The Truth about the Nothingburger


The Democrats are tilting at the Russian windmill once again. It is no coincidence that this happens after a highly successful g20 summit and the fall of Mosul. Russia will always be brought out to distract the public when the President accomplishes great things.

There are two facets to the Russia story that are being used to suggest collusion. First is the staff involved in the Trump campaign had some connection with Russia and other governments, like Turkey and Ukraine for example, in the past and second for whatever reason Trump campaign officials would meet with various officials connected to Russia.


There is one thing that we have to remember about the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton was the establishment candidate and was very effective in rallying the establishment of both sides against President Trump. The Koch brothers did not give a single cent to the Trump campaign and the Bushes who controlled most of the political operatives of the were openly stating that they would vote for Clinton. There were even some stories circulating that anyone who worked for the Trump campaign would have been blackballed in Republican circles after they lost.

For better or for worse the regular Republican operatives were not available to the Trump campaign. It ultimately turned out for the better as the rag-tag team was able to deliver results the Koch and Bush vetted operatives were not able to. The 2016 elections saw major 8 and 9 point swings towards the GOP in Wisconsin and Michigan. There was even a historic 15 point swing in Iowa. Results like that come from experience and since the people involved in the Trump campaign were those in disfavor with Koch and Bush they could not get this in the US. They had to get it elsewhere and some of those places were in Europe. Only the most privileged people would not understand relocating where the jobs are.

Any insurgent campaign would go thru these pains as the establishment would link arms against them. When the media condemn the Trump campaign for their staff they are condemning all insurgents who dare run against the political class.


Let us start with the latest media meltdown, Donald Trump Jr. It seems some person said she was connected to the Russian government and said she had some damaging information on Hillary Clintons activity in Russia. Before we proceed let me just point out how hilarious it is that no one is stating that maybe Hillary did not have any covert activity with the Russian government and the lady who sent the email was bluffing. Everybody just knows that she has these ties.

In any campaign when somebody says they have damaging information about your opponent you take a look at that information. If it turns out to be nothing then you have wasted some time and move on. The Clinton campaign had a disgraced M16 agent in Steele researching pee tapes on Trump with his contacts in the Russian government and other governments friendly to Hillary doing everything they could to prevent Trump from being elected. The Pope, who has stated he considers the insistence of Trump on border control and prevention of illegal immigration to be dangerous, even worked to divide the Christian community from Trump by questioning his faith. Every campaign will pursue every scrap of information and lead they have. They did this before the Trump campaign and will continue doing this after the Trump campaign.

It should not come as a surprise that the officials in the Trump team meets with people from Russia or other countries. Since most of them were exiled by the Kochs and Bushes they developed their experience and contacts in other countries. Some of these contacts may reach out with information from time to time just like contacts from the US.

If Trump used regular Republican operatives he would not have these problems. If he did that then we wouldn’t have voted for him.

Lessons From Georgia

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The most important, earth-shattering, stupendous special election of all time (at least according to media) is over. The result is that the Republican beat the Democrat by 3.8%. The media have billed this as a referendum on Trump. If that is the case then Trump is more popular now than ever as he only won the district by 1.5%. Democrats certainly went all in on this election. They spend 50 million on one congressional seat. The most expensive race in history with nothing to show for it. Very similar to the last presidential election if you think about it. With all these well-funded races Democrats do run the danger of exhausting their donor base before the midterms.

There was also another election in South Carolina which was supposed to be an easy win for Republicans but was only won by 3.2%.

For the Democrats

The first question anyone ever asks is why Democrats lost. Make no mistake this was a very winnable race for them. Trump only won the district by 1.5% and previous Democrats running in the district were doing so with almost no funding.  So what went wrong?

The Democrats lost the minute they started spending all that money on the district and advertising it as a referendum on Trump. Reports on the ground say the residents were inundated with mail, volunteers and advertisements on tv. People in the area are most likely breathing a sigh of relief now that the torrent is over.

The reason Democrats do all these things they believe in the conventional wisdom that higher turn out benefits Democrats while lower turnout benefits Republicans. The problem with relying on conventional wisdom is that you never take the time to understand why it came about and instead rely on it blindly.

The theory is that Republicans vote no matter what and that Democrats need to be led to the voting booths by hand. This could not be further from the truth in this environment. Democrats are angry. They would have come out to vote whether you spent money or not. Republicans on the other hand are divided between the regular conservatives and the Trumpian nationalists. There is friction between the two as there have been some issues where they have not been able to compromise on. For all intents and purposes Handel was a regular conservative. By making the issue a national referendum on Trump the Democrat strategists forced the nationalists to come out as well and vote for her.

In this environment a lower turnout helps Democrats as they are the side that is more energized. The race in South Carolina is a perfect example. The district was leaned a lot more Republican than the one in Georgia. The turnout was lower so the Democrats did better.

It is very sad that with 50 million the Democrats could not afford better strategists.

For the Republicans

I have a confession to make. I wanted Ossoff to win. I believe Republicans have not figured out that they either hang together or hang separately. An Ossof win would have forced them to learn that.

Luckily the South Carolina contest happened on the same day so we can still learn the same lesson. For better or worse conservatives have to realize that they are not the only ones in the Republican party anymore. Nothing frustrates me more than conservative thinkers like Ben Shapiro refusing to support Trump when he enacts policies that the nationalist faction wants him to enact. I understand that it may not be exactly what you want but having the other members of your coalition there lets more of your people get elected so you do get some of the stuff you want. It is literally a difference between getting some of the things you want and nothing. What Ben Shapiro and the rest have not figured out is if nationalists get nothing from Trump then there is no reason for us to support the Republicans in the future.

The Georgia race should be an object lesson for Republicans. The opponent spent unlimited amounts of money and lost by a bigger margin than Clinton did. The different factions in the party united has the potential to score even greater majorities in 2018.

The Maid of Calais: Savior of France

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Whenever France is in trouble there is a tradition of a figure appearing out of the blue to save the country from collapse. The maid of Orleans is of course the most famous example. Today we have the maid of Calais. When people compare Marine Le Pen to Jean D’ arc the conversation eventually drifts to the Muslim refugee invasion instigated by Merkel. This is a valid concern with all the terrorist attacks happening in France but it is mainly a secondary threat. The primary threat facing France today is economic.

France stands on the edge of a cliff. They can continue the failed economic policies of Macron and Hollande or they can forge a new path with Le Pen. France cannot survive another term of Macron and Hollande. Notice that whenever they are asked to defend their record on the economy all they can do is call Le Pen a racist.

Macron and Hollande have created a service economy. That is not sustainable. French citizens are given temporary jobs in cafes, construction, and other work and they exist to cater to the whims of the elite in society and those that come over from Brussels and Berlin. There is nothing inherently wrong with these jobs and they form part of every economy. After all if a factory gets built then a service economy grows around its workers who now have money to spend. The main problem comes in how Macron and Hollande have implemented this. Instead of creating new industries and then building a service economy around them they have created an economy almost exclusively around temporary jobs. More than 80% of the jobs generated during the term of Macron and Hollande were temporary and service sector jobs.

By ignoring the normal procedure of building an economy of stable jobs and only building an economy of service sector and temporary jobs Hollande and Macron have made France totally dependent on the good graces of Germany and Belgium. After all the elites of the EU must visit France in order for the French people to serve anyone. If the elites in the EU ever choose to stop visiting France and instead opt for another country there would be no way for the service sector to earn money. This leads to a downward spiral. The more reliant you are on other countries for income the weaker your currency has to be attract tourism and investment. For the same reasons your relative income has to be lower as well.  Macron and Hollande have set up a system where the citizens of other countries are more important than the French citizens as they are dependent on them for their economy.

It is not hard to see where this ends. Given a continuation of their policies Macron and Hollande would center the economy around more and more temporary and service sector jobs while ignoring French industries. It is not difficult to imagine a day where the French become second class citizens in their own countries as it becomes more and more important to please the elites in Brussels and Berlin.

Le Pen realizes that France needs to rebuild its vital industries so that France can be self sufficient again instead of purely relying on temporary jobs. There is a limited time frame available for this. At a certain point your infrastructure falls behind so much that you have no other choice but to rely on temporary jobs and service industries. It may be too late already but Le Pen is the only one with a shot at making France great again.

Le Pen and Liberty. Choose France.

Macron and Hollande: The Legacy of Failure

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La belle France faces a choice next week. Continue the failed policies of Hollande thru his successor Macron or forge a new path with Le Pen. With an approval rating of only 4% it is hard to imagine how France can choose to continue the legacy of Hollande. It has gotten so bad that his chosen successor, Macron, had to leave the Socialist party as there was no way someone from there was going to be elected. By all standards Hollande has had a failed presidency and I urge our French cousins not to be fooled by the charade. Switching the names of the party does not mean you will do anything different than your predecessor. Macron is Hollande and Hollande is Macron.


The people who actually live in France should be able to explain this better than I. Hollande and Macron has been an unqualified disaster on terrorism. Every couple of months France is in the news with yet another bombing, knifing, killing spree, out of control truck, or whatever the terrorists have done for that day. We have another moment of silence, Facebook photo, twitter hashtag, and then nothing. Nothing happens and it happens again and we repeat the process yet again. It is very difficult to imagine living under such circumstances. It is similar to a situation in a war zone where enemy combatants can kill you at any time. Yet Macron and Hollande have done nothing and are asking for the people to trust them with another term.


Even on economics Macron and Hollande have been colossal failures. Macron’s law is one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation that Hollande has passed. GDP growth is slower than most of the other European countries, Long term unemployment is very high, more than 8 in 10 new jobs are temporary, and of course wages have not increased as well.

It is very difficult to find a metric that Macron and Hollande have not failed in when it comes to the economy. The 4% approval rating means even his most ardent supporters do not approve of the performance of Hollande and his economic minister Macron.

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again and hoping for a different result. I hope our French cousins are not insane.

Choisir la Raison. Choissisez Le Pen. Choissisez la France.



The first round is over and the results are in. It will be a contest between Macron and Marine Le Pen and I would like to say that #imwithher. If you have any liberal friends here or in France feel free to say that they are a racist sexist bigot if they are voting for the straight white male Macron. After all we want to break the glass ceiling for all women.

Marine Le Pen

Let us be clear about one thing Le Pen represents change in this election. From economics, to social policy, and even culture itself. Ultimately the election is about changing the course of the country. Le Pen represents a shift in the direction of the ship. From east to west or north to south while Macron at best represents a change of 1 or 2 degrees either way. If you are happy with Hollande and the work he has done you should definitely vote for Macron. If you are not happy with his work then I encourage you to vote for Le Pen.

Macron and the opponents of Le Pen do not want you to think about that. They cannot engage Le Pen on ideas as it will be obvious they stand for nothing more than the status quo so they engage in the old tactic of calling her a Nazi. At this point I would like to issue a challenge to all my readers. Look up articles from the elections or Reagan, Bush daddy, Dole, Bush 2, Mccain, Romney, and Trump. Every single one of them has been called a nazi during their election. Of course after they were no longer politically relevant they were no longer nazis and the left was fine with them.

Chances are you voted for someone else in the first round after all most people voted for someone other than Macron or Le pen, after all most people did. Think about why you made that vote. Did you do it because you were happy at the way things are? Or did you do so because you were not happy with the situation in the country and wanted to change it? Take a look a chance with Le Pen. If it does not work out you can always go back to status quo later.


Due to the control of the media by the elites who favor Macron he has somehow been able to market himself as the agent of change in this election.  Nothing could be further from the truth. He was a socialist for the longest time, the same party as Hollande. He was in the Hollande administration himself before he resigned to take part in the election.

The only reason that Macron left the socialist party is that he was not going to get the nod to be the candidate for the next election and it was becoming impossible to win as the socialist candidate. I recall Hollande receiving a 4% approval rating at one point in time. It is like a hand off between Obama and Clinton. They may differ on some minor points but they will largely continue each others policies.

Hollande is Macron and Macron is Hollande. Why continue policies that will got you 4% approval? Why continue something that already failed France? There is only one answer.

Vive Le Pen Vive Le Resistance Vive Le France

How to Wiretap Your Political Opponents

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We now have more information as to how the FISA warrant was obtained, enabling the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign, allowing us to create a step by step guide on how to use the intelligence community to further the interests of your political party.

Step 1: Prepare a Dossier

In this step you are looking to provide justification for your underlings in the intelligence community to spy on your political rivals. Hire some random person and have them prepare a dossier of information to be used in the campaign. The dossier itself does not need to be accurate. It can have names with incorrect spelling, people rising from the grave to take meetings, and you can even say that Trump officials are meeting the Russians in Europe when their passport and multiple eye witnesses place them in the United States at the same time. They can even be on video in the US and it would not matter.

The content of the dossier does not matter. Only your political allies will be able to see it anyway. By the time you release the dossier to your friendly media organizations its job would already have been done.

Step 2: Get a FISA Warrant

In this step we get authorization from the secret court to use our allies in the FBI to spy on our political opponents. Thankfully the secret court does not look too hard at the evidence presented as they have only rejected 11 requests out of 35000. This is a blessing as the only thing we have to go on is the dossier we have paid our agent to make.

Even when dealing with a court that is effectively a rubber stamp we still have to be careful. What we are doing is so criminal that some of our judges may balk at it. It would look bad if we were responsible for 20% of all the rejections handed out by the court since it started. We have to carefully select the judge that rules on the case, refiling as necessary till we get a friendly judge. After all we can change the name of the actual target to refile. It doesn’t matter who we tap as long as he is in the campaign.

Step 3: ?????

This step is particularly easy. We  have Susan Rice unmask the people involved in the leaks. Distribute the information to our allies in the media and have various people we appointed act as “unnamed sources”. Our subordinates can also spread the information around various political circles to make sure that the information gets to the Clinton campaign.

Step 4: Profit!

There we go. We now have a 4 step program to use the intelligence services to spy on our political opponents. We don’t even need any outside evidence as we manufacture the dossier ourselves! Nixon was an amateur to use criminals.

Obama Wiretapped Trump: Step by Step

pardon obama.jpg

I have been getting some requests for clarification from my article yesterday. Some readers have asked me to clearly map out the steps taken by the Obama administration to wiretap trump.

Step 1: Create Russian Suspicion

The first step is to blame everything that goes wrong with the Clinton campaign on the Russians. It does no matter that the DNC colluded to keep Sanders out of the nomination all that matters is that the Russians released the emails. This creates a valid reason for Obama and Clinton loyalists in the intelligence community to use begin using the powers of the government against the Republicans. At this point it is important to note that just by referencing the act as one of hacking is already a victory for Team Obama as the one actor with a perfect accuracy rating in this entire scandal, wikileaks, claims it was a leak from the DNC. They mentioned a staffer disgruntled by the treatment of Senator Sanders.

Step 2: Look for Russian Connections

Now that you have created a reason to believe it was the Russians it is now time to look at the various people connected to the Trump campaign and see if any are connected to Russia in any way. It is important to remember here that at this level people are connected with each other worldwide. Political operatives work all around the globe and people in the Clinton campaign like John Podesta had much stronger ties to Russia than some of the people in the Trump campaign. They just happened to be Democrats and not Republicans. Nations all over the globe were trying to help their preferred candidate get elected as well. Lawmakers in Britain even discussed banning Trump and the Pope himself tried to paint Trump as a non-believer in an effort to dissuade catholics from voting for him. It just so happened these foreign actors attempted to help Democrats and not Republicans so the Obama administration did not mind.

Step 3: The FISA Warrant

When you monitor communications between Trump campaign staff and Russians there is a good chance you would get nothing of political value. They are after all not in the same campaign. In order to get actionable intelligence for the Clinton campaign it would be important to monitor the communications between the people inside the Trump campaign itself.

This is where the FISA court comes in. Once you start monitoring people inside the campaign itself speaking with each other there is no way you can avoid picking up conversations with political value. Historically the FISA court has served as a rubber stamp for previous administrations, declining a grand total of 11 out of more than 30000 requests. It is a testament to how off base the Obama administration was that even the FISA court balked at what they were trying to do. The FISA court had to refuse Obama twice, which is unprecedented, before the Obama administration decided to approach another FISA court judge which provided their rubber stamp.

Step 4: Leak Leak Leak!

Now that the Obama administration had the information with them it was time to disseminate it. With their control over mainstream media this would have been the easiest part for the Democrats and the Obama administration. Leaked emails from the DNC show widespread collusion between the media and the Democrats going so far as to request questions to ask of the opposing campaign. The intelligence community is already leaky at the best of times but when encouraged by their bosses they will go into overdrive. Staff associated with the Obama campaign said on live television that they actively encouraged information to be given to the media and congress, Obama himself loosened the regulations against sharing between agencies to ensure that the maximum number of people had the opportunity to leak, and Susan Rice requested the unmasking of American citizens to make it easier to give the information to the media.

Step 5: Pardon Obama

This is worse than Watergate. At least Nixon had the decency to use criminals. Obama subverted the structure of the entire government in order to use it to spy on the campaign of President Trump. If Nixon had an entity like the FISA court he could have used Watergate would never have been known to the public.

Still we have to be merciful. We cannot have our first African American President end his life in jail. It would not be fair to the African American community. We should petition President Trump to #pardonObama.


Obama Wiretapped Trump

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The narrative is crumbling. At first our President said that the previous administration wiretapped him and had his campaign under surveillance and the media said it was impossible. Obama was too nice. Despite reporting from left wing sources like the New York Times about how the Trump campaign and its associates were listened to. Then we had Nunes who said the FBI incidentally collected information on the Trump campaign. We were told by the media that the benevolent FBI only had that because the Trump team was communicating with the Russians. The FISA warrants could never be used on American citizens despite the democrats complaining that the FBI had the senate under surveillance recently. Then we have Susan Rice outed as the person responsible for multiple requests to unmask General Flynn. The media could not even defend this one.

The Smoking Gun

We now have a new development. It is as close to a smoking gun we are going to get in this case.  It has been revealed that Carter Page, an adviser to the Trump campaign has been the subject of a FISA warrant. The FISA court is for all intents and purposes an entity that rubber stamps any requests made by the FBI. Fewer than one in ten thousand requests are denied by this court. Even with this absurdly loose standard the Obama administration had their initial two requests declined and had to cherry pick a different judge at a later date to get their requests thru. If Nixon had a tool like the FISA courts he would never have had to resort to burglars.

This is groundbreaking. The left insists that Trump associates could only have been picked up in incidental collection if they spoke to Russians under surveillance and any information would not have any political value. With this new development it means that any Trump associate who spoke with Carter, an American Citizen who was part of the campaign, would have been picked up. There is no question that information of political value would have been picked up. The FBI were literally listening to two members of the campaign speaking to each other how could they have not? It would be similar to Podesta, who had much stronger ties to Russia than Page, being listened too. All you would get is political information.

Now that we know the FBI had political information on the Trump campaign we also have to remember that Susan Rice did request multiple times for the unmasking of Trump associates and that President Obama himself relaxed the rules for the sharing of information between agencies. Obama staffers also admit they encouraged the information to be shared around the capital and the intelligence agencies themselves show that they have no problem leaking information. What else do we actually need?

Pardon Obama

This may be an unpopular opinion but we cannot jail our first African American President like a common thief. It would cause too much civil strife and we have to admit that Obama deserves the same consideration as President Nixon. It is time for all of us to call on President Trump to officially pardon former President Obama for all his misdeeds.

Time to Ignore Democrats


Another day another Russian conspiracy theory, this time targeting the Attorney General. With all the people the democrats believe have been compromised by Russians it is amazing we have been an independent country for all these years. After all didn’t Obama himself say that Russia was not a threat and to tell Vladimir to wait till after the elections. Didn’t 20 or so democratic senators meet with various Russians to get the Iran deal in place?

It is time to admit that there is no sense in making compromises with the democrats. They will continue to try and destabilize the Trump administration to prevent it from doing anything useful so the democrats can claim victory in 2018. Republicans have to realize one thing. We control the Presidency, House, Senate, and soon the Supreme Court as well. The democrats have just as much power as we decide to give them. If we decide that they have no power then they will have none.

At the end of the day Republicans own this government. If the Trump administration succeeds then the Republicans succeed and will be making gains in 2018. If the Trump administration does not succeed then the party will be losing seats in 2018. With stakes like that would it not be much better to rely on ideas that you think will work as opposed to some sort of compromise with Democrats? They must be sidelined from power. All the votes should be done on straight party lines. If they want to speak, filibuster, or use some trick of parliamentary procedure then they can and we ram the provision thru anyway. The nuclear option should be taken for Gorsuch and any friendly conservative justice who wish to should retire so we can replace them with the next generation of conservative jurists. The battle lines have been drawn and Mccain and Graham must pick a side. If they want to support the Democrats then they do and  Pence must be brought in to resolve the tie breakers.

This is the Song That Never Ends

The Democrats don’t care about other countries interfering in our elections. If they did they would have reacted when the Pope tried to influence the election by saying Trump was not christian, or when the British tried to ban Trump from their country during the election, or when any of the other world leaders tried to influence the elections on behalf of Clinton. What they do care about is making sure the administration gets nothing done.

Not one step back should be the new policy of the Trump administration. When Flynn resigned from the Trump administration it was a mistake. No amount of appeasement will satisfy the left. Like the fascists of old they will keep taking every single time we give ground. When Flynn resigned they went after Sessions. If Sessions resigns they will go after someone else. If Russia is not the issue it would have been something else. The Democrats should be ignored. If they want to scream to the press then they can. If the voters want to hold the Republicans to account then they should but at least in 2018 there will be tangible results from policies implemented as opposed to baseless Russian accusations.

It Goes On and On My Friend

The establishment globalist media is also part of this assault. A recent study done showed that 88% of the headlines since the election were hostile to the administration. Bernie fans should be familiar with this type of media bias as they endured the famous 16 negative headlines in 16 hours from the Washington Post during the primaries.

The media does have the first amendment right to print whatever they want. They do not have a right to access and this should be the policy of the Trump administration. If the press want to print leaks and unnamed sources they can print all they want. The administration does not have to comment on it or provide any additional fuel to the fire. The public will eventually tire of the press running around like headless chickens.

Steps should also be taken to break up the current monopoly of traditional media outlets. There is nothing in the constitution saying that they should only be the ones to have access to elected officials. Online media should be promoted and assisted by this administration. Ted Cruz regularly appears with Crowder and Trump himself has appeared Infowars with Alex Jones. Ben Shapiro regularly does his show, Mark Levin, Tomi Lahren, Milo, and much much more. We have plenty of quality sources to promote to give the public a choice about which media to consume.

Some People Started Singing it not Knowing What it Does

A distinction must be made between the democratic party politicians and the voters. While the politicians and their media allies can be ignored most of the voters cannot. I say most voters because there is a certain subset of them that will not ever vote for a Republican and will not ever support anything a Republican does. For all intents and purposes that slice of the electorate can be lumped in with the Democrat politicians and left to shout themselves hoarse.

If its one thing the Trump campaign proved is that you can selectively target reasonable voting blocs from the other parties base and convince them to vote for you. It is all a matter of finding the right groups to target and avoiding dead ends.

And They Will Continue Singing it Just Because

Republicans should be prepared for the Democrats and their media allies to keep howling for the next 8 years. If they actually succeed and have a duly elected Republican president deposed then every Republican president moving forward will face this. A line in the sand must be drawn and must be drawn now. The GOP has just won its greatest victories yet and have not even begun to capitalize on it with the Supreme Court. We cannot be convinced by the media to give it all up. The only way they have the power to do that is if we give them the power to do so.

Foreign Involvement?


With all the noise coming out of the left in the past couple of days trying to delegitimize President Trump I thought I would compile a list of all the foreign entities that tried to influence the election on behalf of Secretary Clinton and the democrats.

Pope Francis (Catholic Church) – Released a statement saying that Donald Trump was not Christian if he wanted to build a wall along the southern border.

Vicente Fox (Mexico)- Constantly went on air saying that Trump was a liar, a bigot, racist, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

David Cameron (Great Britain) – Said that Mr. Trump’s thinking was stupid and wrong. Great Britain also proposed banning Mr. Trump from visiting the country.

Alwaleed Alsaud (Saudi Arabia) – Mentioned in a live interview that Mr. Trump was a disgrace and should withdraw.

Christine Legarde (IMF) – In another attempt to sway the public she gave an interview and said that she and her organization was concerned about Trump’s stance on trade.

Sandro Gozi (Italy) – Said that Trump’s solutions were false. No mention on the solutions of Secretary Clinton

Anders Rasmussen (NATO) – Mentioned that he had concerns for the future of NATO under Trump.

Manuel Valls (France) – Prime Minister of France said that Trump only stokes hatred. Which of course he knew would be played by our press to influence the populace.

Sigmar Gabriel (Germany) – German economic minister. Said that Trump is a threat to economic development.

Dar Al Ifta (Egypt) –  Official religious state body for Egypt. Printed an article saying that Trump’s rhetoric towards Muslims was dangerous to the American community.

Let us not forget the hacking and the leaks targeted at Mr. Trump. None of them were ever investigated, which is strange considering that the tax return was an actual federal document that was hacked or leaked while the DNC according to their very own statements was a private entity. They could have been hacked by foreign entities or the leaks could have been arranged or paid for using foreign funds.

Where is the outrage at these foreign countries trying to tilt the elections towards Clinton?