Card In Focus: A Legion of One

For the second card in our spotlight we have Legion of One. To all of my non-Lion clan readers I swear I will do cards from other clans as well. It just so happens that I played the recent discord cup season 2 with Lion and some of the nuances are still fresh on my... Continue Reading →

Lion MasterClass Part 3

Welcome fellow Lions. As promised this is part 3 of the Lion Masterclass series. This will be the last part of the series and we will be focusing on clan splashes. I know a lot of you have been asking for decklists and they are included. Here are decklists for Lion/Dragon, Lion/Crane, Lion/Scorpion, and Lion/Unicorn.... Continue Reading →

MasterClass Phoenix Part 2

I originally planned to just make one article discussing both paths I originally planned to just make one article discussing both paths but the length of the initial article made me decide to split it into two. As always the article assumes that you have some understanding of Phoenix already and want to improve your performance with the clan. Way... Continue Reading →

MasterClass Phoenix Part 1

This article is intended for players who are familiar with the game and want to improve their game with the Phoenix clan. If you are just starting the Phoenix deck building article may be a better place to start. Phoenix is a very versatile clan. So versatile that it has two divergent paths. In the... Continue Reading →

On Provinces

One of the most consistent questions I get from players that want to be competitive is what provinces to expect when they attack another clan. Which province you select can make or break the conflict so it is understandable why players want all the information they can get about this subject. Knowing which provinces your... Continue Reading →

Lion Masterclass Part 2

I originally planned to write this article right after the first one but my health and the review articles got in the way. In the first article I provided broad strokes about how Lion should play and mentioned a few cards. For this article I wanted to focus on the specific cards some more. As... Continue Reading →

L5R Deckbuilding: Unicorn

Ahh Unicorn. The self-loathing samurai of Rokugan. Unicorn clan players are almost uniformly more downcast about their clan than other players and not without reason. They are similar to the Phoenix players of the old universe who always assumed they would lose at the end of the arc even when the current fiction showcased them... Continue Reading →

L5R Deckbuilding: Dragon

Today we will be focusing on the enigmatic warriors of the Dragon clan. To be perfectly honest the Dragon have never interested me much even in the days of old L5R. This is why it took me so long to write this. I always thought they were the clan with no unique identity. They either... Continue Reading →

L5R Strategy: Against Scorpion

  One of the most common replies I have gotten both in Reddit and Discord about the article from yesterday asks when I would make a similar article against Scorpion. I have not really considered making one before getting all the replies as I had not considered to be a top tier deck (remember yesterday... Continue Reading →

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