Fate Has No Secrets Review

Another week and another set of cards. 6 by 6 is almost over and I am preparing to hear complaints about how "stale" the meta has gotten ever since cards are not added to the pool on a weekly basis anymore. On the other hand it might give Jigoku time to catch up so we... Continue Reading →

Into the Forbidden City Review

My last outstanding pack review before I can get back to a more normal writing schedule. I have to say I think it is good that I was able to play with some of these cards first before providing reviews as they allowed me to see some problems and opportunities that you don't normally see... Continue Reading →

Tears of Amaterasu Review

A big hello to all my readers out there. I apologize for the long break I was feeling under the weather and did not feel up to writing. To shake of some of the cobwebs I will be doing some reviews for the next few articles for all the new sets that have come out.... Continue Reading →

Masterclass: Lion

This article is intended for people who have played Lion for a while and want to take their game to the next level. If you are just starting L5R and have not played many games with Lion the Lion deckbuilding article may be a better place to start. As always the deck I am using... Continue Reading →

Ring Theory

Deciding which ring to challenge for is one of the most difficult parts of L5R. It is the most common question new players ask me. With 5 different rings each with different effects you can see how daunting it must be for anyone. We haven't even added the extra variables of the 2 different conflicts... Continue Reading →

The New Roles and You

Worlds is over and we now have a new Shogun. Lion stands triumphant over all the other clans. The results are not surprising. If you have read my previous articles I already predicted either Crane or Lion would win with the edge going to Lion because they have a better match up against Crane. The... Continue Reading →

L5R Deckbuilding: Unicorn

Ahh Unicorn. The self-loathing samurai of Rokugan. Unicorn clan players are almost uniformly more downcast about their clan than other players and not without reason. They are similar to the Phoenix players of the old universe who always assumed they would lose at the end of the arc even when the current fiction showcased them... Continue Reading →

L5R Deckbuilding: Dragon

Today we will be focusing on the enigmatic warriors of the Dragon clan. To be perfectly honest the Dragon have never interested me much even in the days of old L5R. This is why it took me so long to write this. I always thought they were the clan with no unique identity. They either... Continue Reading →

L5R Strategy: Against Scorpion

  One of the most common replies I have gotten both in Reddit and Discord about the article from yesterday asks when I would make a similar article against Scorpion. I have not really considered making one before getting all the replies as I had not considered to be a top tier deck (remember yesterday... Continue Reading →

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