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Health Care in the United States is a mess because we have failed to put America First. A lot of people dont see the connection between healthcare and foreign policy but it is definetly there. In a nutshell it is a nexus of corporate cronyism and putting Americans last which is what everyone hates the establishment for.

Why is healthcare costs so high? Well because drug prices are high. Companies in America can charge whatever they want for drugs. Why can other countries have universal healthcare? Because they control the prices for those drugs.

Why does the US not control the prices for drugs? Well according to the Pharmacutecal companies they need some markets to have uncontrolled prices because they would not recoup their investments in research otherwise. They say that they cannot make the money back in controlled markets as the profit margin is to slim.

I want you to read that paragraph four or five times before you continue to really have it set in.

Do you realize the implications of it?

When a drug is researched is the US the only country that benefits? By any chance would these pharmacutecal companies be sending these drugs to be sold abroad? We can say that when a new drug is invented the whole world benefits.

Who pays the cost? Well according to the pharmacutecals the country which has no price cap on drugs, as they can charge as much as they need to. Do you see the connection now? Yes the politicians have made it so that we pay for the cost of research of the entire world! It is no surprise that Europe can have universal healthcare when they dont need to pay any research costs for new drugs.

If you haven’t realized this yet America has been made into a colony. We pay for the defense of our colonial masters (eu), we let other countries take resources from our economy and inject it to theirs (mexico and china) and of course here in healthcare we have to pay for the costs to provide new drugs for everyone else.

Until we address these issues there is no point in fixing obamacare or any other healthcare system. We will still end up with garbage.

Why is everyone ok with the US being second class citizens? We need to say that we want to be treated fairly like the rest of the world. Either they remove their price controls or the US puts up its own. I know which is easier.

As always vote Trump 2016.


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