they stand for, and which major political figures have been supporting them.

Anti-fa is of course short for Anti fascist. They are a group which believe in opposing fascism by any means necessary. They believe that fascism must be stamped out in its infancy before it takes root. To Anti-fa physical violence, intimidation, and suppression of free speech are all valid and legitimate tools to combat who they deem as fascist. One of the defining traits of Anti-fa is they have very little in the way of central leadership so each particular “cell” (for lack of a better term) determines who or what is fascist too them. Another defining trait of Anti-fa is they have widespread political support. The alt-right has been denounced by nearly all major politicians of both parties. In contrast nearly every major Democrat has expressed support for the actions of Anti-fa. Even Republican leaders such as Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have cleared Anti-fa of any wrong doing with their statements.

Since every division of Anti-fa decides for themselves what defines fascism they have declared a lot of events as fascist. In college where conservative speakers such as Ben Shapiro or even the more controversial Milo have been scheduled to speak, Anti-fa has been on hand to prevent the event from taking place. Sometimes it is thru physical threats, actual violence, or blockading the entrances. Even their presence sends a chilling effect as conservative speakers are forced to pay huge sums to provide adequate security for their talks. In political campaigns they have decided that the Trump campaign and its supporters are fascist. They were on hand to break up the Trump rally in Chicago during the primaries. In Arizona they even forced President Trump to enter one of his rallies thru the back. In California there was even a rally by Trump supporters where Anti-fa used pepper spray on children. Even Republican town halls discussing the potential changes to Obamacare were also protested or demonstrations against planned parenthood.

To date I am not aware of any demonstrations against any political activities done by the left which goes a long the uniform support they draw from Democrat politicians. On the other hand it seems like the definition Anti-fa uses for fascist has been expanded to include any activity which furthers the Republican agenda. This makes the refusal of mainstream Republican political leaders such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Mitt Romney to condemn them very strange. To date it looks like President Trump is the only major political figure to condemn violence caused by Anti-fa.

To sum everything up. Anti-fa is an organization supported by Democrats and establishment Republicans which violently suppresses anything they deem as fascist. They have also determined that anything having to do with conservatives is fascist.

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