The Trump Army Needs You!

The day we have worked for is here and Trump is now our presumptive nominee. If everything goes well he will have enough delegates to be the nominee right after New Jersey declares him the winner. Don't stop voting though. We need to give Trump as many delegates and votes as we can to send... Continue Reading →

State of the General

Hey everyone. I will be using this page to track the state of the general election as we move forward. I will include the likely result by state as of current polling. I will take polls from may 3, when Trump became the presumptive nominee, onward. Initially I will just replace the polls with the... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Cruz Republicans

To my Fellow Patriots, My message today is about party unity. I am not going to sit here and defend Trump as a conservative. He is not. He is a nationalist. That means that he identifies with the GOP more as the GOP has been more about border security than the Democrats have. Does that... Continue Reading →

The Trump Doctrine

Everyone will know by now that there has been a foreign policy speech by Mr. Trump outlining his vision for a different kind of foreign policy for the United States. There have been some who called it incoherent and rambling while others have hailed it as visionary. I will be breaking down the Trump Doctrine... Continue Reading →

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