Impeach Tyrion

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When the book and television series first started I liked Tyrion. What was there not to like? A base dwarf with a heart of gold and the wits to match anyone. The farther the show goes the more incompetent he becomes. As a hand of the queen he has proven to be a dismal failure. Its time to retire Tyrion so we can remember the good times instead of the bumbling dwarf he is on the way to becoming.

Just a short summary of his time as hand.

Landing at Dragonstone

This has to be the biggest blunder Tyrion has made. The original Aegon landed at Dragonstone because he had very few troops with him. His military assets consisted of pretty much his 3 dragons. When he fought the Lannisters and Gardeners at the Field of Fire he was still massively outnumbered even with the defecting Riverlanders flocking to his banner. Dragonstone made sense because he needed a defensible starting point.

Dany is starting with 100,000 dothraki bloodriders and 8000 unsullied. A force that is unmatched anywhere in Westeros. At the height of his power Tywin Lannister had 60000 troops. 30000 under him and 30000 under Jaime. Tyrion managed to land the dothraki in the one place in Westeros that they could not deploy out of and require additional waterborn transport to be effective.

On a related note the only reason Euron is even relevant is because Tyrion chose an island as the home base for the Dany faction. If they landed anywhere in the Stormlands or even in Dorne Euron would have to challenge them on land to be useful to Cersei, throwing away his biggest advantage.

Losing the Iron Splinter Fleet

To compound his decision to stick his army in an island Tyrion decided to send the Arya Iron Fleet off to Dorne. At this point it gets intercepted by Euron who is in the same area and they lose the entire fleet as well as the leaders of Dorne. With Varys in tow there was no way that they were unaware of a gigantic ironborn fleet was hanging out in Kings Landing. Not to mention Arya already warned them that Euron was against them.

As a result of his blunder the dothraki have lost their transports towards Westeros proper and the army from Dorne is now questionable. After all the leaders they were supposed to rally around are lost. With Tarly taking up against Tyrell and the sand snakes defeated it is not even likely that the Targaryen forces can lay siege to Kings Landing.


There is quite a bromance going on between Jon and Tyrion. It even seems like Tyrion is angling for Jon to be the future husband of Dany. The problem is that as of right now the only redeeming factor for Jon is that Tyrion likes him. As an ally he is worthless and is actually a drain on whoever he teams up with. As of right now the Vale should be ready and willing to take the fight to Cersei. Instead since they allied with Jon they will now be wasted against the undead. Any forces Dany sends with Jon will meet with the same fate.

Impeach Tyrion now!



In Defense of Joffrey Baratheon


In honor of the new Game of Thrones series starting I am taking a break from writing about politics today to write about my favorite character in the series. Joffrey Baratheon first of his name. Monster, Tyrant, Deranged child of incest Joffrey suffers from the worst reputation in the series. The tragedy of Joffrey is this prejudice against him prevents the reader from seeing his brilliance. If you have not read the books yet please note there will be some spoilers here.


Whether the knife was given to him by Tyrion, Littlefinger, or the Night King Joffrey was the one who ordered the hit on Bran instigating the events which led the North to rebel. This is usually viewed as a sign of incompetence from Joffrey.

Take a look at events from the point view of a future king. The Starks control half the kingdom directly. In addition to this they have a marriage alliance with the Riverlands who in turn had a marriage alliance with the Vale. That puts more than half of your Kingdom under the control of someone else. To make matters worse the 3 regions are right next to each other which means they can easily support each other. Robert is blind to this because of his personal loyalty to Eddard but the king will not always have that relationship with the lord paramount. In Joffrey’s reign you would have the ruler of the North, the ruler of the Riverlands, and the ruler of the Vale all belonging to one extended family. The same region that led the assault against the mad king. It was obvious that the situation could not stand so Joffrey had to act. Waiting until he was the king would have been too late.


Executing Eddard may have been the most brilliant move in the entire campaign. Think about the information available at the time of the execution. At this point in time all Tywin Lannister, the supposed great lion, had proved is that the Lannisters were hilariously incompetent in combat. All the Starks had to do was go south with a commander who had never experienced combat yet and Tywin promptly proceeded to lose half his army and get his heir and a whole slew of nobles captured.

If Eddard were released and proceeded to lead the Stark army against the Lannisters nothing would have been able to stop him. The vale already mutinous at being kept out of the war would have ignored Lysa altogether. The Freys who only had the courage to make outrageous demands because of Robb being a neophyte would have been kept in line. Robb would not have made his errors with Jeyne as well. In short releasing Eddard would have resulted in the loss of the throne.


Out of all the kings seated on the throne Joffrey is the only one who has shown he has the vision to create a stable Kingdom. When Joffrey was asked by Cersei what he wanted to do in his reign he mentioned that he would tax the northerners and take some of them to serve in a central kings landing army. Then if they revolted he would be down violently.

Joffrey understood that the kingdom such as it is not stable. He does not have the luxury of having pet dragons like the Targaryens nor can he count on the personal loyalty of the Starks like Robert could. In any case relying on the loyalty of one man is a shaky proposition at best. It may have led to a brief period of instability but Joffreys plan was best for the realm in the long term.

The saddest moment in the whole series is undoubtedly the death of noble Joffrey first of his name.