The Liberal Primer: Economics


Greetings fellow liberals! Welcome to another installment of the Liberal Primer. Today we will be discussing the economy. Do not zone out just yet. This is really important to the liberal agenda. To the naked eye it would seem that we know nothing about the economy after all we are the party that asks for higher minimum wages while at the same time demanding more slave labor be brought in from Latin America. This is only partly true. We don’t really care about the economy. We just make contradictory demands so that they cannot be met. After all they both sound good until you think about them. While the economy is not our priority there are still some very useful concepts in the economy that we do use and liberals should be aware of.

The Law of Supply and Demand

The law in our case is very simple. We demand more racism but society is unwilling or unable to supply it. Since the demand is more than the supply we have to produce more racism for the demand to be met. We do this in two ways. First we have our own liberal operatives commit the racist acts. Our arm in the media does an excellent job of covering it up but most of the publicized attacks done since President Trump got elected were done by people of the same race or were outright hoaxes. They do get caught afterwards but that hardly matters. We can get them off on something relatively minor and our arm in the media will make sure to bury the reports. Second we expand the meaning the racism to include more things. We already have studies declaring the word “American” as problematic and full of privilege. It is only a matter of time when we can ban the word itself. The goal is to make sure that everyone goes through life doing at least one thing we consider racist or privileged. This makes them feel guilty and malleable to our will.


Salesmen have something the ABC’s of selling. Always be Selling. Regular people may not always recognize racism when they see it and they may not label it properly. It is up to we liberals to make sure that racism is properly identified. Of course by properly identified we mean that everything should be labeled as racist. It may seem difficult at first but all it requires is the proper mindset. Remember you can find racism in everything. If someone orders vanilla ice cream that should be takes as white supremacy. If someone has ice cream a la mode then that is code for white people over black people. Let us not forget that milk is racist as well. Remember Always Be Selling Racism.

Buy Low, Sell High!

In a nation of 100’s of millions of people there will always be racism somewhere. Your job as liberals is to take those isolated incidents, or buy low, and make it seem like they are happening everywhere and that slavery days are just around the corner again, or sell high. Every single event of racism whether real or instigated by fellow liberals must be given prominence and reported nationally. This keeps our pet minorities on edge and ready to defend the Democrat Plantation. Just don’t tell them we already keep illegal immigrant slaves or they might riot.

Location, Location, Location!

Do you ever notice how groups like the KKK only appear every four years and only seem to do so in swing states we think we can win? In 2016 they were holding marches in North Carolina. This is not a coincidence. The blacks need to be on edge on election time so they return to the vote plantation. They know we jail them, label them as super predators, and make sure that any jobs they may be able to get go to illegals, but as long as they believe that the other side wants to return them to slavery they will vote for Democrats.

Remember these principles of economics and our stock of racism should rise to all time highs!

Monuments and the Ctrl-Left


There has been some debate about certain statues of confederate heroes getting removed. As a general rule whenever the monuments have been removed liberals from all across the country have been in favor of it while the local residents have not. In fact there was a bill in Louisiana where the legislators required a vote by the local residents before any statues were removed and the democrats walked out when it was passed. They knew that if they consulted the public they would never be able to remove another monument again. There really should be no opposition in to a public vote. Unlike issues like minimum wage where one state may affect another the existence of a statue on a courthouse lawn in Alabama would have no impact on the life of someone in New York or Los Angeles. In fact odds are until the media informed them about it they would have no idea these monuments existed. My opposition to this is much deeper though. It shows the desire for control of the aptly named ctrl-left.


Whenever the left argues this issue they would always point out that Robert Lee and the rest were traitors and the losing side in a civil war deserves no honor from the victors. History would say otherwise.

In Japan Yukimura Sanada fought on the side of the Toyotomi against the Tokugawa and even while defeated was still hailed as the bravest man in Japan by his opponents.

In China Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang fought on the losing side of a civil war with the Kingdom of Shu. Statues of Zhuge Liang are still in Cheng Du today and their reign is widely regarded as the perfect example of a reign by a confucian scholar.

In Korea Yi Sun Shin was convicted as a traitor by King Senjong and tortured yet today he is one of the most popular heroes of Korea. Even the Japanese admired him as Admiral Tojo would not allow himself to be compared to him when he was compared to both Nelson and Yi Sun Shin.

In Mongolia Prince Jochi turned traitor to Genghis Khan and set off to start his own Khanate yet the populace still loved him. Genghis enlisted Tsubodai to hunt him down and kill him and Tsubodai nearly resigned when the deed was done.

Of course in the US we have Robert E Lee who was venerated by both sides. Mainly because of how cleanly he fought the war. Both northern and southern soldiers admired him and both Lincoln and Davis wanted him to lead their armies.

This admiration even exists for the worst regimes. In World War 2 Rommel was admired by British soldiers for his skill in battle and his lenient treatment of prisoners. After Hitler he was the most mentioned German figure in British newspapers during the early part of the war.

It is usually the most brutal of regimes that are so insecure in their reigns that they must crush any form of dissent and make sure that no good attributes are identified with losing sides in the civil war. Regimes like communist Russia or China or North Korea who have a ruling class interested in maintaining power vilify the losing side to solidify their hold. In more civilized areas the positive attributes of the losing are amplified to promote unity between the various factions. The winners see that there is good in the losers too and are more inclined to be lenient.


Of course this has never been about traitors. That is the only the excuse the liberals use. The goal is to destroy the unique culture of the southern states. This is ironic because whenever a minority has his culture threatened it is usually the liberals who first speak out and claim cultural appropriation and destruction of their native culture. Somehow the Islamic culture, African culture, and others are worth protecting but American culture is not. The hypocrisy of the situation does not really matter to liberals as destroying culture is only a means to an end. They want people in the South to be ashamed of their heritage.

This ties into the concept of the original sin I mentioned in the article about cultural privilege. Whether we like it or not the south was able to produce some fine people like Robert E Lee that fought nobly for their cause and the people in the south should be proud of that. Once you remove anything positive that people can associate with regarding their heritage then you have effectively saddled them with the original sin. They now have this stain that they must atone for purely for being born in the location where they are. Once they have accepted this fact then the ctrl-left can now insist that they follow its agenda in order to atone for the sins of their fathers. This issue is much bigger than statues.

The Liberal Primer: Dictionary


Greetings fellow liberals! The page we have today is unique. It is meant to be shared with conservatives. Please do be careful not to show them the other pages of the primer though. We do understand that we live in a polarized society and showing the other side what we mean when we say different terms can only help us understand each other. Some of the terms are defined the same way which means that they are usually interchangeable.

Racist – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Bigot – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Fascist –  Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Nazi – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Sexist – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Traitor– Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Russian Hacker – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Useful Idiot – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Elitist – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Good – Someone who votes for Democrats.

Evil – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Educated – Someone who votes for Democrats.

Uneducated – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Privileged– Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

White Nationalist– Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

White Person – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

White Supremacist – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

This is of course only a short list. If there are any additional terms that need to be defined please reach out to us so we can include it in the dictionary.

C O C Devotional : Hierarchy


It is settled science brothers and sisters! You are reading the first edition of the Church of Climatology devotional! C O C devotional for short. In this publication we will be explaining and expounding on the beliefs of the church. We hope that this will help introduce us to the non-believers. If you are a believer then may the great Gore protect you and keep you from the ice age and may Leo and all the stars guide you thru the vast oceans caused by global warming. You now have the perfect tool to convince heretics. It is settled science indeed!


Since this is our first publication we must begin in the beginning. In order to understand how the church works we must first understand how it is structured. There are 2 major ranks among the faithful. Our colloquial term for these ranks are the stars and the shlubs. Movement among the ranks is based on something we call “green levels”. Once you have enough green levels you can move up in the ranks and eventually make it from shlub to star. Your current green level is determined by three things. First is strength of belief. The more you believe in climate change the higher your rank. Second is obedience. The more closely you follow our teachings and the more vocal you are about it the higher your green level becomes. Lastly we have your fame. The more famous you are the more important you become to the church of climatology. These green levels are determined by our gazers located in our Holy city of Holy Wood. In practice everyone in the religion already has strong belief and is perfectly obedient so the only variable is fame.


We now go to the individual ranks. The Sun is a special rank that was not named earlier. This is the equivalent of the Pope or the Grand imam. He is the head of our religion and his word is beyond question. In fact the word of anyone of higher rank is beyond question. The title is currently held by Al Gore. This title is unique as it cannot be gained by increasing your green levels nor can it be lost by it as well. This rank is always appointed by the party. Like with civilians controlling the military a Democrat must always control the Church of Climatology. The religion exists to serve the party after all.


These are the upper crust of the Church. They almost all live in the holy city Holy Wood and they are almost all universally loved by the membership of the church. We do have several rules that we enforce based on our beliefs. What companies to support, where to fly, and generally what to do to reduce the amount of pollution you cause. What is important to understand is that the stars are exempt from these rules. It is far too important to keep them happy. The rules we set are only to be followed by the shlubs. Any criticisms of people of higher rank will earn a loss of green levels.


We could write a lot about the shlubs but who really cares. They exist to follow orders and make our stars feel better about themselves. If shlubs wanted us to pay more attention to them they should strive to be stars. That said it is important to pretend that shlubs are valuable. The more of them there are the more special the stars feel.

As you can see our religion revolves around our sun and the stars around him. This is by design. The stars have their uses outside of the Church of Climatology. They are a great source of fundraising for the democrats, can draw crowds for rallies, and give our pet media something to talk about when they endorse our candidates. If the Church keeps them happy then they keep the party happy. To keep them happy it is your job to gain more followers for our religion. Go out there and preach! Scream it is settled science at the top of your lungs in every street corner! The blessings of the Great Gore will be upon you and the stars will look upon you with favor.

Hitler was a Great Democrat


The Democrats like to compare Trump with Hitler. What happens when you actually take a look at Hitler? He looks very similar to our democrats today.

Fine Arts- As we can see a majority of the people who study the fine arts, performance arts, and other things of that nature are democrats. Hitler repeatedly tried to apply to Fine arts institutes while living in Vienna.

Hollywood and the Arts- We all know that everyone in Hollywood is a liberal and hates Trump and the Republicans. Recall that Hitler was old enough to have participated in World War 1. Living as a Bohemian painter in Vienna is as close to Hollywood as he could get.

Jewish Success-  Hitler believed that the Jews a minority in German society had nothing to do with their own success. They were parasites that manipulated and exploited the rest of the German population to gather wealth. In our time it is not controversial to say that the predominantly white countries in the US and Western Europe are preferable to live in rather than the Middle East, Africa, or India and China. According to the democrats this is not due to any special virtue of the population living in that country, which is a successful worldwide minority, but rather because of the exploitation of the other areas by the white race. They did not produce anything and are only wealthy because of the benefit they have derived from what the other races produced. The savagery of the middle east and Islam has nothing to do with their backwardness, the Indian caste system and the mandarin system of the Chinese have nothing to do with how harshly they exploit their labor class, and the infighting in Africa has nothing to do with their current status. It is all due to the parasites who produce nothing for themselves.

The Paris climate change accords are a good example of a codification of this world view. The developing countries produce most of the pollution but the most constraints have to be placed on the first world countries as they have to pay back for the pollution they caused before. If your real concern was climate change then you would go after those who cause the most pollution now.

Jewish Existence- As everyone knows Hitler tried to exterminate all the jews. The democrats have a similar goal. History teaches us that a static defense line, such as the Maginot line, will always fail while strategies involving defense in depth, such as the Russian campaigns against Napoleon and Hitler, have been more successful. By requiring the Jews to give up their land they are forcing them to rely on a static defense line rather than defense in depth. Anywhere from 1-4 to 1-2 of the worlds Jews live in Israel. Having it overrun by the arabs would certainly cause more casualties than the holocaust.

Welfare- Liberals are very concerned about welfare and insist that all people should share the same standard of living no matter what work they actually put in, a view that Hitler shared. The Winter relief program initiated by Hitler required everyone to give donations to the less fortunate and while donations were voluntary you could be terminated for not donating.

Culture- Hitler also enforced his culture onto his countrymen. The strength thru joy movement forced ordinary Germans to watch plays that were approved by Hitler. The democrats of today achieve the same results by exiling conservatives from Hollywood ensuring that only material with liberal viewpoints are fit for public consumption.

Racial Discrimination- Hitler believed that certain races should get certain advantages that other races should not. The Germans of course were at the top of his list. The British were there as well as he did admire a lot of their culture. The democrats of today practice the same discrimination. Certain scholarships are only available to certain party approved racial groupings. The primary requirement being support of the party. For instance democrats would approve of a scholarship devoted exclusively to Muslims but would cry racism if there were ever a scholarship devoted to whites.

Enforced Racial Equality- This is related to the previous point. When Republicans are asked what would make people equal it would be the free market. Companies who pick people based on talent will naturally succeed and companies that dont will fail. Hitler did not believe in this. The Jews had too much power and the Germans and other qualified races as chosen by Hitler had to be given opportunities by the government for equality. Today’s democrats are the same. It is not enough that Silicon Valley hires qualified Asians they have to hire a certain number of party approved races too. Same goes for college, housing, and other things. Race is the primary qualification not income or education which actually caused the mortgage crisis in the past.

Totalitarianism- Hitler believed that the person should look to the government for everything. Healthcare, work, culture, and even permission to reproduce. The democrats are taking us down the same path.

Religion- It is not true that Democrats abhor religion. They have no problem with Islam. They have a problem with Christianity. This is a view that they share with Hitler. He actually tried to dissolve the catholic church and place them under government control. When they resisted they were persecuted by the government. Their faith was mocked and various government institutions were used against them exactly like what democrats do now.

Trump Tower Gate and its Implications

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After all the noise coming from the left about various Trump scandals we finally have one that dwarfs Watergate and it is coming from the Obama administration. If the wiretapping scandal is true then it represents massive abuse of power on behalf of the democrats. The best part about this is that there are records for the FISA requests. It is just classified. All it would take is for the president or the congress to request and review it. We can see whether Obama and his cohorts are lying and there were FISA requests or whether BBC, NYT, and other noteworthy news outlets were lying and there were no FISA requests. Assuming it is true we can examine its implications.

No FISA Safeguards

There is supposed to be some protections placed into the law to prevent abuse by the government. According to the law an impartial judge is supposed to look at the evidence presented by the administration and make a ruling as to the existence of probable cause in that investigation. In practice there has only been one FISA application rejected from 2009 to 2015 out of more than 10000 cases. As you can see the standard is so low that almost every request is granted. There used to be some oversight though as there is that one case out of 10000 that was rejected. Theoretically the administration can then appeal that decision.

The Obama administration showed that you do not have to go thru this process. If the original judge takes the rare stand of rejecting your request and appeal all the administration has to do is to change the request slightly and file it as a new request so that they can draw a friendlier judge.


When you gather information from surveillance it is very hard to just gather one specific thing. You will most likely gather a lot of data and then have to sift thru it to get the things that you are looking for while discarding the rest. In Obama Trump Towergate for instance Obama and his administration attempted to either tap the phones of Trump Tower and the Trump campaign and/or access the servers in Trump Tower. This would have gotten them either all the contents of the server which they would sift thru for relevant financial transactions or all the conversations of the Trump campaign made inside Trump Tower.

The intelligence community responsible for these investigations have proven that they have no problem leaking things. The extra information gathered like campaign strategies, internal polling, and other things that would be useless to the investigation itself would be very useful to the political opponents of the administration or intelligence community. The polling methods of Conways firm for example were more accurate than the others this cycle and were used for the internal polls of the Trump campaign and would be very useful to his opponents. Internal conversations and strategies would also be very useful. The Obama administration or any future administrations could have  started an investigation on an unrelated matter to get access to the data and then leaked it to Clinton campaign.

Foreign Agents and Vault 7

The Obama administration used the “agents of foreign powers” track to order the surveillance of the Trump team. They argued that there was evidence that the Russians were hacking the DNC to benefit the Trump campaign as he was their puppet. With the Vault 7 revelations we now know that the intelligence agencies can perpetrate any attack and then mask it as one done by the Russians, Chinese, or anyone else they want to blame.

This means that the administration can work with the intelligence agencies to have the opposing party declared as “agents of foreign powers” every election. All the intelligence agencies would have to do is mask one of their attacks and the administration can then declare the opposition party an “agent of a foreign power” and place them under surveillance.

Using the example set by Obama future administrations can place their political opponents under surveillance for very flimsy reasons and have the information gathered leaked to assist the administrations political party.

What we Know About the Wire Tapping

The Law

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We begin with FISA. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is a law which allows electronic surveillance of people who are deemed to be “foreign powers” and “agents of foreign powers”. For our purposes there are some important parts about this bill. First off the authority to request for the wire tapping emanates from the President, thru his attorney general. The command responsibility lies with the President for any FISA requests that are sent out. Second all FISA requests must have the signature of either the President or his attorney general with no exceptions. Either the President or his AG is aware of each and every FISA request. Third each request must go before a judge for a probable cause hearing. It is important to note here that there is very little oversight with FISA courts. You don’t know that a procedure has been initiated against you, nor do you have the opportunity to defend yourself from it. Combine this with the fact that probable cause is a very low standard and is highly subjective to begin with and you have a situation where it is very easy to get permission.


On the requests itself. We have multiple sources all claiming that there was an initial request made in June. This was rejected. The Obama administration attempted again in July of 2016 with a more narrowly drawn order. This was rejected again. In October, 3 weeks before the election the Obama administration tried again with a different judge and finally got permission.

This shows several things. First off the case against Trump and his associates were so weak that the Obama administration could not even meet the very low requirement of probable cause. Second that the administration really wanted permission for the surveillance as they found a second friendlier judge to grant it to them. It also has to be brought up that the secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch happened right before the first request was rejected. Third we have seen that the intelligence community has no problem leaking things. It is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that the information gathered could have ended up with the Clinton camp or the DNC.


There are conflicting sources as to who was the actual target of the wiretapping. Some sources say it is Trump himself. Others say that it is Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Carter Page. Lastly other sources state that it is 2 banks from Russia.

The target being Trump is the most problematic as you would then have the standard bearer of the opposing party labelled as an agent of a foreign power while he was running. You would have his headquarters which was Trump Tower at the time bugged and any and all of his communications could be leaked to the opposing party. Which just happened to be the one to sign the order.

Stone and the rest being the targets would be equally problematic as you would still be able to listen in to confidential information at Trump headquarters. Remember by the time the Obama administration found a friendly judge to grant the surveillance it was 3 weeks before the election. Internal polls, schedules, crunch time strategies all could be gotten and leaked to the opposition.

The Russian banks would be the least problematic but still presents some issues. The administration tried to connect the servers at Trump Tower with the Russian banks allowing them to hack into them. These servers contained sensitive information on the Trump campaign. Remember that the internal polls provided by Conway were correct while other polls were not so being able to see into the Trump campaign had great value.


In summary the FISA requests do exist and the administration were so desperate to get it thru that they shopped for a friendly judge. Obama or Lynch signed the order as they are required to. Lastly whoever they spied it is a good chance that they got confidential information that they could have leaked to the DNC.