The Democrat Contender for 2020 is…


Democrats view President Trump to be a weak candidate which has led many of them to position themselves as the candidate for 2020. It can get very confusing with all of the liberals running around. Luckily for all my readers I am here to cut the gordian knot for them and to make sense of it all.

The key to predict Democrats and how they will pick their next candidate is to understand what they want to learn and what they do not want to learn from 2016. Democrats want to change as little as they possibly can and still win. There are two key lessons that they learned from 2016 that they will use to select their next candidate. Note that Democrats cannot really change much as any major change will confirm that Clinton did not only lose because of the Russians.

Minority Vote

The first key lesson is that Democrats need minorities to show up in bigger numbers. More white people are voting Republican therefore they need to make up for that. On the morning of the election there was anecdotal evidence saying that Hillary Clinton did interviews with black radio hosts from North Carolina because their internal polling had seen that there was an enthusiasm gap with the black voters from 2012 and 2016.

On election night itself Cenk and the other TYT stalwarts were horrified to learn that Trump got a similar share of hispanic voters that Romney did despite running a campaign that was heavily against illegal immigration. Cenk is quoted to have said that the number of hispanics voting for Clinton should have been near 90%. It is common knowledge in liberal circles that the only thing latinos care about is legalizing illegal immigration.

Asians were not a concern in the 2016 election. They voted for Clinton in the same rate that Hispanics did and the campaign platforms of Trump did not affect them greatly. With affirmative action seriously on the table for the first time they could be a concern for 2020 since affirmative action gives them the harshest penalties.

With this triple threat we can be sure of one thing. The 2020 Democrat candidate will be a minority. In fact I will go further than that. The Democrats will never nominate another white person in my lifetime or in the lifetime of anyone reading this article.


Democrats are addicted to being the party of firsts. Why wouldn’t they be? Being the first of anything gives you an easy answer to any criticisms. If you say Obama is doing a bad job then you are racist, same goes for Clinton and sexism. Designing a campaign for the first of something is relatively easy as well. You don’t need to extol the virtues of the candidate themselves nor their positions, you just need to extol the virtue of the particular class that person is a member for.

Running a long string of firsts also gives you an easy opportunity to virtue signal about how inclusive and progressive your party is. Democrats were thwarted with the first woman candidate which means that they will run another woman in 2020. Expect more firsts every election after that. First paraplegic , first homosexual, first transgender, etc.

The Loser Is

For 2020 the candidate will be a minority woman. That is 100% guaranteed. Kamala Harris and Tammy Duckworth are the current front runners with Oprah being a dark horse. Right now I would give an 80% chance for her to be nominated. If you are a Bernie fan or someone who is more of a Biden democrat then it is time to accept that your party can no longer nominate these white men.

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