Understanding Trump: The Dinesh Pardon

Hey everyone. I'm finally back from a long sabbatical and ready to untangle all the tricky issues of the day. To get me back into the swing of things I figured I would start with an easy topic. Today President Trump has pardoned Dinesh D'Souza. As everyone knows Dinesh was prosecuted for making 20000 dollars... Continue Reading →

Obama Wiretapped Trump – Manafort Update

We now have official confirmation that Manafort was under surveillance last year. Let me restate that. We now have confirmation that the campaign manager of the Republican candidate was under surveillance by the FBI. I explained in my previous articles how everything works. Come up with an excuse to get a FISA warrant. Have your... Continue Reading →

The New Korean War

For the record I fully support an armed intervention in North Korea. In my opinion the US has tried every other option and all of them have failed. Bill Clinton tried complete and total submission. Offering a yearly tribute in oil to North Korea as well as offering to build their nuclear program with American... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Russiagate Target: Wikileaks

As events develop and more things are exposed things become clearer. The target for the intelligence community for Russiagate is not Trump. It is Wikileaks. The aim is to discredit the organization as nothing more than an agent of Russia in the eyes of the public. After all it does not matter how accurate the... Continue Reading →

His Name Was Seth Rich

His name was Seth Rich. The mainstream media is about to go into overdrive about a possible impeachment of President Trump. They are beginning to show their desperation as the Russian narrative is about to be broken. The only justification ever offered for the Russian collusion is that Russia hacked the DNC servers and gave... Continue Reading →

Trump Defeats the Intelligence Community

It is no secret to everyone that there has been some friction between the Trump administration and the intelligence community. Particularly those members of the intelligence community who identified as democrats or neoconservatives who want a harder line with countries like Russia. Various leaks were given to the media, though we can never be sure... Continue Reading →

Trump Tower Gate and its Implications

After all the noise coming from the left about various Trump scandals we finally have one that dwarfs Watergate and it is coming from the Obama administration. If the wiretapping scandal is true then it represents massive abuse of power on behalf of the democrats. The best part about this is that there are records... Continue Reading →

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