If Trump is a Russian Puppet then why…..

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Here is a series of questions that liberals have never been able to answer about their Russian conspiracy theories.

Why is Trump pushing oil and natural gas? 

This is actually the biggest one. Russia relies on oil and natural gas for its economy. In fact it would not be an understatement to say that this is the biggest weakness of Russia. Any major reduction in price would be enough to trigger an economic downturn in Russia. If Trump were a Russian puppet why would he increase production of oil and natural gas by the US? Economics would say that the more supply in the market the lower the price gets. Would it not be more beneficial for Russia if the US were to decrease production increasing the price of oil and gas?

Why is Trump speaking out against refugees in Europe  ? 

The biggest event to destabilize Europe in recent memory was not the election of Trump, Farage and brexit, or even the Grecian debt crisis. It was Merkel inviting millions of savages from the middle east to settle in Europe. This completely overwhelmed border countries who were not in great shape to begin with and even caused a backlash of independence movements across the continent demanding to withdraw from the EU culminating in the UK actually voting to leave. For single handedly inflicting the greatest crisis the EU faced upon itself Merkel was lauded by the liberal world order. If Trump wanted to help Putin by destroying the EU would it not be simpler for Trump to let the situation continue by praising Merkel? After all the refugee crisis has made the EU so weak that it has to bow to the demands or face them releasing their refugee hordes. Instead Trump tells Europe they are hurting themselves by welcoming so many Muslims.

Why is Trump insisting that NATO countries increase defense spending?

Forget about the border countries. Most of them like Estonia are already hitting the target and the rest are too small to matter. In any case their spending is trending up. The real military power in continental Europe would lie within Germany and France. They have the economy necessary to equip a force that can stand up to the Russians and more importantly their spending for defence is trending down. If Trump was a Russian puppet would it not be easier to let the European armies stagnate so the Russians can march into Berlin again?

Facts about Nato


Just a simple post for today. I want this to be as black and white as possible. I will try and add more countries as I can.

NATO is a treaty which requires that each member nation spend at least 2% of GDP on national defense.

The last time Germany spent 2% of GDP was in 1992

The last time Belgium spent 2% of GDP was in 1991

The last time Denmark spent 2% of GDP was in 1990.

The last time Canada spent 2% of GDP was 1988

The last time Netherlands spent 2% of GDP was 1993

The last time Spain spent 2% of GDP was before 1985

The last time Luxemburg spent 2% of GDP was before 1985

Italy has spent 2% of GDP 2 times in the last 25 years

The last time the Czech Republic spent 2% of the GDP was 1994

Before anyone freaks out about the US abandoning its leadership role we are not even discussing modifications of nato yet. We are just looking at the countries involved living up to the agreement they signed on to.

Just as a comparison in 2015 the US gave 75% of the NATO budget. The following are also what the US spent on defense as % of the gdp.

2015 3.5%
2014 3.8%
2013 4.2%
2012 4.6%

Trump 2016? 🙂