The White Pill on Daca

There has been plenty of negativity going around about what is happening regarding DACA. I have seen people who used to have plenty of faith in Trump withdraw their support just on this issue. I wanted to write this today as a white pill to all the negativity floating around. Reality The first thing we... Continue Reading →

The Truth: Racism in Virginia

In the aftermath of the events in Virginia the mainstream media were united in their message. They uniformly asked how was it possible that in this day and age this many people were joining organizations advocating for the rights of whites? This was their attempt to push the blame on the tragedy on President Trump.... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Fake News Article

I want you to pay attention to all the anti-trump articles out there and you will notice that they all follow the same pattern. At the end of this piece I will also be making an article that you could say is "fake news" but you can never tell as I will not reveal my... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Russiagate Target: Wikileaks

As events develop and more things are exposed things become clearer. The target for the intelligence community for Russiagate is not Trump. It is Wikileaks. The aim is to discredit the organization as nothing more than an agent of Russia in the eyes of the public. After all it does not matter how accurate the... Continue Reading →

His Name Was Seth Rich

His name was Seth Rich. The mainstream media is about to go into overdrive about a possible impeachment of President Trump. They are beginning to show their desperation as the Russian narrative is about to be broken. The only justification ever offered for the Russian collusion is that Russia hacked the DNC servers and gave... Continue Reading →

Those Rascally Russians

We now have the next level in the attacks by the mainstream media against President Trump. Instead of the election being hacked to benefit him, it is now that Trump is a russian puppet because of all the compromising things Putin has on Trump. Notice this only happened when Trump gave a little ground on... Continue Reading →

The Hubris of the Irrelevant Press

Right after President Trump won the election you had the press screaming for more access. They were upset that he left his protective press pool to eat a steak and more recently to play a round of golf. The press have been demanding a press conference, more access to the president and his staff and... Continue Reading →

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