Bannons Three Buckets

In CPAC Steve Bannon provided the ideological background to the Trump administration in his three buckets. The topic has not generated much discussion which is surprising as you will rarely see the philosophy of the Trumpian wing of the GOP efficiently distilled into three bullet points as Bannon did. Security and National Sovereignty  When you... Continue Reading →

The Theory of Political Capital

Analysts like Morning Joe and others always point out that Trump is using up his political capital by making his moves and that he needs to reach out to the left in order to govern and rebuild it. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding in our political class about what exactly political capital is and how... Continue Reading →

Yuge in Yemen

I wanted to wait for some time before giving my reaction to the raid in Yemen. Mostly to have a clearer picture of how the raid actually went and partly to see how other people would react to it and see what I saw. First of what actually happened? Seal team 6 ran a raid... Continue Reading →

America First in Action: World War 2

Whenever America First is discussed liberals will always bring up World War 2 as an argument against it. According to them if we applied America First principles in World War 2 we would not have helped the Allies and Germany would have won. Remember that in the Alt:Right view I mentioned that war can be... Continue Reading →

The Alt Right View: Justice Gorsuch

President Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch for the supreme court and I have seen very few articles on the reaction of the alt-right to the pick. By all accounts Gorsuch has an impressive resume hitting all the right law schools and positions. He has a view of the constitution similar to Justice Scalia and seems... Continue Reading →

Did We Hand Asia to China?

The outcry has begun over the TPP. Richard Haas says that it will slow US growth and the primary beneficiary is China. Micheal Mcaul says we just handed China a major victory. For free! I don't need to mention the others including John Mccain espousing gloom and doom. What Actually Happened? We cancelled a multi-lateral... Continue Reading →

The Alt-Right View: Trade War

For our topic today I will be discussing our views on trade wars. I have wanted to do this topic for a while as I feel it is one of the few legitimate concerns people would have over President Trump and the alt-right. To begin with a trade war or economic war is another form of... Continue Reading →

Hacking Hypocrisy

The democrats have complained about the Russian hacking from day one. I have avoided the topic as much as I can as I could not see how anyone would take it seriously. Yet here we are and it is becoming the main point of contention of the democratic party. I guess you would need to... Continue Reading →

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