The Restricted List

Hi everyone. I'm back from my time wandering the shadowlands. For today I want to discuss one of the biggest changes to the game which is the restricted list. One of the reasons why I went on break is that the game had gotten stale for me. As soon as I saw what Stronghold my... Continue Reading →

Ring Theory

Deciding which ring to challenge for is one of the most difficult parts of L5R. It is the most common question new players ask me. With 5 different rings each with different effects you can see how daunting it must be for anyone. We haven't even added the extra variables of the 2 different conflicts... Continue Reading →

L5R deck building: Phoenix

I have been consuming a lot of media recently from various sources about how to build a deck with L5R which compelled me to write this article. It looks like the most widely viewed ones come from team covenant or imperial adviser. In my opinion the ideas presented in it are more for card games... Continue Reading →

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