The Social Justice Pope


The Vatican is currently being ruled by someone who is as close to a social justice warrior as you can get and still belong to the catholic leadership. This is in stark contrast to the previous Popes who have acted much more closely with Catholic orthodoxy and people are wondering why.

The reason is fairly simple. To paraphrase Bannon, the Catholic church needs more kneelers to fill their pews. There may be some of my readers who consider themselves to be true believers of whatever religion they follow and to them I want to say this is by no means a knock on your faith. I understand you truly believe but you must also acknowledge that an organization like the Catholic Church loses its prestige without funding and followers. If you belong to any church then they would have probably asked you to donate money at some point in time.

Catholic leaders know that their religion is in decline. The problem they face is that the solution they have chosen would fundamentally alter Catholicism as we know it and they have not realize it yet. Worse it would not be effective in revitalizing their fortunes.

South America

The social justice warrior masquerading as a pope comes from South America. This is not a coincidence. This is the last stronghold of Catholicism on Earth. They chose a Pope from here to shore up the region and to see if they could replicate their success here in other regions. What they forget is that the strain of Catholicism practiced in this area is different from anywhere else. Religion in this part of the world has been influenced by liberation theology. Leaders like Castro or Che used it to spread the revolutionary message to the masses so that they would join in on their revolts. This has not stopped and liberation theology which paints Christ more in the role of communist fighter rather than spiritual savior still exists today. Religion was used as a means to promote communism.

By modeling the entire church after this area the entire religion becomes a tool to promote the socialist agenda which seeks to eliminate religion in the end. Or at the very least turn it into an arm of the state which answers to the government and not to God.

Wealthy Countries

It is not difficult to see how the Catholics found themselves in this predicament. In North America, East Asia and Europe they face pressure in two directions. On the left people are becoming increasingly agnostic or atheist. Seeing no value in religion as a whole they just leave it. On the right they increasingly turn to other branches of Christianity which does not have the burden of having leaders in the Vatican.

By becoming a church for social justice warriors they alienate the right and appeal to the left. Since the people in the left they appeal to would have no problem not having a religion in their lives at all they make the Church weakens their position in these countries.

Poor Countries

In Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East the Catholics face pressure from Islam. There is no hope for revival in the Middle East of course where Christians from any branch are regularly killed or discriminated against by Muslims so we can discount that area entirely. Theoretically their message of liberation theology should increase their appeal to the poorer areas of Africa and Southeast Asia.

The Catholic Church misses that Islam is not just a religion. It is a complete package. It offers economic assistance as well as spiritual. The only reason they have not been able to do this in South America is they have not had time to establish their roots there yet, but this will be developed over time. Let us take the markets of the Philippines or Malaysia for example. It is common knowledge that areas like this are havens for the sale of pirated materials. What happens when the Muslim vendor in the stall next to yours gets the new Thor movie and you as the Catholic have to wait for two weeks to get yours? What happens when the devout Muslim who pays the daily collector the money for the fund to build the local mosque gets their stock before you who have not paid have to wait for weeks? Islam rewards those who follow it with economic benefits. Even Halal product requirements which most likely need to employ Islamic workers operate under this system.

In essence it does not even matter what Islam teaches. As long as the Catholic church cannot match its political, economic, and theological integration they will continue to lose ground against it. By focusing on the content of their message the Catholic Church is attempting to combat Islam where Islam is least vulnerable.

Death of Catholicism

The social justice pope alienates the faithful in the first world countries, whose money it needs to combat Islam in the third world, in order to increase its presence in the third world countries. Which it cannot do because there are economic benefits to Islam that it cannot match. Leading to a retreat of the religion on both fronts.

The Catholic church must wake up and depose of its head social justice warrior. Modify your religion to be attractive to those on the right in the wealthy countries and use that money to provide the same level of economic integration in the poorer countries. Only then can there be a revival.

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