The White Pill on Daca

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There has been plenty of negativity going around about what is happening regarding DACA. I have seen people who used to have plenty of faith in Trump withdraw their support just on this issue. I wanted to write this today as a white pill to all the negativity floating around.


The first thing we have to remember is that there is only one thing that has actually been done regarding DACA so far. That is DACA is ending in 6 months. No matter what Trump gets credit for this. DACA would not even be on the table without Trump. Everything else has been things that have been reported by the media. Schumer said this, Trump said that, unnamed source said this. Let me remind everyone that we just had the media report that the US was staying in the Paris agreement which turned out to be fake news.

Don’t get me wrong. Trump could reinstate DACA in the end or congress could pass the Dream act without significant concessions to the Republicans. I fully realize this possibility. If that happens then we can take a look at what law or EO is passed and condemn it if necessary. Until then the only thing that has actually happened is that DACA is officially ending and that is a positive.


One of the best developments to come out of the DACA issue is that the feelings of the Republican base has been made clear. Everyone can see that any deal on DACA without major concessions will be a cause for major reprisals from the Republican voters. This is the reason why Paul Ryan and Mcconnell have gone out of their way to point out that any deal they reach will have the blessing of President Trump. This is very useful to our agenda since it proves that the Republican base cares more about the priorities of its nationalist side more than those of the establishment.


One of the running narratives of the left is that Trump is literally Hitler. Their leaders have called for him to be resisted at every turn. Except now, if the media is to be believed, Chuck and Nancy are apparently willing to work with Trump on DACA and other issues. Why would anyone work with Hitler on anything?

There are liberals for whom Trump is Hitler and that will not change. There are others who get  their cues from their leaders and will begin to question the logic of the whole narrative.


My greatest hope for the rumors about DACA and what was done with the debt ceiling is that it would push congressional Republicans further to the right. In the past they had little reason to accommodate President Trump because Democrats would not work with him. Now that they have proven they are willing Republicans have to give Trump some of what his base wants. Paul Ryan showed us that this is working when he says the wall will be fully funded. Of course we have to wait for this to be actually done.

Last Thoughts

The most important thing I want everyone to remember is not to condemn Trump for something he has not done yet. Coulter , Hannity, and other people who have supported Trump since the start have already begun condemning him for something that only the media says he has done. This is not the first time that they have said Trump did something that he did not do.

As of right now DACA is ending in six months. Period. Full stop. Trump gets credit for that. Period. Full stop. If something happens after six months then we can take a look at that and withdraw our support if needed.


The Truth: Racism in Virginia


In the aftermath of the events in Virginia the mainstream media were united in their message. They uniformly asked how was it possible that in this day and age this many people were joining organizations advocating for the rights of whites? This was their attempt to push the blame on the tragedy on President Trump. The truth is the answer is much older than that. Trump has only been in power for around half a year after all. The media did stumble upon the answer and it is racism.

Before I proceed I would like to stipulate two things that I think the left and the right can both agree on. First that there is a difference between how wealthy people are treated and how poor people are treated. You could take a person who hates African-Americans and he would still be deferential if someone like Oprah told him that he would invest in his business. Police would be more likely to be lenient to someone who could afford the best lawyers no matter his color than someone who could not. Second if you target any race for widespread discrimination they will form their own groups to resist this.


When the entire issue of affirmative action was pushed into the limelight by the Trump administration the Democrat controlled media was quick to point out that it was not because of minorities that Asians and whites were losing out on university slots it was instead due to other whites. They argue that whites tend to be legacy admissions and have a much higher rate of being accepted into the alma mater of their parents than other people. What the media misses here is that these legacies are all uniformly wealthy. After all the entire reason universities give them special treatment is to get donations from their parents. Rich white people have the legacy back door. Minorities have affirmative action and scholarships which exclusively cater to minorities. What do poor white people have?

This is not limited to education. Consider criminal justice. If you get arrested and you happen to be African-American or any other minority it is very likely that there is an organization whose sole purpose is to provide representation for you. If you are a rich white person or a rich person of any color for that matter you have access to the best legal talent money can buy. If you are a poor white person what do you have?

How about employment? If you are a rich person then you are most likely doing the employing yourself. If you are a minority then you have a better chance than average since the employer would like to prove that they have a diverse working environment. What about if you are poor and white? For that matter if you cried racism when you are poor and white what would happen? How hard would people laugh?

I do not deny that some white people profited from racism. They were able to build their wealth on its back. What does this have to do with most white people? Is the immigrant from Ireland just as guilty as the plantation owner in slavery days? How about the poor white kid who worked in the northern factories? Are his descendents able to get a head start on life because of his work? The truth is when you tell a race of people that they do not enjoy the same rights and privileges that other races of people do they will form organizations that advocate for their interests.


At this point I hope I have convinced you that there is a difference between how poor white people and rich white people are treated. If everyone were a rich white person then you could discriminate against them and they would not mind as they have the means to get by. Instead we have an entire class of people unfairly discriminated against. I would like to go further than that. I would like to argue that the racism poor white people face is worse than any racism minorities currently face. If I were to organize society into layers of privilege I would place rich white people on top as they were able to build their wealth thru the racism of the past and pass all the advantages to their family and poor white people in the very bottom as they were not beneficiaries of racism before and are unfairly targeted by affirmative action now.

I divide racism into two categories. Note that this is simply a personal division that I use. Residual and Institutional. Residual racism is racism that a single person may possess but is frowned upon by society. Society will try its best to stamp it out. Institutional racism is racism that is encouraged by society. This can be thru laws, social affirmation, or thru other means. A good example would be slavery when it was still legal. Very few people questioned it or even thought they were racist when they owned slaves.

Consider this example. A black person is told by a university or potential employer that he did not get the slot he was applying for partly because of the color of his skin. Society would explode. Boycotts, social backlash, and any number of other things would happen. A lawsuit would most likely be filed and government would use its institutional power to fine the offending party.

Consider another example. A poor white person is told by a university or potential employer that he did not get the slot he was applying for partly because of the color of his skin. Society would not explode. In fact with the most recent Supreme Court decision it is the law of the land. A person can be denied entrance into university partly because of the color of his skin. Society would even go out of its way to reward institutions like that for promoting diversity.

Final Thoughts

Due to its institutional nature people practice racism against poor white people all the time without realizing it. Once society decides to discriminate against the less wealthy majority of an entire race of people and shame them when they cry racism is it any wonder that they decide to fight back?


How to Make a Fake News Article

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I want you to pay attention to all the anti-trump articles out there and you will notice that they all follow the same pattern. At the end of this piece I will also be making an article that you could say is “fake news” but you can never tell as I will not reveal my unnamed sources. You just have to trust what I am saying is true.

There are two parts to any fake news article. The first paragraph will be the unnamed source. This is when the “journalist” claims that he has a special anonymous source that will only reveal these details to him and that he will protect unto death. The journalist then attributes a quote or two to the source and gives some sort of vague role to establish the credibility of the source.

And that’s it. That paragraph was actually the entire article. Everything that follows is just a rehash of everything else in the issue. Journalists then link to other journalists with unnamed sources in an orgy of cross posting meant to give credibility to each other post. The actual contribution of the journalist himself to the entire article is one paragraph sometimes even less. Speaking as someone who writes everyday nothing is harder than coming up with fresh new material on a daily basis. There are only so many topics you can explore. Fake news makes the job of the journalist much easier.

Up next is the article. Notice how I offer very little new content for the reader and rely on click bait headline.

Intelligence Community Uses Russia to Target Wikileaks!

An anonymous source very highly placed within the intelligence community has confirmed that the primary goal of the CIA and FBI in the Russian probe is to discredit Wikileaks. This has been verified by two other independent sources. Speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue our source said “Wikileaks has exposed our greatest secrets to the American public. Of course we want to take them down. It is hard enough doing our jobs with the public getting involved.”

Wikileaks was established in 2006 in Iceland by the Sunshine Press. Ever since they were founded they have been a thorn in the side of various intelligence communities worldwide. In 2008 they initially released files regarding the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. These files including some very graphic photos sparked outrage among citizens worldwide and prompted several congressional investigations as to the treatment of the prisoners.

In 2010 Wikileaks published documents by leaker Chelsea Manning regarding the conduct of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars which caused intelligence agencies to go under public scrutiny. In the same year Wikileaks also released US diplomatic documents regarding political maneuverings on climate change and other issues. The government of Tunisia itself was overthrown because of these leaks. In 2016 released emails from the Democratic party showing the corruption in the primary process which is being credited by the Clinton campaign as the primary reason for their loss. Most recently Wikileaks released Vault 7 which alleges among other things that the CIA has the technology to operate cars by remote control , which has been described by many as the perfect assassination tool.

Multiple high ranking officials including past and present heads of the CIA have publicly called for the extradition and trial of Julian Assange. Some more extreme ones have called for his execution. This animosity is by no means limited to Assange. Similar statements have been made against Edward Snowden. With all this animosity towards leakers is it any question that the intelligence agencies would be willing to lie to the public to destroy Wikileaks?

The Hidden Russiagate Target: Wikileaks


As events develop and more things are exposed things become clearer. The target for the intelligence community for Russiagate is not Trump. It is Wikileaks. The aim is to discredit the organization as nothing more than an agent of Russia in the eyes of the public. After all it does not matter how accurate the information they present is if the public thinks that Wikileaks is doing it to further Russian interests. With Wikileaks effectively eliminated the intelligence agencies lose the only effective check they have on their activities.

Note that I am not saying this is the goal of Democrats. They are sincere in their efforts to unseat Trump. Just like they would be in their efforts to unseat any republican elected. Manufacturing a crisis is the easiest way back to power for Democrats. The intelligence community is a separate from the Democrats and they have their own goals. The Democrats are just being used as useful idiots.


Under normal circumstances the intelligence community would not only be supportive of Trump they would be fiercely loyal to him. In many ways Trump is the perfect president for the deep state.

First off Trump is very results oriented. He does not particularly care about the methods used just as long as the objective is achieved. If the CIA were to torture 50 terrorists to save 5 american lives Trump would not have a problem with it and would even congratulate the agents while other presidents may have moral issues.

Second by this time Trump is already immune to the media and public pressure. He knows that a certain segment of the public will never support him and the media will always paint his administration in the worst light possible. If Homeland Security were to have a scandal under his term then he would not care very much and just call the media fake news.

Third because Trump is a larger than life character most of the attention is centered around him. Russiagate was always going to happen. If Cruz, Rubio, or any other Republican won the Democrats would still accuse them of being a puppet for Putin. The email issue started during the primaries which mean any Republican who made it to the general would have benefited from it. Russiagate is not a delusional response but a logical one. If you are working in the leadership of the Clinton campaign and managed to lose despite every conceivable advantage, double the war chest, a friendly media, establishment figures on both sides supporting you, and a third party candidate whose primary purpose was to draw votes away from Trump in Mcmullin you would have a very hard time finding a job afterwards. Russiagate is a defense mechanism for the leadership of the Clinton campaign after all they decided on it hours after the election ended. The difference is that the other Republicans would have reacted differently to it. Trump shines a spotlight on it. If the CIA were to effect a hostile takeover of Ukraine tomorrow and the plans leaked all over the media the American public would still be talking about Russiagate the next day.

Trump represents a perfect storm for the deep state of a president who does not care what methods they use and who focuses the publics attention on him making them care less about the deep state in the process. It is like having a blank check from to do what you will.


While Trump can be a boon for the intelligence community Wikileaks represents a bigger threat. At the end of the day the deep state knows that whoever the president is they will still be around at the end of their 8 years. Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Clinton, Obama, or anyone else is not going to abolish any of the intelligence agencies so they can ultimately work with any of them.

Guantanamo Bay, Chelsea Manning, The Iraq war, The Afghanistan war, The detainee policies, Vault 7, and more. Wikileaks has proven to be the only entity who can effectively check the power of the various intelligence communities. It could very well be that Wikileaks has done more to limit the deep state than the GRU, Mossad, and every other foreign intelligence agency. Not only would the CIA, FBI, and other agencies lie in order to remove Wikileaks from the picture they would most likely kill to do so.

The Truth

The stakes are much higher than anyone realizes. We are not just discussing Trump or partisan politics anymore. What we are seeing is nothing less than the intelligence community or “deep state” eliminating any checks to their power.

Think of a future without Wikileaks. There is no organization which is currently capable of succeeding them in their function. It does not even seem like there is any with even just the potential to take over. Leakers would have nowhere to go. Traditional media would not dare do what Wikileaks does. If a organization does rise up to replace them all the intelligence communities would have to do is raise up some links to Russia or any other nation and they would be discredited by association to Wikileaks.

Without any organizations to check them the intelligence community can do whatever they want. We already have the Vault 7 releases which state that they can use tv sets to spy on people and are working on technology to obtain remote control of cars, which has been described as the perfect assassination tool. By supporting their drive to eliminate Wikileaks the intelligence community is essentially asking you to hand over complete control over to them with no oversight. There is very few things that are more terrifying than what the deep state is asking us to do.

His Name Was Seth Rich


His name was Seth Rich. The mainstream media is about to go into overdrive about a possible impeachment of President Trump. They are beginning to show their desperation as the Russian narrative is about to be broken. The only justification ever offered for the Russian collusion is that Russia hacked the DNC servers and gave the information to Wikileaks. If the information did not come from Russians then they would have done very little or nothing to help Trump.

Leak Vs. Hack

From the very start there has been very little discussion in the media about whether the information was leaked or hacked. The Democrats needed the information to be hacked to fit in with their Russian narrative and so it was a hack not a leak. Some of the DNC operatives have recently said in their new book that the Russian angle was determined right after Hillary lost the election. It makes sense as the Clinton team would need to find employment in the future and would need to justify why they lost a campaign and states that have not been lost for decades when they had twice the money the other campaign had. The fact that there was a possibility that it could have been a leak was not even discussed.

Make no mistake evidence does exist for both sides and it is not as one sided as it seems. On the one hand you have the intelligence community saying that it was a hack. Except that you don’t really have anyone on the intelligence community providing anything specific instead we have the press quoting some “anonymous sources” confirming that it was the Russian who gave the info to Wikileaks. I hope i do not need to tell anyone that blind trust in the intelligence community is not a good thing. Democrats seem to have forgotten the lessons taught by Iraq.

On the other hand you have Wikileaks. Julian Assange has consistently said that the information came from a leaker not a hacker. Wikileaks has a reputation as never having to recant any of the information they have given out. Even the DNC emails themselves were proven to be completely true. I am not advocating for blind trust for Wikileaks as well. Yet the only argument the left has for accepting the anonymous sources of the NYT is their reputations. Surely in that case the reputation of the organization with a 100% accuracy rating should be considered.


This next part is not discussed at all. In fact I may be the first person to point this out. If you pay attention to nothing else in this article please pay attention to the next sentence. The Intelligence Community has motive to discredit Wikileaks. I have bolded it for your convenience. Read the bolded sentence five times if possible. With the information given during Iraq, the Vault 7 release, Chelsea Manning and others Wikileaks has proven to be a very effective check on the powers of the government. The intelligence community would love nothing more than for Wikileaks to be tied to the Russians so that they would lose the trust of the American people. With no independent party to check them the intelligence community can go back to doing whatever they want.

Seth Rich

We now go to Seth Rich. According to his family, most of which are democrats and some of which are current democrat political operatives, Seth Rich was a lifelong committed democrat who loved Hillary and would never ever think of leaking to Wikileaks. Julian Assange on the other hand has been hinting heavily that his source was Seth Rich. He has offered a reward for information of the murder and has publicly stated that the operatives which gave him the emails put their life on the line doing so. Right after Rich was murdered. Of course Seth Rich is dead so we can attribute anything we want to him. His family can say that he would die before betraying Hillary Clinton and we can say otherwise. The only thing that matters is what he actually did. Anonymous sources as well as the investigator assigned to his case have stated that his computer forwarded 44000 emails from the DNC servers to Wikileaks. The exact amount of emails that have been published. The investigator has of course been silenced by the family of Seth and a confidentiality agreement but the questions still remain.

We now go to the murder of Seth Rich. This comes after emails from Podesta saying that they should make “examples” of the leakers. The murder of Seth Rich has been ruled as a “botched robbery”. This is very strange. In a robbery the primary motive is financial gain. In a botched robbery what usually happens is the items of value are stolen but the victim is killed in the process. In this case the victim was killed but everything of value was left alone. It is almost like the killer was not interested in them.


Given that the intelligence community has more motive to lie about Wikileaks than they ever did about Iraq. The credibility of Wikileaks itself. The suspicious murder of Seth Rich and the heavy insinuation from Assange that the leaker was Rich. The fact that the DNC denied the FBI access to their servers despite being sure of the hacking (why bother about your privacy when everything has been compromised anyway). Why exactly are we not even looking into the possibility that this was a leak and not a hack? Could the media have some sort of bias and are pushing their preconceived conclusion for their own ends?

If the media will not do their job then we will have to do it for them.

His Name Was Seth Rich.

Democrats Want Civil War Over Slavery: Again…


Four score and seven years ago, or however long ago the Civil War was, there was a Republican named Abraham Lincoln. He wanted to free the slaves and the democrats went crazy. They said President Lincoln was going to destroy their economy and way of life and said he was the most evil person in history. If Hitler were around at that time they would have used that comparison. Instead they compared him to the devil.

Fast forward to today. America is back to its old ways and we have developed another slave class. Just like in ancient Rome and the South of old these slaves were imported from their homes and made to work for the benefit of a foreign land. Along comes President Trump. Not only does he call for the country to free its slaves like President Lincoln did in the past but he goes a step further and calls for repatriation back to their homelands. As they did before the Civil War the left went crazy. They call President Trump Hitler, the devil, and other things. They grasp at straws at random unverified reports. Some even call for the declaration of martial law by the outgoing President. Sadly the country never learns. The democrats of old even use the same argument as the democrats of today.

Economy Needs Them

In the old South the slaves were needed to keep the plantations economically viable. The planters would not be able to make as much money using their cash crops if they had to pay someone an actual wage. Instead they had the slaves imported so they could get all the labor they want for the price of room and board. Not particularly pleasant room and board at that.

Today the democrats say the same thing. Who will pick strawberries at that low price? Who will pick our other produce? Who will work as our waiters , cooks, and other service jobs? We can’t afford to get rid of them and hire Americans as your prices will go up. The same exact argument was made then as it is now.

For their Own Greater Good

In the south the slave owners justified taking the slaves from their homes because it was for their own good. The countries that they stayed in are backwards and they would have no real opportunity in it. The slaves are taken care of here instead of being left to die. The crux of the argument was that it was for their best interests to be slaves.

We have the same argument today. We cannot let the slaves return home. They have opportunity in America that they do not in their home countries. They have to stay here as slaves to live a better life and they would be better taken care of than in their own country. There is no possible way that they could be skilled or talented enough to develop their home countries.  The same argument about how it is in the best interests of slaves.


The south said that Lincoln was not a legitimate president. Due to state rights he had no power to take their slaves away from them. They promised mayhem, protests, and civil disobedience if he was elected. They walked out on their own party when freeing the slaves was discussed. They said that Lincoln could not have won if not for the split in the democratic party (the Northern Democrats and Southern Democrats). They claimed a majority of Americans did not support Lincoln as only 40% voted for him and 60% for someone else. Military officers claimed they would not serve under Lincoln and began preparations. Ultimately this led to secession.

Fast forward to President Trump. The EXACT SAME ARGUMENTS are used. Trump could not have won if not for the split in the democratic party (Berniecrats and Hillary Supporters). A majority of Americans did not vote for Trump as more voted for other candidates despite Trump winning the electoral college. Military officers claimed they would not follow Trump during the election. Sanctuary cities have declared that they will not follow orders by the Trump government just like the southern states. Like the democrats of old the democrats now act like this is the end of the world. We now reach the logical conclusion of some high profile democrats calling for martial law.

150 years and no change in their stance or rhetoric. At this point we have to ask ourselves. What is it with democrats and slavery?

Those Rascally Russians


We now have the next level in the attacks by the mainstream media against President Trump. Instead of the election being hacked to benefit him, it is now that Trump is a russian puppet because of all the compromising things Putin has on Trump. Notice this only happened when Trump gave a little ground on the Russian election hacking. The press immediately went on the offensive with this.

Let us take a look at the main allegations. First off it says that the Russians have been cultivating Trump for 5 years. 5 years. Let that sink in. If you asked anyone in 2014 Trump would have not have been in the top 10 of the next Presidents. Yet we are supposed to believe the Russians cultivated Trump in 2012.

Second we have the golden shower. According to the report we have Trump paying multiple prostitutes to pee either on him or on a bed that was used by President Obama in the Ritz. According to Paul Wood of the BBC not only does Russia have this material but Eastern European countries are aware of it as well. Eastern European countries who have the most to gain by an aggressive US policy towards Russia.

Let us take a look at the alleged incident. You have Trump. You have at the very least 2 prostitutes. You have a pimp or some other handler. You have whoever was with Trump as rich people don’t usually travel alone. You have the cleaning crew in the Ritz. You have whoever was managing them and you have the management and staff of the Ritz too. Trump is a very recognizable figure as well. All in all you have 10-20 people involved. Yet none of the various intelligence agencies can come up with a picture or video or anything like that? Only the russians can.

According to Paul Wood of the BBC the eastern european countries, he neglected to mention which, also have the information. Countries which have a vested interest in a hostile Russia-US atmosphere. You have France, Britain and Germany who have this interest as well. Not to mention the Chinese for whom a friendly US and Russia amounts to one of their nightmare scenarios. With all the people involved in the act itself and all the parties who would have benefited from a Clinton victory we did not have a single thing that came out before the election. But of course according to Paul Wood the CIA finds the accusations credible.

Lastly you have Mr. Cohen. President Trumps lawyer who was supposed to have been meeting Russian officials in Prague. Except his passport says that he was in the US at the time. We also have eyewitness reports placing him in the US as well. Yet Paul Wood says the CIA finds the intel credible.

None of the accusations make logical sense yet according to the media the CIA finds them credible.

At this point there is only one thing to do. The CIA and other government intelligence agencies must publicly reveal why they think this intel is credible and how they came to that conclusion. They must show the American people exactly how or denounce the information given by the media as false.

The intelligence has always said that they cannot do this because it would compromise sources. This argument no longer applies. According to these  allegations that the media says the CIA finds credible, you are about to have as commander in chief a person who is a puppet of the Russians. Trump will have the highest security clearance and will appoint various chiefs of his choosing. In that scenario your entire operation is compromised anyway. The media has painted itself into a corner in this one and I hope more and more people call on the CIA and other agencies to reveal all that they know or brand the media as liars.

The Hubris of the Irrelevant Press


Right after President Trump won the election you had the press screaming for more access. They were upset that he left his protective press pool to eat a steak and more recently to play a round of golf. The press have been demanding a press conference, more access to the president and his staff and a whole host of other things.

In a normal world this would seem to be reasonable. Yet this is not a normal world. We have had this very same press who is now demanding access compare Trump to literally Hitler for the past two years. This is the media which brought out woman after woman to paint Trump as a rapist one month before the election. The very same sages who declared Trumps campaign dead over and over again. The people who now discuss Russian hacking everyday on nothing more than the word of the Washington Post in an effort to delegitimize the victory of President Trump. This despite wikileaks founder Julian Assange repeating over and over again that their source was a leak and not a hack. Aside from Fox no other network has even mentioned this. It would be safe to say no other group has worked as hard as the media to ensure a Clinton victory. No other group of people would demand this many favors after putting so much effort into derailing a movement. The hubris is terrifying.

I do understand the argument that the media need to hold politicians accountable for their actions.  The media already has the first amendment which guarantees them the right to write anything they please. There is no constitutional guarantee of a comment or access. In fact with their liberal use of “unnamed sources” our press doesn’t seem to need it anymore. There are plenty of journalists who do not seem to need any access in order to perform their functions. The Young Turks, The Big Picture, and Secular Talk to name a few.

In a recent interview with Politico Joe Lockhart, Press Secretary for President Bill Clinton said that both sides stood to gain something in previous presidencies which is why the press and the presidency formed a symbiotic relationship and worked with each other. We find ourselves in a unique situation where the press has nothing of value to contribute to the Presidency. They had effectively destroyed themselves this election cycle.

There was a recent survey which said that mainstream media had a trust rating of less than 20%. Their very own readers do not trust them. If that is the case then what value do they provide?  It would be more effective for President Trump to reach out to the public directly via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter as he has done. The media cannot even claim to have a greater reach than the President does as he has more combined followers for his social media platforms than their viewership. If their value is to hold power accountable then they cannot do that as well as nobody trusts them.

The press cannot even claim to provide an unbiased viewpoint. In another survey 77% of the American public, including 70% of democrats, felt that the press was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton while 6% felt that they were biased in favor of President Trump. Through wikileaks we find members of the press routinely submit their articles to the DNC for correction and that they routinely use their positions to either feed information to the DNC and its candidates or stack the deck against President Trump by asking the preferred questions of the DNC in debates and townhalls. You also see the media routinely trying to block any public investigation of the DNC such as when CNN famously declared that only the media were allowed to view the leaked emails. When the media has proven to be nothing more than the propaganda arm of the opposition party what is the use in giving them more access?

The media will continue to howl for more access throughout President Trump’s term. The question we have to ask is why?

How Do I Explain Trump To My Kids? : A Guide


Our friendly God- Emperor Trump is due to be confirmed by the electoral college today and liberals the world over are struggling to answer the question How do I explain Trump to my kids? It looks like it was first used by Van “Whitelash” Jones and then spun into a narrative by our main stream media.

Everyone should be concerned about how to explain Trump to their children so I compiled a list of talking points you can use. No need to thank me. I do this as a public service in the spirit of friendship.

  1. Obama failed so badly during his presidency that the people handed over control to a fascist and gave his party control over the presidency, congress, senate, supreme court, and even a majority of state governorships and legislatures. You can tell your child that Obama started off with a majority in the senate and house and won over 600 counties country-wide. After 8 years all of that was wiped out and 1/3 of the counties he won voted for Trump.
  2. Women are just not qualified for President. According to President Obama Secretary Clinton was the most qualified person to run for President ever. She lost to what the media describes as a “clown who likes to grab women by the pussy”. Not only did she lose. She lost while spending the most of any candidate in history and having the media collude with her. You should tell your children early on that women are just not qualified.
  3. RUSSIANS! Clearly invading Crimea and winning in Syria was not enough for Putin and he wanted a change from the Obama foreign policy. Scream Russians continuously to your kids to teach them hate early on.
  4. It’s a great victory! For years the left has been complaining about the corrupting influence of money in politics. Clinton raised 1.2 bn and massively outraised Trump in Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Trump raised 600m mostly from small donors and even had 7m left over at the end.
  5. People just didn’t understand how wonderful Clinton was. The voters are dumb and uneducated and they should have voted for her in droves. All the celebrities were for Clinton and how can they be wrong! Iron Man is pro Clinton!
  6. The biased main stream media just had it in for poor Hillary. CNN and MSNBC were openly rooting for Trump and Clinton just could not overcome that. They discussed her emails and foundation non stop! They even put out a fraudulent survey saying 77% of the US believed the media was biased in favor of Clinton and 6% in favor of Trump.
  7. Racism! The first Black president won and his successor lost because Americans were more racist towards Clinton than they were towards Obama. Teach your kids to abhor the white male early on!
  8. Fake News! Despite a stern warning from CNN online sites kept publishing Clinton’s emails. People have no authority to read this on their own and anyone who read the emails is a criminal. Tell your child Criminals caused Hillary to lose.
  9. People are unreasonable! They didn’t want to believe their jobs are not coming back period and that they need to get a different degree and sell their house and everything they own and move to a different state to try to get another job! It’s their fault Hillary lost.
  10. Bernie! He campaigned too long! He forced Clinton to collude with the DNC! He didn’t tell his supporters to vote for her enough. The lesson for your child is once the bosses decide who the candidate is you should just follow.

There you go! 10 easy to explain nuggets of wisdom for your toddlers when you explain to them why Hillary lost.