The Maid of Calais: Savior of France

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Whenever France is in trouble there is a tradition of a figure appearing out of the blue to save the country from collapse. The maid of Orleans is of course the most famous example. Today we have the maid of Calais. When people compare Marine Le Pen to Jean D’ arc the conversation eventually drifts to the Muslim refugee invasion instigated by Merkel. This is a valid concern with all the terrorist attacks happening in France but it is mainly a secondary threat. The primary threat facing France today is economic.

France stands on the edge of a cliff. They can continue the failed economic policies of Macron and Hollande or they can forge a new path with Le Pen. France cannot survive another term of Macron and Hollande. Notice that whenever they are asked to defend their record on the economy all they can do is call Le Pen a racist.

Macron and Hollande have created a service economy. That is not sustainable. French citizens are given temporary jobs in cafes, construction, and other work and they exist to cater to the whims of the elite in society and those that come over from Brussels and Berlin. There is nothing inherently wrong with these jobs and they form part of every economy. After all if a factory gets built then a service economy grows around its workers who now have money to spend. The main problem comes in how Macron and Hollande have implemented this. Instead of creating new industries and then building a service economy around them they have created an economy almost exclusively around temporary jobs. More than 80% of the jobs generated during the term of Macron and Hollande were temporary and service sector jobs.

By ignoring the normal procedure of building an economy of stable jobs and only building an economy of service sector and temporary jobs Hollande and Macron have made France totally dependent on the good graces of Germany and Belgium. After all the elites of the EU must visit France in order for the French people to serve anyone. If the elites in the EU ever choose to stop visiting France and instead opt for another country there would be no way for the service sector to earn money. This leads to a downward spiral. The more reliant you are on other countries for income the weaker your currency has to be attract tourism and investment. For the same reasons your relative income has to be lower as well.  Macron and Hollande have set up a system where the citizens of other countries are more important than the French citizens as they are dependent on them for their economy.

It is not hard to see where this ends. Given a continuation of their policies Macron and Hollande would center the economy around more and more temporary and service sector jobs while ignoring French industries. It is not difficult to imagine a day where the French become second class citizens in their own countries as it becomes more and more important to please the elites in Brussels and Berlin.

Le Pen realizes that France needs to rebuild its vital industries so that France can be self sufficient again instead of purely relying on temporary jobs. There is a limited time frame available for this. At a certain point your infrastructure falls behind so much that you have no other choice but to rely on temporary jobs and service industries. It may be too late already but Le Pen is the only one with a shot at making France great again.

Le Pen and Liberty. Choose France.


Macron and Hollande: The Legacy of Failure

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La belle France faces a choice next week. Continue the failed policies of Hollande thru his successor Macron or forge a new path with Le Pen. With an approval rating of only 4% it is hard to imagine how France can choose to continue the legacy of Hollande. It has gotten so bad that his chosen successor, Macron, had to leave the Socialist party as there was no way someone from there was going to be elected. By all standards Hollande has had a failed presidency and I urge our French cousins not to be fooled by the charade. Switching the names of the party does not mean you will do anything different than your predecessor. Macron is Hollande and Hollande is Macron.


The people who actually live in France should be able to explain this better than I. Hollande and Macron has been an unqualified disaster on terrorism. Every couple of months France is in the news with yet another bombing, knifing, killing spree, out of control truck, or whatever the terrorists have done for that day. We have another moment of silence, Facebook photo, twitter hashtag, and then nothing. Nothing happens and it happens again and we repeat the process yet again. It is very difficult to imagine living under such circumstances. It is similar to a situation in a war zone where enemy combatants can kill you at any time. Yet Macron and Hollande have done nothing and are asking for the people to trust them with another term.


Even on economics Macron and Hollande have been colossal failures. Macron’s law is one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation that Hollande has passed. GDP growth is slower than most of the other European countries, Long term unemployment is very high, more than 8 in 10 new jobs are temporary, and of course wages have not increased as well.

It is very difficult to find a metric that Macron and Hollande have not failed in when it comes to the economy. The 4% approval rating means even his most ardent supporters do not approve of the performance of Hollande and his economic minister Macron.

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again and hoping for a different result. I hope our French cousins are not insane.

Choisir la Raison. Choissisez Le Pen. Choissisez la France.