The CBO is Wrong on Healthcare

The CBO has released their score on the potential repeal of Obamacare. According to them millions of people would lose their health insurance and costs for premiums would rise. Democrats are upset that Republicans don't believe the numbers. This is because the numbers do not make logical sense. People have an inherent bullshit detector that... Continue Reading →

Fake News in Action: The Kaiser Study on Obamacare

For the past couple of days Democrats have been touting a study by the kaiser foundation stating that the Obamacare insurance market has stabilized. The premise of the report is simple. The loss margin was down therefore the insurance companies were doing better. In 2016 insurance companies paid out 86% of all premiums collected in... Continue Reading →

Charlie Gard and Enforced Euthanasia

The debate over euthanasia has been going on for quite a while. On the one hand you have an argument that people should have the right to decide when they want to die and giving up the fight is a personal decision particularly when the fight impacts the quality of the rest of your life.... Continue Reading →

The Great Democrat Con

The Democratic party has run the most amazing con job in political history. For the longest time it has convinced the American public that it is the party that works for the benefit of the working class while painting the Republicans as evil tools of corporate greed. In reality every single one of their major... Continue Reading →

The Truth About the Medicaid “Cut”

I originally meant to write this article last week when the AHCA came out but things got in the way and I only managed to find time to complete it today. As always it is very important that these points come from the administration and highly visible Republicans. Independent bloggers like me only have so... Continue Reading →

The Truth About the AHCA

The senate has recently come out with its version of the AHCA. Since there are still no provisions about price controls on drugs I do not support it. Despite that it is important that the truth about it be told. Democrats have said that this bill is nothing but a massive tax cut for the... Continue Reading →

The Myth of ObamaCare

With the repeal of Obamacare by the Congress yesterday the Democrats are now pushing a new message. 24 million Americans have lost their health insurance due to Republicans. I have no idea where they got that number from but it ignores the main issues surrounding Obamacare. The number of insured is not the only metric... Continue Reading →

Trumpcare is Better than Obamacare

I wanted to wait for some time before giving my reaction to Trumpcare so I can take a look at the actual proposals instead of making a knee jerk reaction. The truth is that Trumpcare is better than Obamacare. Unfortunately it is not that much better than Obamacare so I cannot support it. It does... Continue Reading →

The Alt-Right View: Obamacare

For my second article in my series introducing the positions of the Alt-right. I will discuss Obamacare and healthcare in general. Since the Alt-right is less moored in conservative or progressive ideology and instead looks at things from a nationalist point of view we do have more freedom to look at things objectively. Like anything... Continue Reading →

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