Hitler was a Great Democrat


The Democrats like to compare Trump with Hitler. What happens when you actually take a look at Hitler? He looks very similar to our democrats today.

Fine Arts- As we can see a majority of the people who study the fine arts, performance arts, and other things of that nature are democrats. Hitler repeatedly tried to apply to Fine arts institutes while living in Vienna.

Hollywood and the Arts- We all know that everyone in Hollywood is a liberal and hates Trump and the Republicans. Recall that Hitler was old enough to have participated in World War 1. Living as a Bohemian painter in Vienna is as close to Hollywood as he could get.

Jewish Success-  Hitler believed that the Jews a minority in German society had nothing to do with their own success. They were parasites that manipulated and exploited the rest of the German population to gather wealth. In our time it is not controversial to say that the predominantly white countries in the US and Western Europe are preferable to live in rather than the Middle East, Africa, or India and China. According to the democrats this is not due to any special virtue of the population living in that country, which is a successful worldwide minority, but rather because of the exploitation of the other areas by the white race. They did not produce anything and are only wealthy because of the benefit they have derived from what the other races produced. The savagery of the middle east and Islam has nothing to do with their backwardness, the Indian caste system and the mandarin system of the Chinese have nothing to do with how harshly they exploit their labor class, and the infighting in Africa has nothing to do with their current status. It is all due to the parasites who produce nothing for themselves.

The Paris climate change accords are a good example of a codification of this world view. The developing countries produce most of the pollution but the most constraints have to be placed on the first world countries as they have to pay back for the pollution they caused before. If your real concern was climate change then you would go after those who cause the most pollution now.

Jewish Existence- As everyone knows Hitler tried to exterminate all the jews. The democrats have a similar goal. History teaches us that a static defense line, such as the Maginot line, will always fail while strategies involving defense in depth, such as the Russian campaigns against Napoleon and Hitler, have been more successful. By requiring the Jews to give up their land they are forcing them to rely on a static defense line rather than defense in depth. Anywhere from 1-4 to 1-2 of the worlds Jews live in Israel. Having it overrun by the arabs would certainly cause more casualties than the holocaust.

Welfare- Liberals are very concerned about welfare and insist that all people should share the same standard of living no matter what work they actually put in, a view that Hitler shared. The Winter relief program initiated by Hitler required everyone to give donations to the less fortunate and while donations were voluntary you could be terminated for not donating.

Culture- Hitler also enforced his culture onto his countrymen. The strength thru joy movement forced ordinary Germans to watch plays that were approved by Hitler. The democrats of today achieve the same results by exiling conservatives from Hollywood ensuring that only material with liberal viewpoints are fit for public consumption.

Racial Discrimination- Hitler believed that certain races should get certain advantages that other races should not. The Germans of course were at the top of his list. The British were there as well as he did admire a lot of their culture. The democrats of today practice the same discrimination. Certain scholarships are only available to certain party approved racial groupings. The primary requirement being support of the party. For instance democrats would approve of a scholarship devoted exclusively to Muslims but would cry racism if there were ever a scholarship devoted to whites.

Enforced Racial Equality- This is related to the previous point. When Republicans are asked what would make people equal it would be the free market. Companies who pick people based on talent will naturally succeed and companies that dont will fail. Hitler did not believe in this. The Jews had too much power and the Germans and other qualified races as chosen by Hitler had to be given opportunities by the government for equality. Today’s democrats are the same. It is not enough that Silicon Valley hires qualified Asians they have to hire a certain number of party approved races too. Same goes for college, housing, and other things. Race is the primary qualification not income or education which actually caused the mortgage crisis in the past.

Totalitarianism- Hitler believed that the person should look to the government for everything. Healthcare, work, culture, and even permission to reproduce. The democrats are taking us down the same path.

Religion- It is not true that Democrats abhor religion. They have no problem with Islam. They have a problem with Christianity. This is a view that they share with Hitler. He actually tried to dissolve the catholic church and place them under government control. When they resisted they were persecuted by the government. Their faith was mocked and various government institutions were used against them exactly like what democrats do now.

Trump and Lincoln: Shockingly Similar


As the 45th President it is natural to compare Trump to others. He  has been compared to Andrew Jackson for his populist policies, to Reagan for his popularity with Republicans, and of course with Obama as the President before him. The closest and most accurate comparison however is with Abraham Lincoln.

Court Troubles

Early on in their presidency both Presidents tried to pass executive orders that they deemed necessary for national security. In both cases the judge or judges in question were criticized as being partisan hacks for taking such controversial positions. The administrations also appealed both cases and were denied by various judges.

There is no need to rehash the Trump case except to say that if the standards of Washington V Trump were applied to previous cases Obamacare would have been impossible to declare a tax and would have been declared unconstitutional and it would be very hard to pass any new gun control bills given the campaign rhetoric of the Democrats. In the time of Lincoln the case was called “Ex parte Merryman”. Due to the events in the south  President Lincoln attempted to remove the writ of habeas corpus in certain areas so he could make sure conscription went thru without any problems. The courts decided that it was only congress who could declare this and that even if the congress was in recess the President could not do it in the interim. This of course presented a problem to Lincoln as they needed troops for the war that was about to start.

Trump and Lincoln diverged on one important point though. When faced with the resistance of the courts Trump obeyed and went thru the system. When faced with the same resistance Lincoln ignored the courts. Merryman was not produced until much later on after an official request from congress.

Acting Community

When Trump got elected the acting community were very much against him. The Golden Globes was filled with anti-trump rhetoric and various actors who may have stated how much discrimination they have faced by coming out in support of Trump. Snoop Dogg has recently even threatened to kill President Trump. President Lincoln also had a problem with the thespians. He was assassinated while watching a play by John Wilkes Booth a respected actor at that time.


President Trump has been the only President in modern history to champion protectionism. A good case can be made that it was not beneficial to the country before when nobody else could compete with us since they were destroyed by war. An equally good case can be made now that these other countries have caught up and provide more serious competition so we need to protect our vital industries. The g20 even dropped opposition to protectionism in their statement after meeting with representatives from the Trump administration.

Lincoln also ran as a protectionist. The 1860 Republican platform was very focused on protectionism and in fact one of the cabinet members of the administration said that without protectionism the Lincoln administration would have failed early on. This made sense as well as the industrial north had a lot of competition world wide and needed to be nourished. Both Trump and Lincoln focused on the benefits of having the companies here as opposed to other countries and the employment opportunities they bring.


Both Trump and Lincoln are determined to combat slavery. Both face heavy resistance from the Democrats. The only difference seems to be that Lincoln sought to free the black slaves which have been imported from Africa and other countries while Trump seeks to free the brown slaves that have been imported from South and Central America. President Trump even goes one step further and  is actively seeking to repatriate the slaves back to their home countries. At most Lincoln was only attempting to free the slaves in name after which they would go into wage slavery to their former masters.


As things stand most Republicans love Trump and most Democrats hate him. Democrats mock Trump while Republicans appreciate what he is trying to do. This was the exact same situation Lincoln was in. He was mocked by southern newspapers as Trump is mocked by liberal ones now and there were numerous instances where he was burned in effigy. Things got so bad that the southern eventually seceded. Today we have rumblings in California pushing for the same kind of secession.

The partisanship is reflected in approval polls as well with republicans supporting Trump at around 90% and democrats supporting him at around 5% showing low overall numbers. While polling was not that developed yet during the time of Lincoln it would be difficult to imagine him having high numbers early on in his presidency with the south seceding and Robert Lee winning victory after victory.

The Russia thing has parallels as well. It is no secret that slave labor was an integral part to the cotton industry. The removal of it would make it a lot harder for cotton to compete worldwide. There was speculation that Lincoln was pursuing this due to foreign influences as the colonies of other countries could makeup for the lost cotton production. Russia entered this discussion as well as they had just conquered parts of Central Asia suitable for growing cotton.

Deep State

Everyone knows that Trump is having difficulty with some entrenched parts of the beaurocracy. They would rather enact the agenda of Obama and the Democrats as opposed to those of the democratically elected President. This led to Trump firing multiple diplomats and senior government officials so he can appoint his own.

A lesser known fact is that Lincoln faced the same challenge that Trump did. When Lincoln came in he got rid of 70% of the senior officials at the time. He simply could not trust many of the current employees as they still had loyalties to the south and the Democrats. Both situations were handled in the exact same way by both leaders.


Lincoln was not terribly popular during his term. In fact there were some instances when the war was going badly when there was open talk of Lincoln being replaced by another person willing to broker peace. Decades later he is remembered as one of the greatest Presidents. Time will tell of course but the Trump presidency is passing many of the same landmarks and trails that the Lincoln one did.

What we Know About the Wire Tapping

The Law

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We begin with FISA. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is a law which allows electronic surveillance of people who are deemed to be “foreign powers” and “agents of foreign powers”. For our purposes there are some important parts about this bill. First off the authority to request for the wire tapping emanates from the President, thru his attorney general. The command responsibility lies with the President for any FISA requests that are sent out. Second all FISA requests must have the signature of either the President or his attorney general with no exceptions. Either the President or his AG is aware of each and every FISA request. Third each request must go before a judge for a probable cause hearing. It is important to note here that there is very little oversight with FISA courts. You don’t know that a procedure has been initiated against you, nor do you have the opportunity to defend yourself from it. Combine this with the fact that probable cause is a very low standard and is highly subjective to begin with and you have a situation where it is very easy to get permission.


On the requests itself. We have multiple sources all claiming that there was an initial request made in June. This was rejected. The Obama administration attempted again in July of 2016 with a more narrowly drawn order. This was rejected again. In October, 3 weeks before the election the Obama administration tried again with a different judge and finally got permission.

This shows several things. First off the case against Trump and his associates were so weak that the Obama administration could not even meet the very low requirement of probable cause. Second that the administration really wanted permission for the surveillance as they found a second friendlier judge to grant it to them. It also has to be brought up that the secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch happened right before the first request was rejected. Third we have seen that the intelligence community has no problem leaking things. It is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that the information gathered could have ended up with the Clinton camp or the DNC.


There are conflicting sources as to who was the actual target of the wiretapping. Some sources say it is Trump himself. Others say that it is Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Carter Page. Lastly other sources state that it is 2 banks from Russia.

The target being Trump is the most problematic as you would then have the standard bearer of the opposing party labelled as an agent of a foreign power while he was running. You would have his headquarters which was Trump Tower at the time bugged and any and all of his communications could be leaked to the opposing party. Which just happened to be the one to sign the order.

Stone and the rest being the targets would be equally problematic as you would still be able to listen in to confidential information at Trump headquarters. Remember by the time the Obama administration found a friendly judge to grant the surveillance it was 3 weeks before the election. Internal polls, schedules, crunch time strategies all could be gotten and leaked to the opposition.

The Russian banks would be the least problematic but still presents some issues. The administration tried to connect the servers at Trump Tower with the Russian banks allowing them to hack into them. These servers contained sensitive information on the Trump campaign. Remember that the internal polls provided by Conway were correct while other polls were not so being able to see into the Trump campaign had great value.


In summary the FISA requests do exist and the administration were so desperate to get it thru that they shopped for a friendly judge. Obama or Lynch signed the order as they are required to. Lastly whoever they spied it is a good chance that they got confidential information that they could have leaked to the DNC.

Democrats and the Rise of the Mediocre Negro


We now have a new term the democrats use for Negroes who step out of line. Mediocre Negro now joins Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, and other tools of psychological pressure to keep the African American population in line.

The issue started when some African American community leaders went to Trump Tower to have a discussion with President Trump about how to improve the lives of the African American community. Of course the pundits in CNN did not like this. They labelled them as mediocre negroes. The mediocre negroes had the gall to talk about the problems in the inner cities and employment when they were not even part of the business community but were rather sports, movie, and musical stars only brought to sing and dance and were used for photo ops.

The Talk

African Americans, like the Union vote, have always been one of the core voting blocks of the Democrats. The push-back that President Trump gets in trying to build inroads to the community is understandable. The question democrats have to ask themselves is.. Well what did you think would happen? When you ignore the interests of one of your core voting blocks in favor of the interests of other blocks you want to bring in then they will find other allies to get their needs.

In championing illegal immigration and creating more competition for scarce jobs the Democrats have shown that the African American community could expect little help from them in dealing with their historic unemployment problems as the Democrats were more interested in acquire the family members of the illegals as a voting block.

In championing NAFTA under Bill Clinton and TPP under Hillary Clinton and President Obama they have shown that they are willing to put corporate and donor interests above the employment issues that the African American community faces.

In cracking down on super-predators and pushing forth a crime bill that targeted African-Americans under Bill Clinton they have shown that the community could not rely on them to protect it.

Can the African American community rely on Trump? They don’t know. Yet there are enough of them willing to try.

The Song and Dance

The party which campaigns with Katy Perry, Beyonce, and gets it climate advice from Leonardo di Caprio is upset at the mediocre negro at only being used for singing, dancing and photo ops.

The hypocrisy is plain to see but the central issue is the fundamental understanding the democrats have of the community. According to Senator Sanders African American youth unemployment has hit 50%. There are no jobs you get early on to teach you work ethics and other valuable life lessons. There are no early paychecks to help you qualify for a credit card early and build your credit score so that when you need a loan for your first business you get favorable interest rates. Instead we have out of work youths who are at a higher risk of turning to crime. The building blocks to be a successful small business owner have been taken away one by one.

If you look at the low income African American community the quickest way out of poverty is to “sing and dance” and maybe catch too. Sports, singing, acting, and other things of this nature have proven to be the only hope of a sizable portion of the community which is why you see young black athletes take their sport very seriously. They know it is the only shot they have. Yet they are faulted for being mediocre negroes when they succeed in the only path left to them.

This is by no means limited to the left. The Republican base revolted against the party this year and voted for someone their leaders were against because they felt that their needs were ignored. As long as you keep ignoring the interests of your voting blocks more and more mediocre negroes will appear.


The Democratic Hierarchy of Victimization


Events like Orlando are always sad to look at, as we can see the massive loss of life involved for no real reason. It will be a further waste not to use events like that and the reaction to them ,as well as issues in general to help us understand the world we live in more. Inspired by some material I have read online I would like to flesh out the pecking order in the democratic party for all to see.


Muslims are and will be for some time in the forseeable future the top of the democratic food chain. After every terrorist attack Islamics are involved in you will immediately see a democrat defend them. They will say it is not “real Islam” or Islam is the religion of peace which has nothing to do with these attacks. Despite the perpetrators of the attack coming from what they call an Islamic state. Alternatively they will delay and insist loudly that it is not a terrorist attack despite the attackers claiming allegiance to ISIS. They will attempt to call everyone who says it is a Islamic terrorism as racists or bigots.

The privilege of Muslims in the liberal sphere extends past acts of terror. For instance a white male in Sweden was raped by a muslim migrant from Somalia and he expressed regret at reporting him since he was deported. A white female was gang raped in Sweden as well by Islamic migrants and she covered up her own rape so that she would not sully the honor of the Islamic migrants. In Germany the cologne rapes are explained away as being a cultural difference between the Islamic immigrants and the Germans. It is clear that any act no matter how heinous that muslims do will be defended. It is not surprising that the Orlando shooter was a registered democrat. ISIS sympathisers know who the greatest enablers of ISIS are.


Some of you may be surprised at how high I ranked the LGBT community coming it at number 2. Everyone of course will point to the Orlando shootings and the fact that the democrats are prioritizing defending the Islamic community rather than the LGBT one as evidence that they are not highly ranked. It is why I ranked them number 2 as opposed to number 1. It is not to say that they are not highly valued. Democrats have gone to bat for them in taking on an entire religion, christianity, over its treatment of gays.

It is very instructive to see that democrats are willing to take on christianity for supposed discrimination and bathroom habits yet defend and make excuses for the treatment of the LGBT community in Islamic ones, where they are punished sometimes by being thrown of a roof for being gay.


It was a hard decision to place Latinos in third. There is very little conflict to see if they were treated better than gays. Yet it is very obvious that their issues are given more importance than blacks. Ultimately what decided it for me is that democrats are willing to go after Christianity as a whole in defense of gays and Latino culture, particularly in Central and South America, places a very heavy emphasis on Catholicism and patron saints of all stripes. If Latinos were higher than the LGBT community on this scale then the catholic church would have been spared criticism, which it is not.


People will be very surprised I rank blacks as fourth. Most will say “but Obama” as a reason why blacks should be ranked higher. Remember though Obama was running against a white female which is a lower rank than black in his primary so he should have been given the nod over her.

Blacks have among the highest rate of unemployment. The main contributing factors to this are illegal immigration and globalization, embodied most by NAFTA and outsourcing. The main group concerned with illegal immigration is Latinos as they have plenty of people who send money back to mexico and other south and central American countries. It is clear that their economic interests were placed over blacks. Culturally the left has also declared war on Christianity on behalf of the LGBT community and as we can see there is a significant portion of the black population that is involved with the church. In fact most of their leaders in the civil rights and modern eras had a lot of involvement in churches, with some even having the title of reverend.

Blacks should be very careful. They are near the bottom of the hierarchy already and in the near future democrats may begin treating them like whites. I will add that because of Obama being black, blacks think they are better off under democrats than they actually are.


There is a caveat here that there are two divisions to whites. White females over white males. However a male of any other race comes before a white female. Consider that in a recent rape case a white male has convicted of 6 months jail time. Accusations of a biased judge went flying and even calls for “additional investigation”. Yet when the swedish white female was gang raped by the Muslim men or when the Rape spree happened in Cologne there was very little condemnation and even expressions of sympathy for the poor rapists.

It is no coincidence that  a majority of the people supporting Bernie were white. Outsourcing and illegal immigration hurts whites almost as much as it does blacks and there is no instance where they get a pass when interacting with a member of another race. When you are in the bottom of the party it is always a better to choice to ask for reform or to burn it down. It is no coincidence that it is this group, particularly its working class, that is most susceptible to voting Republican this election.

There you have it. The democratic hierarchy of Affirmative Action for easy reference. It will be helpful for anyone interested in how democrats react to events around them.