The Trump Army Needs You!


The day we have worked for is here and Trump is now our presumptive nominee. If everything goes well he will have enough delegates to be the nominee right after New Jersey declares him the winner. Don’t stop voting though. We need to give Trump as many delegates and votes as we can to send a clear message!

It is time to set our eyes on the general though and how we can each help to get Trump elected as president of the United States. I will list several groups in this article and what their mission should be for this election. Trump nation as a whole needs to welcome the newcomers to the Trump train with the love we show for each other. After all we need every vote we can to Make America Great Again.

Social Conservatives/EvangelicalsDEFEND OUR HOME! – We have many committed social conservatives on the train already and your main mission will be to convince other evangelicals that Trump is someone worth voting for and not merely the lesser of two evils. The forces of never Trump are really divided into two camps. Their own social conservatives who feel that Trump is not hard enough on issues like abortion and the neoconservatives who would like to continue free trade and interventionism. You will have to reach out to your fellow evangelicals and get them on board the Train.

We have to be honest with them. Abortion and other social and moral issues are not that high our nominee’s priority list. If you look at his speeches, rhetoric, and actions Trump cares most about returning prosperity to America and making sure everyone follows the rule of law. Any abortion change would have to come from the grassroots during his election which is something evangelicals specialize in anyway. The most comforting thing is that he would not make it any worse. Social Conservatives will also have concerns about his morality and character. After all he has been on the front page of the tabloids for decades now and has more scandals and stories than you can shake a stick at. The answer to this is very simple. Point to Ivanka, Don Jr, and Eric. Can anyone truly immoral raise such wonderful children? How many moral men and women do you know who have children much worse? That should lay aside any concerns on his morality.

It is easy for evangelicals to remain complacent. After all Trump is already ahead by 20 points in places like West Virginia, so why bother? It is true that even if you win a state by 1 point or 20 you still get the same number of electoral votes. Remember though that Trump needs to make a lot of changes once he gets into office. To do that he needs the biggest mandate he can get which means the popular vote becomes important for AFTER the election. We also must remember that just like when we spread seeds to evangelize others we never know where those we convert will end up. They may very well be the person who goes into Michigan or Ohio and casts the deciding vote. Remember only 50-60% of Americans vote. That is almost half the population we can reach out too.

Blue Collar/White Collar Workers – MAN THE FRONT LINES! – If you are a worker who supports Trump you are literally in the front line for this election. If you could define this election in one issue it would be trade. Hillary with her support of TPP and Trump with his opposition to it. Make no mistake even if Hillary says that she has abandoned TPP she will still sign it once elected. Just look at the actions of President Obama. He would not be pushing TPP all over the world now if he did not think his chosen successor would pursue it. Related to this is illegal immigration as well which depresses wages. Unions and other working class organizations usually vote democrat. Their leaders are usually very well-connected with the democratic leadership as well. It will be your job to talk to the members of the unions and other workers and convince them that another Detroit lies at the end of TPP. Instead of returning jobs to the country it would slowly bleed it out. It would be another thing if we were to get high tech jobs to replace it. Yet those jobs are being outsourced as well thru the BPO industry and inside the country given to H-1B visa holders.

Your fellow workers will be afraid at first. After all how can they support someone who does not want to increase the federal minimum wage. Remember that Trump plans to remove illegal immigrants, thereby reducing the labor pool, and return jobs to America, thereby increasing the number of jobs. When you reduce the supply of labor and increase the number of jobs then wages go up. Most importantly they go up in the proper pace. We do not impose a standard wage across the country which while may make sense in Los Angeles would kill job opportunities in Chicago, Detroit , and any other city which is not doing as well. Not to mention the damage this would do to smaller towns.They will be skeptical of Trump’s own business practices. You have to remind them that that is the only way to survive in America. We must first change the system and Trump is the only hope for that. They may be leery about voting for a republican, but remind them that we already kicked out our establishment. The Bush family has been thrown out of the race by Trump early on and are now even refusing to endorse him. Which is a good thing.

You have one of the most important tasks in this election. The states that must swing are heavily populated by blue and white-collar workers. In previous elections the choice between the two parties was not readily apparent. They both supported Nafta and outsourcing and really only differed on social issues. This is your chance to tell them that you want no part of it.

Minorities – PREACH BROTHERS! – If you are a minority and are supporting Donald Trump then you already know the truth. Illegal immigration and free trade has hurt minority communities the most. When Senator Sanders speaks of 50% youth unemployment among blacks and very high rates among Latinos that is precisely because of illegal immigrants taking what jobs are available and the companies outsourcing the rest due to free trade deals. Instead of doing part-time work youth are instead led into a life of gangs, which leads into them becoming hardened criminals in the future, which in turn tarnishes the black and brown reputation in the country. Trump was once asked “How would you fix race relations in America”. He answered “Make sure everyone has a job”. That is really how simple it is. Will it fix everything? No. But it will fix enough so that the rest can be dealt with in time. Everyone is more tolerant of their neighbor if we are all prosperous.

Your fellow minorities will call you crazy. They will ask how you can support a racist. Democrats call Republicans racist every election. Bush was a racist. McCain was a racist. Romney was a racist. Trump is a racist. If Jesus Christ himself ran on a republican ticket he would be called a racist. The most telling thing is that when they ask a protester what racist thing Trump has said against African-Americans they could not say any specific thing. Your friends will find it hard to vote for a republican and will bring up a whole host of sins that the republican party has done in the past. The question to ask is how has working exclusively for Democrats worked out for you? If you are better off than you were before then continue doing it. If you are worse off maybe it is time to give another party a chance. At the very least democrats will work harder to earn your votes in the future.

Your road is one of the hardest and takes the most courage. Remember that democrats usually win African-Americans and Hispanic Americans by huge margins. In the last election Obama won by 93-7. Any dent you can make in that will have huge impacts not only in this election but in how much the vote of minorities are valued by political parties in the future.

The Alt Right-THE RED PILL!- In many ways Trump is the first candidate to come out of alt right. He believes in doing the best thing for the country instead of following strict conservative and liberal lines. He understands the dangers of globalization and unrestricted immigration as well as the true nature of Islamic terrorism. In many ways a Trump presidency would mean that the country would be pulled back to the center from the extreme globalist path it is on now and is a test of a more nationalistic direction of the country. Our task is first to lay off the conservative wing of the republican party. Trump is trying to mend fences and our evangelical allies will try to bring the party together.We have to make sure we do not hinder their efforts and if possible aid it. Most importantly we have to reach out to Sanders supporters and offer them the red pill. We have multiple contact points with them online. We have contacts in Reddit where each group regularly posts in each others question page. We have contact with them in twitter, Facebook, and even 4chan. Out of all the groups in Trump’s coalition we are the one online the most and are the most invested in a Trump victory. We have to go into enemy democratic party and enlighten any of the people we can. The most important thing is to offer ourselves as a contrast to Hillary Clinton supporters. They are tired of being talked down to and made to appear like violent thugs by the media. Something we should be familiar with as we experienced it ourselves. We have to be kind to them and offer them sound arguments as to why Trump is a better choice.

People will always say that Trump and Sanders supporters have nothing in common and they should have no reason to vote for Trump. Remind them that both groups see the current political parties as extensions of corporate interests. Remind them that Hillary and her policies is a continuation of corporate influence in politics and interventionism abroad. Remind them that both parties are against free trade and would like to return jobs back to America. Some Sanders supporters will bring up that Trump would like to leave the minimum wage issue up to the states. Remind them that Sweden, one of their model countries, rejected a nationwide minimum wage and instead sets minimum wage by industry recognizing that each industry has a different standard just as each state has a different standard of living. A living wage in Alabama would not be enough in Los Angeles and a living wage in Los Angeles would cripple businesses in Virginia. Most of all remind them to look past the personalities. This election will be about whether or not they are satisfied with the status quo.

Our path will take us deep into enemy territory but the rewards will be worth it. Last election ony 6 percent of democrats voted against their own party. If we give the red pill to enough of our lost brothers then we can change that and help win states that our blue-collar brothers are working on and help put blue states like New Jersey into play.

There are of course more groups in the Trump coalition and if you weren’t mentioned here I will make another article for you in the future. Remember that in most elections we don’t get a choice. Interventionism and free trade has already been set. All that matters is the degree in which we take it. This election more than any other allows us a choice on the direction we want the country to go in. We need to take advantage of this. MAGA.


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