Seeing Beyond the Veil   I wanted to take the time to explain this ad to everyone. It actually is a good example of why Trump plays the game at a level above everyone else and why I think he will eventually become President. This video was widely mocked as something that was not relevant and had no... Continue Reading →

Trickle Up: The New Economy

First off let me take a Marco Rubio moment and say that, I want to dispel the notion that trickle down economy is not logical, it is. A lot of economists have put time into it and it is a logically sound theory. It is just a disaster when put into actual practice. Trickle down... Continue Reading →

Race Traitors >: (

*this is a spoof* I agree with my fellow progressive liberals that donald trump is a racist The problem is there is an increasing number of african americans endorsing or expressing admiration of trump What do we do about this?? Dennis Rodman - He may also be a north korean spy. It is also not... Continue Reading →

Cuban Mistress Crisis

Mormons love Cruz because he is the closest candidate to Joseph Smith. 32 more to go!   Cruz gave voters an envelope with the check inside. 8 mistresses had cruz inside   Cruz says he is the only one who can beat Trump. He is on his eight mistress trump is only on his third... Continue Reading →

Facts about Nato

Just a simple post for today. I want this to be as black and white as possible. I will try and add more countries as I can. NATO is a treaty which requires that each member nation spend at least 2% of GDP on national defense. The last time Germany spent 2% of GDP was... Continue Reading →

Research Colony

Health Care in the United States is a mess because we have failed to put America First. A lot of people dont see the connection between healthcare and foreign policy but it is definetly there. In a nutshell it is a nexus of corporate cronyism and putting Americans last which is what everyone hates the... Continue Reading →

Soul of the Candidates

People like to ask me why I support Trump. They of course expect to hear a certain policy that I agree with but its deeper than that. I believe that based on their characters Trump is the only one who is helped by helping the country. One of the philosophers I read said “The only... Continue Reading →

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