Are You a Nazi?


With the mainstream media seeing Nazi’s everywhere they turn I thought it would be useful to design a quiz so that people can identify whether they are a Nazi. After all you may be one without realizing it! The quiz is simple. Just answer yes or no and tally the number of times you answered yes.

  1. The color of your skin should be a factor in potential educational opportunities. (yes/ no)
  2. The color of your skin should be a factor in employment opportunities. (yes/no)
  3. The color of your skin should be a factor in loans, scholarships, and other forms of economic assistance. (yes/no)
  4. Freedom of speech is a right only certain people should have. (yes/no)
  5. Your political ideology should  be a factor in termination of employment. (yes/no)
  6. A nation does not have a moral and ethical responsibility towards its own citizens first before others (yes/no)
  7. Political affiliation should be a determining factor in eligibility to speak in college campuses (yes/no)
  8. Certain political ideologies should be banned from social media (yes/no)
  9. The color of your skin should dictate how you vote (yes/no)
  10. The remedy for free speech you don’t agree with is to silence that free speech (yes/no)

Check your score below.

10 Yes – You are the perfect Democrat. You care deeply for the plight of minorities and should be held up as an example for all

7-9 Yes- You are nearly there but you need more empathy for your fellow man. Think about how much slavery has hurt them and sacrifice more.

4-6 Yes- You should be ashamed of yourself. You may not be a Nazi but you are definetly a Nazi sympathizer. People like you embolden them and make them stronger.

2-3 Yes- You are almost a full-fledged Nazi. You are just too cowardly to get a tattoo. Racist!

0-1 Yes- Why are you even reading this blog Nazi? Don’t you have some jews to kill or something?


Liberals Defeat Terrorism


Breaking News- First reported on Tsuke’s Thoughts. Radical Islamic Terrorism is officially over! The west has finally won! The events leading up to this are as stunning as they are historic. Everyone knows where they were when Leader Obama gave his “The West is at Fault” speech and outlined how to finally to eliminate terrorism. The media hailed it as a masterful work of rhetoric and nations all around the world immediately began adopting it. Those who did not adopt the plan were deemed to be conspiring with Russia and were overthrown. We take a look at the lives of some former terrorists and how they were impacted by this.

Markeed Al Abar

Markeed used to be a freedom fighter in Iraq. When climate change finally ended he abandoned the fight and began living as a dog meat vendor in Baghdad. “It used to be so hot” says Markeed ” I was always mad and started to join the mujahedeen. I even beat the slave they assigned to me. Ever since Obama fixed climate change it has become cooler! I don’t feel so angry anymore. Infidels they are not so bad you know? Allahu Akbar!”

Kartul “John” Asisi

Kartul or John to his friends was a sleeper agent in the busy metropolis of New York. He was recruited by online agents during the 2000’s. He was upset at the loose morals of the west and was ready to explode in central park. After the “Live like a Muslim” act he finally gave up on terror. ” I used to hate western women” says John “they are so shameless with how they dress and act. Ever since the L.L.A.M. they wore veils and walk behind men. It is so much better now. I was even able to trade one for my old x-box last week. Allahu Akbar and Praise Obama!

Barshad al Karkuk

Barshad was a street urchin from Syria. He rose to become a mullah after studying near a local mosque. He has spent the past few years recruiting local youths into various terrorist organizations. Since the Middle East Islamic Reparations tax was passed recruits have dried up. 80% of the income of Americans and citizens of other western nations are taxed and sent directly to the Middle East. “Everyone is happy now” says Barshad “We don’t even have to work and America and Europe send all their money to us. We love our friends in the west!”

Three different terrorists and three different people who now love America. Radical Islamic Terrorism is indeed over! On a related note this station has now terminated all of its female employees in accordance to the Quran Compliance Act.