The Social Justice Pope

The Vatican is currently being ruled by someone who is as close to a social justice warrior as you can get and still belong to the catholic leadership. This is in stark contrast to the previous Popes who have acted much more closely with Catholic orthodoxy and people are wondering why. The reason is fairly... Continue Reading →

Britain Then and Now

There has been a lot of comparisons done recently about the reaction of Britain to attacks during World War 2 and attacks by terrorists recently. During the Battle of Britain you had famous quotations from Winston Churchill promising defiance and eventual victory. My personal favorite is "Let the Hun do their worst and we shall... Continue Reading →

Pokemon and Islam

When you look at facts objectively one cannot deny one thing. Mohammad was divinely inspired by Pokemon when he created the rules for women in Islam. I am well aware that pokemon came after Islam but the divine works in mysterious ways and the similarities are too close to discount. Teams - In Islam there... Continue Reading →

Reckless Robart

By now everyone will have heard about the ruling of Judge Robart. Leaving aside the fact that he made a nationwide ban on an issue raised by two states and the text of the relevant immigration law which gives plenary power to the President over immigration law, I find his decision legally problematic on three... Continue Reading →

Demonization Works

Let me begin with my central thesis. Demonization is a valid and effective tool in changing the behavior of a given person or group. In this case speaking of Muslims. Whenever a terrorist attack happens leftist commentators inevitably point out that if it is a white person who is caught he would be declared a... Continue Reading →


The middle east and the terrorist organizations it spawns have always been a problem for the west. First we had al-Qaeda then we had Isis with Iran and other rogue nations in the midst. As is usual with something so contentious there are multiple different solutions offered to the problem. The civilizations inside it have... Continue Reading →

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