Trolling to Educate the Left

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Today I want to discuss how to use trolling to educate the left. The most crucial thing to remember about trolling is that it has to look as innocent as possible. The purpose of it is to be able to draw a response from the audience which will let them come to a moment of self-realization. This is similar to the socratic method used in law school.

The best example I can provide for this is when the left accuses me of racism. Im sure everyone from the right has been accused of racism at one point or another.  At this point I only ask one simple question.

Should the color of your skin should be a factor in determining eligibility for higher education. (yes/no)?

Of course you can imagine the autistic screeching I have to endure after I bring this up because it blows the narrative out of the water. Almost everyone from the left would answer in the affirmative and almost everyone in the right would answer in the negative.

Make no mistake the moment you answer yes to that question you are a racist. Period. End of sentence. Anything that you say after that is merely justification for being a racist.

If you are a liberal reading this I understand you have all sorts of justifications for answering yes. They all boil down to “People were racist in the past so I have to be racist now to correct it”.  If it makes you feel better you can be a noble racist. But you are still a racist.

Of course in their eyes everyone is a noble racist. People are always the heroes in their own stories. They are rarely racist just because. There is always some justification for racism to make it a moral good. To make it noble. The black people just cannot take care of themselves. We need to bring religion to the heathens. We need to correct previous injustices.

A is A

At this point I would like to bring in Ayn Rand, one of my favorite authors. Her thoughts on morality is something that everyone should read. The reason why liberals fall into this trap is because they have no moral absolutes. One of the most important points Ayn Rand makes is that A is A. Racism is always racism. Almost all liberals practice morale relativism or in certain conditions A can be B. For example if you are racist for noble reasons then you are no longer racist.

You can use this on a variety of topics not just racism. Here is another question which will generate some autistic screeching.

Are people accused of Rape entitled to due process and a fair trial? (yes/no)

This of course refers to the Dear Colleague letter just repealed by Devos. To those who don’t know Democrats removed the rights of people accused of rape in a college campus to a jury of their peers. They also lowered the standard of evidence from “guilty beyond reasonable doubt” to “preponderance of evidence”. Of course all the major Democrats like Obama and Biden support it.

I hope you have the same enjoyment as I do triggering liberals into self-awareness.


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