Seeing Beyond the Veil


I wanted to take the time to explain this ad to everyone. It actually is a good example of why Trump plays the game at a level above everyone else and why I think he will eventually become President.

This video was widely mocked as something that was not relevant and had no bearing on the issues. If you hear someone say that don’t listen to them anymore they have no idea what they are talking about.

Before I begin with the video itself let me point out that the ad is 15 sec long. Its purposely designed to be played not in networks, nor in youtube but in social media. This may be the first ad we have seen designed for social media and the free coverage it gets.

Now on to the ad itself.

At its lowest level it gets you to laugh at Hillary and if your mind is in that mindset lets you think of Hillary as a female dog. The comparison is apt because she has always had a reputation as someone who is unlikeable and who thinks she is better than other people. Just running a search on how she treats her secret service detail tells you this.

At its standard level it reminds you how ineffective Hillary has been. Russia was able to annex Crimea. ISIS was able to take Syria. The Chinese encroach on the Spratly’s and buy up more and more American businesses. What has Hillary been able to do? Well it shows you exactly what in this commercial. Bark like a dog, with no effect.

At its highest level we have to look at its context. Remember this ad was released right around the time Trump said he could have asked Romney to drop to his knees for his endorsement. Hillary is already seen as a unbelievably corrupt politician. Trumps ad shows that to people with money Hillary will bark like a dog like Romney will drop to his knees. The power relationship is also there. Trump is the customer, Hillary is not even the vendor. She is the merchandise.

Cruz will never be able to make an ad like this. He runs a brilliant data driven campaign, which has been done over and over again by his predecessors. There is no spark of innovation that changes the game. They failed then just as Cruz will fail now.

With Trump vs Clinton we are headed for a realignment year where all states are up for grabs in both sides. With Clinton vs Cruz we are headed for another guaranteed defeat. After all Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.



Trickle Up: The New Economy

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First off let me take a Marco Rubio moment and say that, I want to dispel the notion that trickle down economy is not logical, it is. A lot of economists have put time into it and it is a logically sound theory. It is just a disaster when put into actual practice.

Trickle down can create jobs. The rich do have to invest the money instead of just keeping it in the matress. The problem is it doesnt necessarily have to create jobs in your economy. When the geniuses made the theory they never considered that there would be more than one economy you can invest in.

Which leads me to my main problem with it. Trickle down is the most anti nationalist economic system you can come up with. It relies on giving the money to the rich. I don’t have anything against people being well off , nor do I have a problem with the class in general. I have a problem with the spending habits of the class itself. When you give money to them there is a greater likelyhood that they will spend it in another economy. After all they have the resources to visit other places for vacations, have the mass of wealth necessary to make effective investments in another country, and have the incentive to get the best possible return for their money. In case the unthinkable happens and a country collapses they are also the class that can emigrate and avoid the chaos, which means they are less protective of the state of the local economy in general. I am by no means saying that all the money given to another class is spent inside the economy but a greater percentage of it is. To summarize any money given in a trickle down economy is more likely to help another economy rather than yours.

How does Trickle up work? You give the the money, in the form of tax cuts, incentives, or whatever else you may want to call it, to the poor and middle class. These classes particularly the poor tend to spend everything that they earn. They also spend it in their local communities, to buy food, services, and other things they may need. This then leads to more demand in that area for these things and other things that people never needed before which leads to more industries to produce them. Which of course leads to more workers employed by these industries, which then leads to more demand and production. Leading to a very happy circle of economic velocity.

I want to focus on that demand diversity for a moment before we go on. It is hard to fathom why I would count on people to buy things they never bought before. Consider this. If you had $100 dollars in income and needed $99 of that to buy food would you consider buying books? Or maybe taking up rabbit hunting as a hobby? What if you had $200 dollars and had to spend only $99 of it? You would be tempted to engage in a hobby or spend it on something you would never have considered before. This leads to more economic spaces opening up and more opportunities for diverse business ventures.

The most important thing is that trickle up causes a sense of positive thinking about the economy. People are happier when they have some breathing room, they feel more prosperous, and they are more likely to spend that money. People with a negative view of the economy, like for instance those who see that the rich get all the ta breaks and have not seen a pay raise in years, tend to not spend whatever they money they have. They even reduce their basic demands so that they can save which leads to less demand, less workers, and pretty much what I call the trickle down death spiral. If your main concern is morality, equality amongst people and all that hippie stuff well this works too. People with a more positive economic outlook tend to be more accepting of outsiders as they dont see them as a threat. They also tend to be more tolerant as they don’t have that much stress affecting them.

Trickle up also lets the consumer be the final arbiter of which companies suceed as they chose which to buy from as opposed to the government which chooses who to favor in a trickle down economy. This is important as it means consumers can hold companies to account for their actions. Realistically you will never be able to regulate a company to have perfect behavior. They will always see loopholes and they will always try and take advantage of them. Unless in this case the people have the power to take them into account for it. This soft regulation is actually more powerful than anything the government can put out as companies are now governed by morals rather than laws. For instance in trickle down as long as you kept to the letter of the law you were fine even if you did reprehensible things. In trickle up if the public had a problem with the things you were doing, even if technically legal, would cause them to support your competitors.

Of course there are challenges. You have to make sure the amount of credits people receive is not enough to cause an inflation and you have to put in protectionist policies to make sure that things are produced inside the country rather than out as creating the supply to meet the demand is part of the circle. I don’t see it as a more daunting challenge that creating current economic policy though. The biggest challenge is reducing private debt to a manageable level, preferably thru outright forgiveness, before attempting this. If you were to do trickle up in our current climate then it would still end up being trickle down as the money goes straight into paying for existing credit card and student loan debt. In effect the money goes straight back to the government or to the rich and we are faced with our original problem.

As always Trump is the only one with an inkling of this economy as everyone else is still stuck in trickle down.

Vote Trump 2016 ๐Ÿ™‚

Race Traitors >: (


*this is a spoof*

I agree with my fellow progressive liberals that donald trump is a racist

The problem is there is an increasing number of african americans endorsing or expressing admiration of trump

What do we do about this??

Dennis Rodman – He may also be a north korean spy. It is also not clear whether he was on drugs at the time of endorsement…esident-120592

Pastor Darrell Scott- He says he has Trumps ear so Trump may be wearing an artificial ear now…unday-services

Diamond and Silk- said “black lives matter? Your dumbass lives dont matter to the democrats! They sent you to prison!”…UvYooOjXyHjsxQ

Charles Evers – 1969 MAN OF THE YEAR OF THE NAACP!!!!!!! revoke his membership!!!!…mp-endorsement

Louis Farrakhan- only praises Trump but did not outright endorse so he may get a pass…d-trump-220021

Mike Tyson- Boxing may have damaged his brain…ald-trump.html

National Black Republican Association – They are black and republican so they dont count…sociation.html

Pastor James David Manning – he criticized Obama!!!!

Shawn Merriman – If he wasnt a football player he would probably be a thug anyway…d-trump-video/

Ben Carson – Like the endorsement of a knife fighter means a lot…endorse-trump/

Diamond and Silk even have a video with instructions on how you can switch from the Democratic Party to the republican party!!

Fellow Progressive Liberals what can we do against African Americans endorsing the Racist Donald Trump!!!!

Cuban Mistress Crisis


Mormons love Cruz because he is the closest candidate to Joseph Smith. 32 more to go!


Cruz gave voters an envelope with the check inside. 8 mistresses had cruz inside


Cruz says he is the only one who can beat Trump. He is on his eight mistress trump is only on his third wife


iowans got mail that said election alert. 8 voters got an erection alert.


Carson went to Florida to pick up some clothers. Cruz went to pick up some babes.


Cruz said he would make the sand glow. He actually meant he would give pregnancy glows


Ted cruz hates Islam because you can only have 4 wives. He needed a religion with 9.


for the people of Iowa, voter violation only included mail. 8 voters had a new level of voter violation


Cruz is so pro-life he needs to make it 8 at a time


Cruz tried to apply to join islam. They said he has too many wives


I dont know why they call cruz racist. He has a mistress for every race!


Cruz said he doesnt need 72 virgins. He will get that by the end of his first term


Cruz said he could beat Donald Trump. We didnt realize it meant in number of wives.


Trump is so persuasive he got 8 girls to sleep with Cruz. No wonder he blames him!



Facts about Nato


Just a simple post for today. I want this to be as black and white as possible. I will try and add more countries as I can.

NATO is a treaty which requires that each member nation spend at least 2% of GDP on national defense.

The last time Germany spent 2% of GDP was in 1992

The last time Belgium spent 2% of GDP was in 1991

The last time Denmark spent 2% of GDP was in 1990.

The last time Canada spent 2% of GDP was 1988

The last time Netherlands spent 2% of GDP was 1993

The last time Spain spent 2% of GDP was before 1985

The last time Luxemburg spent 2% of GDP was before 1985

Italy has spent 2% of GDP 2 times in the last 25 years

The last time the Czech Republic spent 2% of the GDP was 1994

Before anyone freaks out about the US abandoning its leadership role we are not even discussing modifications of nato yet. We are just looking at the countries involved living up to the agreement they signed on to.

Just as a comparison in 2015 the US gave 75% of the NATO budget. The following are also what the US spent on defense as % of the gdp.

2015 3.5%
2014 3.8%
2013 4.2%
2012 4.6%

Trump 2016? ๐Ÿ™‚


Research Colony


Health Care in the United States is a mess because we have failed to put America First. A lot of people dont see the connection between healthcare and foreign policy but it is definetly there. In a nutshell it is a nexus of corporate cronyism and putting Americans last which is what everyone hates the establishment for.

Why is healthcare costs so high? Well because drug prices are high. Companies in America can charge whatever they want for drugs. Why can other countries have universal healthcare? Because they control the prices for those drugs.

Why does the US not control the prices for drugs? Well according to the Pharmacutecal companies they need some markets to have uncontrolled prices because they would not recoup their investments in research otherwise. They say that they cannot make the money back in controlled markets as the profit margin is to slim.

I want you to read that paragraph four or five times before you continue to really have it set in.

Do you realize the implications of it?

When a drug is researched is the US the only country that benefits? By any chance would these pharmacutecal companies be sending these drugs to be sold abroad? We can say that when a new drug is invented the whole world benefits.

Who pays the cost? Well according to the pharmacutecals the country which has no price cap on drugs, as they can charge as much as they need to. Do you see the connection now? Yes the politicians have made it so that we pay for the cost of research of the entire world! It is no surprise that Europe can have universal healthcare when they dont need to pay any research costs for new drugs.

If you haven’t realized this yet America has been made into a colony. We pay for the defense of our colonial masters (eu), we let other countries take resources from our economy and inject it to theirs (mexico and china) and of course here in healthcare we have to pay for the costs to provide new drugs for everyone else.

Until we address these issues there is no point in fixing obamacare or any other healthcare system. We will still end up with garbage.

Why is everyone ok with the US being second class citizens? We need to say that we want to be treated fairly like the rest of the world. Either they remove their price controls or the US puts up its own. I know which is easier.

As always vote Trump 2016.

Soul of the Candidates


People like to ask me why I support Trump. They of course expect to hear a certain policy that I agree with but its deeper than that. I believe that based on their characters Trump is the only one who is helped by helping the country.

One of the philosophers I read said โ€œThe only thing that matters is a mans soul everything else is drossโ€ Basically his inner character which everything he does is consistent with. The candidates position may change from time to time but their internal driving force will not.

Trump โ€“ His soul is that of an egomaniac. He believes that he is so good that he deserves a spot at Mount Rushmore and all he needs to do that is become president. He doesn’t really care about America he cares about himself and his legacy. It just so happens that doing exactly what the country needs is what buys him his legendary status. Im confident he cant be bought because he already operates under a different currency. The dollar and cents part of his life is over and its now about his place in history. If you look at Bill Gates you will see a lot of this as well. He seems inflexible about some of his ideas like the wall and trade not because he thinks that it is morally right but because in order for him to suceed at the task it needs to happen. Its not a dogmatic abortion is wrong thing but rather a we need bricks before we can make a house thing. If reality suddenly changes and globlization becomes the best policy he would back that.

Kasich- His soul is that of a middle manager. You know the type. Moderately successful, does what is needed of him and is generally happy with the way things are in his company. If he gets another promotion great, if not then that’s ok too. Yes he takes bribes but only because everyone else does it too. Out of everyone he is the only one who doesn’t really want to be President and could care less if he is not elected.He is only running now because it is expected of him.

Cruz โ€“ His soul is that of a religious zealot. A crusader from the middle ages. He doesn’t necessarily believe his ideas will be whats best for the country but he will do it because it is what is right. Due to the holy nature of his quest he believes that anything he does to get there is forgiven which is where Iowa and the numerous things you hear about in the trail come from. This is where the super pac money comes in too as he just takes them then gives them what they need later on because whatever he does will be forgiven.

Sanders โ€“ His soul is that of an innocent child. He believes in all his ideas and believes in the best of everyone else. If they would only listen to him they would be better of. The problem is an innocent child does not see how people could take advantage of his policies nor how they would work together. For example open borders and free healthcare for all. He does not really believe that the Central and South American countries would not encourage their people to go take advantage of that.

Clinton โ€“ Her soul is that of a noble. She believes she is so far above everyone that the presidency is hers by birthright and that she should not have to follow the laws that everyone else does. This is why you have her email scandal where she made sure only she, not the government yahoo google or anybody else had access to her emails and could hold her accountable . This is also the reason she holds fundraisers in the middle of the primaries. She believes that she will get voted in no matter what she does. If you looked at her in 2008 thats how she acted then too. If she were alive hundreds of years ago she would have said โ€œlet them eat cakeโ€

Vote Trump ๐Ÿ™‚