4d Chess: The Sanctuary State

In response to President Trump California has declared itself a Sanctuary State. Ready and willing to welcome all the illegal immigrants that can make it to their wide open arms. Conservatives and nationalists are of course up in arms at the slight. If you are one of them I want to ask you. Why? There... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing the Argument for Illegal Immigration

When people defend illegal immigration they do so by saying it is beneficial to the economy. They point out that the illegal immigrants contribute more to the society than they take out. First because they pay sales taxes on the things they buy and second because the products they buy with their salary create demand... Continue Reading →

Reckless Robart

By now everyone will have heard about the ruling of Judge Robart. Leaving aside the fact that he made a nationwide ban on an issue raised by two states and the text of the relevant immigration law which gives plenary power to the President over immigration law, I find his decision legally problematic on three... Continue Reading →

Debunking the Travel Ban Myths

For today I will be listing down the common talking points of the left regarding the travel ban to the terrorist infested countries and debunking them one by one. This is a Muslim Ban! No. Nothing could be further from the truth. The ban is centered on nationality not religion. If the left would bother... Continue Reading →

4D Chess: Sanctuary Cities

Today I'd like to discuss what I consider to be the most brilliant 4d chess move of President Trump to date. Sanctuary Cities. My personal moniker for it is "Operation turn Illinois and New York red." As everyone knows Trump ran on a platform that is against illegal immigration. Appointing Senator Sessions as Attorney General... Continue Reading →

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