Letter to the Lion Clan

Greetings brothers and sisters in arms! I have the honor to be Isawa Tsuke, despite the differences between our families I have taken up the Lion to be my adopted clan since the start of the LCG. I have recently embarked upon a four-month journey away from Rokugan and return to find a clan in... Continue Reading →

Game Discussion: Top 8 Discord Cup

As many of you probably know season 2 of the discord cup is over. Yours truly got knocked out in the top 8 by the eventual champion wydwen. One of my favorite things about this Cup is the matches are all streamed and saved in youtube. Not only that it has excellent commentary by some... Continue Reading →

Lion MasterClass Part 3

Welcome fellow Lions. As promised this is part 3 of the Lion Masterclass series. This will be the last part of the series and we will be focusing on clan splashes. I know a lot of you have been asking for decklists and they are included. Here are decklists for Lion/Dragon, Lion/Crane, Lion/Scorpion, and Lion/Unicorn.... Continue Reading →

Lion Masterclass Part 2

I originally planned to write this article right after the first one but my health and the review articles got in the way. In the first article I provided broad strokes about how Lion should play and mentioned a few cards. For this article I wanted to focus on the specific cards some more. As... Continue Reading →

Masterclass: Lion

This article is intended for people who have played Lion for a while and want to take their game to the next level. If you are just starting L5R and have not played many games with Lion the Lion deckbuilding article may be a better place to start. As always the deck I am using... Continue Reading →

The New Roles and You

Worlds is over and we now have a new Shogun. Lion stands triumphant over all the other clans. The results are not surprising. If you have read my previous articles I already predicted either Crane or Lion would win with the edge going to Lion because they have a better match up against Crane. The... Continue Reading →

L5r Deck building : Lion

I have gotten feedback from my previous article saying that Phoenix was a very difficult clan for new players to start with. This is fair. Phoenix is a complex clan to master. When I first started the LCG I wanted to play Phoenix due to partisan reasons but chose to play Lion first instead to... Continue Reading →

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