If Trump is a Russian Puppet then why…..

Here is a series of questions that liberals have never been able to answer about their Russian conspiracy theories. Why is Trump pushing oil and natural gas?  This is actually the biggest one. Russia relies on oil and natural gas for its economy. In fact it would not be an understatement to say that this... Continue Reading →

Reckless Robart

By now everyone will have heard about the ruling of Judge Robart. Leaving aside the fact that he made a nationwide ban on an issue raised by two states and the text of the relevant immigration law which gives plenary power to the President over immigration law, I find his decision legally problematic on three... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Attorney Generals

Yesterday President Trump fired the acting Attorney General Sally Yates. This came after she refused to defend the executive order in court as plaintiffs challenged portions of it. She said that the executive order was not consistent with her obligation to always stand for what is right nor does she believe that the executive order... Continue Reading →

Did We Hand Asia to China?

The outcry has begun over the TPP. Richard Haas says that it will slow US growth and the primary beneficiary is China. Micheal Mcaul says we just handed China a major victory. For free! I don't need to mention the others including John Mccain espousing gloom and doom. What Actually Happened? We cancelled a multi-lateral... Continue Reading →

Transition: Foreign Policy

The left constantly says that Trump is a buffoon and unfit to be President. Lets take a look at what has been accomplished so far. Recognized Taiwan, a vibrant democracy with a liberal president, as a separate country from China and took their call. - Let me remind everyone that this is the first liberal... Continue Reading →

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