Expanding the Map: Asians not Latinos

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In the aftermath of the Romney election, the Republican establishment came to one conclusion. We must get Latinos! This was thought to be the only path to expanding the Republican tent.

Make no mistake this is not an electoral strategy. Anyone can see how that this would be counterproductive as one. This is a method to force the Republican electorate to move left on the issue of illegal immigration. The Republican establishment has always been to the left of its base on that issue as the donor class needs the excess labor to keep wages low. While the base was against it as they want more available jobs for Americans. The
autopsy was meant as an ultimatum to the base. Move left on the issue or never see another Republican President again. This was of course shattered by Trump.


The Chinese have a saying, “Do not trample over old friends in your rush to make new”. In order to gain new voters in this demographic would mean that the Republicans would have to take positions its base does not want which would make it lose its core voters. For every vote gained the Republicans would lose one as well.

To convince voters this was a good idea Latinos were sold as “natural conservatives” mainly because of their highly religious nature. The Catholic Church being fairly popular in their home countries. The strategists fail to inform the base that the teachings of latin American churches fall heavily on the side of liberation theology which is used to push a
socialist agenda. If anything they would be natural democrats.

The Republican party does have to expand its tent. After all we have won so many seats already we would need voters in new areas to win more. This will not be accomplished with Latinos but with Asians.

In the 2016 presidential election Asians and Latinos both voted 65% democrat and 29% Republican. There is just as much potential for growth here as there is in Latinos.


Asians are the natural target for party expansion because you do not have to take any new policy positions to attract them. You just have to expand on positions that your base is already in favor of.

The best example of this is affirmative action. The Republican base, who is mostly white, is against this as it negatively impacts them. What democrats don’t want people to find out is that Asians are even more negatively impacted by affirmative action than whites are. A recent study found that while blacks and hispanics gained points due to affirmative actions and whites had no change Asians actually lost 50 points in their SAT’s due to affirmative action. Couple this with the fact that asians are very competitive when it comes to the educational accomplishments of their children and you have an issue that is guaranteed to attract them.

In the case of employment Democrats have always tried to make the case for more minorities in the technology field. A field currently dominated by whites and you guessed it asians. Hiring more blacks and latinos means lost opportunities for asians.

In terms of immigration they are also the most likely beneficiaries of something like the raise act. Most of the applicants would already either speak perfectly good english (being involved in call centers) or are among the wealthy in Japan, China, or Korea which you would want to bring in anyway.

It has been argued that Republicans need to attract Latinos because they reside in swing states. Yet Republicans are already winning those states with their current level of support from latinos. Exerting effort to attract asians to the party would allow it to expand into other areas. Equally important since they vote for democrats at the same rate as latinos it would serve to break up the democrat coalition.


It is a lie fed to us by the Republican establishment that we have to move left on illegal immigration to win elections. We already have a demographic that is a perfect natural fit for the Republican party. We just have to reach out to them.



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