The Liberal Primer: The South Shall Rise Again!


Greetings fellow liberals! The day we are waiting for is finally here! The SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN! In the past our party, the democratic party, shamefully lost the war of northern aggression. As a result of the oppression of the federal government we were forced to free our slaves. We were not deterred! So what if we could no longer keep blacks in bondage? We would find new slaves!

As you are no doubt aware we have been able to find new slaves and have managed to keep them in bondage despite government interference. Under no circumstances shall liberals be forced to pick our own fruits, take care of our houses and lawns, and do any menial labor. That is what slaves are for! We even made sure to make the new slaves brown so we can pretend we never lost the war.

Peace does not last forever! Another Lincoln has arisen in the capital and the federal government is threatening to take away our slaves again! The Tyrants name is Trump. He has taken steps to defund our precious sanctuary cities where we keep our human stock. Some of our slaves outside these sanctuaries have already been taken and freed. Not only freed my liberal brothers! The monster Trump is even repatriating them back to their homelands! There is no greater injustice! The brown man is not capable of working to improve his home country and succeeding there. He is not intellectually developed enough for that. The only way he can live in peace and prosperity is under the guidance of we liberals.

We will fight with all means at our disposal. We will use our allies in the media to spread rumor and innuendo about the administration. We will use every legal argument at our disposal to slow the fight to free our slaves. If they fail then that great and glorious day will come where patriots in California will follow the same example set by our illustrious forefathers Robert E Lee and Nathan Forrest when they chose state over country to protect the institution of slavery.  Remember our battle cry fellow liberals! The South Shall Rise Again!


The Liberal Primer: Superheroes

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Greetings fellow liberals! Today we discuss culture. This is a very good discussion to pay attention to as it will give you insights into why we do certain things and what our long term plans are. Some of the other lessons in the other chapters of this primer may not even make sense if you do not grasp the concepts explained here. Notice that whenever conservatives or white people in general do something that we consider as cultural appropriation we strike back hard. If someone dresses up as an indian for Halloween or if God forbid a white person takes a role that is supposed to go to a minority we complain as loud as we can and get as many people related to the decision fired. Yet we appropriate things from them all the time and they do not resist. This is not a coincidence.

Phase 1: How?

Initially we started by placing cultural icons as alternatives to the ones created by the whites. The hope was that ours would be better and eventually make their white versions obselete. When we wanted a black iron man we made warmachine. When we wanted a female thor we created valkyrie. When we needed a black superman we created steel. Many other examples exist as well. We were wrong. The originals were just too engrained in the psyche of the American public and our alternatives never got off the ground.

At the rate we were going it would have taken forever to replace current culture with ours. The culture made by the whites had to be killed. Captain America was replaced with a black Captain America. Spiderman was replaced with a hispanic Spiderman. We screamed bloody murder when they dared cast a white person for Danny Rand in Iron Fist. We insisted he had to be oriental despite the comic book role being white.

I give a lot of comic book references here as they are visual and relatable so they are easy to understand. Make no mistake though we are doing this all throughout society. Do you ever wonder why we support Islam so much? It is because religion is a part of culture. Islam and Christianity will always be diametrically opposed. The more Islamics we have the weaker the Christians become as a force in society. If there is a society that promotes African American achievment or Hispanic achievment we will support that fully however if an organization dared to promote the achievments of white people we will declare them fascists. Special scholarships can only be created for our approved minorities. Scholarships for other non-approved groups will automatically be deemed racist. In music rap is an artform but country music is only fit for the intellectually deficient. We leave no stone unturned and you find this principle applied in the most interesting of places. If there was an all white gang and they had a war with an all black one and killed a fair number of them, we would declare that a hate crime and descend upon them with the full force of society. If an all Hispanic gang were to kill several whites or several black gang members we would just shrug and say that it is just another day in Chicago. Even in the underworld we make sure any organization that could possibly be used to promote white culture cannot exist.

Phase 2: Why?

The problem with white people is that they make up a majority of the country. At the same time they are at the bottom of the Democrat Hierarchy of Victimization. This is by design. The more people at the bottom of the pile the higher the rest of us can get by stepping on their backs. Think of it like the nobles exploiting the commoners in the middle ages. The more commoners a noble exploits and uses the higher he rises and the more comfortable his lifestyle.

The worst thing that can happen to liberals is if whites remember their common identity and voted as a block. If the white population voted the same way as the black population or even the hispanic population then everything would be over and we would lose every election. Not that we don’t lose most of it now. Culture is the key to everything. These cultural symbols serve as a unifying force and must be destroyed.

We have a very famous predecessor whose name I will not mention as it triggers people, that already realized this . Like you he was a liberal arts student and did make a living as an artist at first. He was the first to realize that in order to oppress a group you have to remove its culture. He declared that the untermenshen in his day only copied their culture and could not produce their own. It is very hard for us to do that now because too much has been attributed to our current untermenshen. We instead destroy what we can and remove any credit we can from them from the stuff we cannot destroy. We hope that someone in our current batch of liberal arts students contributes as much to our ideas as this person did. His book is reccomended inspirational reading. It details how he went about identifying a group who had all the capital in his society and how he went about destroying them. He is an example all liberals should follow.

Phase 3: What?

The key is to remove the untermenschen as a viable identity. A person can identify himself as asian and it would be ok. A person primarily identify as gay, muslim, black, Hawaiian, middle eastern, irish american, indian american, and any other version of American and it would be fine. The problem only arises when he identifies primarily as white. When that happens he must be labelled a racist, fascist, bigot, and any other terms we can think of.

When the identity of the untermenshen is destroyed they will have no choice but to join the identity of the other groups in society. Instead of identifying as white first they would identify as black, brown, asian, or whatever identity approved group they wish to join. Of course they would be the low person in this group as they will never truly be that identity. They will never qualify for the scholarships, rewards, and other benfits we choose to lavish on these chosen groups.

I hope this gives everyone a renewed sense of purpose. The day of fulfillment for the dream of all liberals is near.

The Liberal Primer: Bill


Greetings fellow liberals! Thank you for taking the time to check the next chapter in the tome which defines all things liberal. You would be forgiven if you thought this would be about Bill Clinton the rapist. Only Infowars dot com has realized that truth however so we don’t need to discuss it yet. That is a very good thing as it is very hard to reconcile trying to champion women’s rights while saying they are all liars when they claim Bill raped them.

This chapter focuses on bills. The ones that schoolhouse rock says get turned into laws. When you were younger you were most likely taught that a congressman starts a bill due to a need that he sees. This then goes to the senate and then goes to the President. Actually just watch the song its available in youtube anyway. The most important thing you need to know is that does not apply to us. We use a different more effective method to pass legislation.

Phase 1: Admission

Before we begin we have to understand why we do things like this. It is a painful admission yet one we have to make. Democrats are just not good at winning elections. Our Great and Glorious Leader Obama had sky-high favorability ratings. The country loved him. Yet under his leadership we have lost more seats than any other time since the 1920’s. We cannot afford to participate in a system where we need to have a majority of the votes.

Do not feel guilty or think this is undemocratic. The people support us and want our policies to pass. They just have trouble expressing this during election time. We have to do the noble thing and fulfill their wishes even if they don’t directly tell us to. Its like Bill Clinton. Even if they say no he was really sure that they meant yes. We would have won anyway if it wasn’t for the Russians. They have been after us since 2010.

Phase 2: Attack

This is pretty simple. We identify the bill we want passed. Since we cannot actually get it passed we then identify the regulatory agency that best fits what we need. Instead of needing 50 or 60 votes to pass the bill we then just need one person who heads the agency. It is much easier to bribe one person than 60. We are efficient that way.

Phase 2: Defense

This is where our plans for college and the few people we do manage to elect come in. Remember we have a stock of fields that are staffed exclusively by liberals. It is their job to say that there would be a nuclear holocaust if these regulations were ever removed. They don’t have to be right. All that they have to do is say it loud enough and provide some technical justification for it.

The few representatives we do elect will then be able to use this as justification for why the regulation should stay. In the congress and senate the various committees are required to be staffed by both Democrats and Republicans. No matter how few people we actually elect they will still be the ranking member of some committee. This allows the media that we control to give them additional weight when they go on tv to trumpet the studies done by our pet institutes.  It is like Bill Clinton convincing the women he raped that it was good for them.

Phase 3: Preservation

There are some people who have figured out what we are doing. People like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump have seen the method we use to pass laws. Steve Bannon even gave a rough outline of this plan in CPAC and stated that they are working to remove all of our legislation. They must be stopped at all costs. All of our “experts” must be brought on and testify that there will be world war 3 if Trump succeeds in cutting all our legislations disguised as regulations. It is like Bill Clinton setting the entire democratic party on the women who swore he raped them.

That concludes our lesson for this topic. Remember the election results don’t matter. We get our way in the end. It is like Bill Clinton and women. He always gets his way.

The Liberal Primer: College


Greetings fellow liberals! Thank you for taking a look at the next chapter of the liberal primer, your best source for everything liberal. Congratulations on deciding to attend college or as we call it the Institute of Intellectual Homogenization.  In this institution you will get first hand experience on the tactics we liberals use to further our agenda. At the end of this experience we will give you a certificate telling the world that you are sufficiently calibrated to the liberal consensus. You do not have to worry about paying for it as well. We will give you as much money as you need in student loans and you can pay for it later.

Phase 1: Identity

Please pay attention to this portion as this will guarantee you a positive experience in college. Under no circumstances should you enter college as white. Remember the Democrat Hierarchy of Victimization will be in enforced in full. To avoid being impacted by this rule it would be best to enter college as a minority. Converting to Islam would allow you to take the best advantage of this rule. If this is not possible any minority will do. Remember the hierarchy though Muslims, LGBTQWTFBBQ, Hispanic, Black, Asian, and then White. Make your selection accordingly.

Some of you may already be panicking. That is alright. It shows that you are still very young in the ways of liberalism. Remember it does not matter what race you actually are but rather what race you identify with. So what if you are white, if you feel that you are black? Remember Elizabeth Warren and Shaun King are both minorities and chances are they are whiter than you. It is not like we will do some deep background check into your story. Warren says her grandmother said she was some sort of Indian and Shaun says his mom slept around a lot but that he is sure that one black guy got her pregnant. Any story will do.

Phase 2: Major

The next step is to select your major. This will have an impact on the rest of your life. Your parents and guidance counselors will most likely advise to enter the STEM fields so that you will have an easier time finding employment after college. That may make sense to you now but it is not the liberal way to go about things. We recommend that you select a field that very few rational people take. Gender Studies, History of Women, African History, or some other similar course.

These courses are not important now and very few conservatives take them. They would most likely be involved in STEM courses that will help them later on in life. While these courses are underappreciated it is important that we fill them with liberals so that we control the facts. Once we have a good amount of party approved experts in these fields we will then increase their importance using our control of media and the educational system of the country. These experts we cultivate will then be able to give justification for many liberal policies we plan to do. You may be concerned that no rational company would hire you with one of these degrees. Do not be.  We have PBS and other government programs designed to give liberals who participate in the system jobs. We are constantly expanding these places to keep liberals on the government dole as well. Even if you don’t get in them there is always welfare right? We will make that as generous as possible.

Phase 3: Education

There will be people who will be teaching you in college. Popular culture has taught you to refer to them as professors or teachers. That is not the case. Professors can be questioned and their ideas tested. The people instructing you must not be questioned under  any circumstance.

Think of them as priests instead. They are there to give you the proper liberal standpoint on all things. Your role is to accept their teachings and memorize it. You are not to deviate from the proper liberal standpoint at any point. Let me be perfectly clear on this. Any resistance to them or attempt to engage in private thought may have you labelled as a racist, fascist, and sexist.

Phase 4: Participation

College is not only a place to learn but also a place to practice what you learn. We have worked hard to make campuses a place where only liberal ideas are heard. You will be called upon to defend this system.

At various times during your stay undesirables may try and get their voices heard. These may be conservative intellectuals, libertarians, or even just your fellow students who have been corrupted. Whoever they are they all pose the same danger. Under no circumstances can the young budding liberals in college hear opposing viewpoints. Anything that does not conform to the proper liberal viewpoint must be shutdown immediately, with violence if necessary.

This is where you would come in. Protests, shouting, and even setting fires. Your responsibility is to keep the message of college pure. Do not worry about the consequences. Liberals control college. If you need to burn a car or punch one of the speakers go ahead and do so. Your dean and other officials will make sure nothing happens to you and you will be lauded as a hero by your peers. Remember anything that does not conform to the proper liberal viewpoint is by definition racist, sexist, and fascist. Use that to your advantage. You are not inflicting violence on others you are inflicting violence on fascists.

Now that we have prepared you with some of your basic duties and responsibilities in college we hope that you have a great time. Go get your degree in middle eastern poetry!

The Liberal Primer: FAQ


Greetings fellow liberals! I have gotten some questions about the previous section of the liberal primer. I will collate them here and give you our answers for easy reference.

Why did Trump win? – Russia.

Why did the Democrats lose the House and the Senate despite the GOP having to defend more than 20 seats in the Senate? – Russia and Putin.

Will the Democrats win in 2018? – As long as Russia does not get involved.

Why did the Democrats lose more than 1000 seats since Obama? – Russian interference.

Do the Democrats need to change anything to win? – All liberals need to do is stop Russia.

If they ask for more details – Say that demographics mean liberals cannot lose unless Russia interferes.

Why are conservatives racist? – Conservatives supported slavery in the past so they could have cheap labor to pick their crops like cotton, have cheap help around the house, and cheap workers to tend their houses.

Why should we support Illegal Immigration? – We need to support these immigrants as they provide cheap labor to pick our crops like strawberries, wait on us in restaurants, and provide cheap labor for home related work like mowing the lawn or housekeeping.

I’m having trouble picking a side when two minorities fight. – This actually deserves a more lengthy explanation to prevent any mistakes. You should initially refer to the Democratic Hierarchy of Victimization. If in doubt always side with the Muslim first, then side with the LGBTWTFBBQ community next. Next in line would be the Hispanics then the African Americans. Then we have the Asians and finally whites, preferring females over males of course.

This is somewhat complex so I will provide an example. Suppose a registered Muslim Democrat named Omar killed 50 gays in a nightclub while swearing fealty to Isis for example. You would first consult the chart. We see that Muslims are on top of the gay community therefore we would make excuses for Omar and do everything we can to divorce the act from his religion. Let us say that Omar is a white male instead. In that case our response would be different as we would be free to proclaim his racial group from the rooftops.

Should Bernie or Hillary lead the party? – Remember Russia! Clinton did nothing wrong.

Who should we label as fascist / racist/ sexist / etc ? – The short answer is anyone who is a hindrance to the party and our various related groups. For instance online bloggers like Pewdiepie have recently been getting more and more viewers while our allies in the main steam media have been lagging. We can then label him a fascist to shut him down so that viewers will flow to our preferred outlets again.

Remember the goal is not to reform the person we are complaining about but rather to gain control of the information highways. These labels are powerful tools we can use to shut down any dissent to make sure that our message is the only one heard.

I hope this answers any questions. Feel free to send in more.

The Liberal Primer: Terrorism

images (1)

Greetings fellow liberals. In this section of The Liberal Primer we will be discussing how to deal with terrorist attacks. This is an extremely important topic as every year you will be dealing with 7-10 very public terrorist attacks. The public will be extremely agitated at this time and must be handled carefully. Handled correctly these attacks present great opportunity but can also cause great damage.

Phase 1: Preparation

As with anything else everything begins with proper preparation.  The period immediately after a terrorist attack happens will be the most critical time for that crisis. It will be the time when the emotions of the public will be most vulnerable and the when the most people will be paying attention to the event. It is imperative that the narrative be controlled during this time to maximize the gains realized from the attack.

Recall one of our earlier lessons in this primer. The Democrat Hierarchy of Victimization places Muslims and Islam above all other identity groups. They must be protected at all costs. The words Muslim or Islam must not be mentioned in the same paragraph as the terrorist attack. The public will demand to know who the culprit it. Refer to the same hierarchy. If you can blame the attack on a white person that would be the preferred outcome. If you cannot find a white male the Asians would be next as the BBC did with the recent attack in Westminster. No group is exempt from this . If we need to place the blame on Gay democrats like in the Orlando shooting then we will to protect Islam. There will be cases when there is no plausible scapegoat, we must learn to delay in instances like this. Insist that the investigation is not yet completed and must be done before the culprit announced.

In all likelihood the public will already know that the attack was done by Muslims. After all it is very hard to deny this when the attacker screams about Allah or swears fealty to Isis right before the attack. The key is to deflect or delay the actual admission for as long as possible. The longer that the admission is delayed the less people get to hear about it. Remember people will be paying the most attention right after the attack. We want to make the admission after most of them have tuned out.

Phase 2: Shock!

The attack will most likely not be the first one that the country has experienced. Whether the attack is the first, second, tenth, or the fiftieth attack our response must always be shock and outrage. We must always express shock at the event and insist that no one could have predicted or prevented the attack.

This is critical. The right will be trying to convince people that these attacks can be stopped with the proper policies. If the public believes that then they will push for these policies. Remember this is a very emotional time. The public must think of this like an act of God that cannot be prevented. In order to protect our Muslim superiors we must make sure to remove any causality between policies in place to protect against terror and the act itself. If people actually thought that they could be protected against these attacks then they would demand to do so and that is the last thing we want.

Phase 3: Virtue Signalling

It is important for the public to think that we are on their side after the event happens. The public will also be agitating to take action in the aftermath of the attack. We have to make sure that this energy is expended in the least productive way possible.

There is an art form to this. All the activities that are planned must be of a passive nature and must affect no real change. Putting the French or British flag in your social media pages, moments of silences, and turning off your lights are all highly recommended. They allow the maximum number of people to believe they are doing something while providing the least actual change. Having cartoon characters and comic strips participate is also welcome but must be handled very carefully. The characters must portray sadness and grief but no outward aggressive actions. You want Tintin crying at the unfairness of the world instead of Captain Haddock plotting bloody vengeance.

You will have to use your best judgement for these activities. Just remember that you want the most amount of people to know you commiserate with them, so it has to be highly visible, but with the least amount of change done.

Phase 4: Aftermath

During the event and for a short time after we play defense. When this time has passed we move to offense. For this phase we will use the event to further our agenda. If you would like to push for more gun control then you will make the argument that the attack was either caused by guns or would have been made worse by them. If Climate change is your pet theory then you would make the argument that terrorism is caused because of that. Same for immigration or any other topic you can think of.

It must be stressed again that other factors must be listed as the primary reason for the act. We have to take care not to implicate Islam while using the act of terrorism to push our agenda.


It can be tricky to navigate the times after a terrorist attack but if you use this primer you will be able to successfully do so. When in doubt consult the Democrat Hierarchy of Victimization it should allow you to avoid making any obvious mistakes. Remember fellow liberals Islam shall rise again with our help.

Why Russia?


Since the campaign President Trump has been going out of his way to repair relations with Russia. He has faced intense criticism from both Republicans and Democrats who prefer that we maintain an adversarial relationship with this country. Russia as a country presents several problems as they have their own national interests that they are trying to pursue which is sometimes at odds with ours. It is a very fair question to ask Why Russia? Why should we bother pursuing warmer relations with this country?

By itself Russia is not important. Taken on their own there is not much value in forming better relations with them. The value of Russia lies not with them but with their proximity and historical relationship with another country, China.


To understand the importance of Russia you first have to understand how the President looks at the world. Trump looks at the world thru the lens of the economy. That is his primary consideration. Military, diplomacy, human rights, climate, and everything else you can think of is only a distant second. From this standpoint the primary competitor of the US is China. It is the only country worldwide that is capable of overtaking the country in global dominance. By this standard Russia, with an economy the size of Italy, is barely a secondary power. In fact the military of Russia would be a burden to them in this case as they would not be able to afford it long term.

This worldview might be different from other people but it is not wrong. In a micro sense we see richer people being afforded better interest rates than poorer ones. We also see that when they default on their obligations the banks are more willing to work with the richer customers while taking the collateral of poorer ones. Trump has taken advantage of this himself. You would be foolish to think he is the only one to have done so. This also holds true in a macro sense. Debts of countries with weak economies like Greece do not get renegotiated and its people are forced into austerity while everything is done to make sure that countries with stronger economies are not inconvenienced by paying their debt.

In this world view everything flows from a stronger economy. Economy leads to military success as you are able to afford a bigger army and pay to keep it deployed longer and in more areas. Economy leads to diplomatic success as you have more leverage in dealings with other countries. Economy even leads to domestic tranquility as the populace is more content.


Every simulation done by the Chinese general staff on a potential conflict with the US assumes that Russia is a friendly nation or at worse a neutral one. A Russia that has a chance to be friendly to the US in a conflict with China is the worst nightmare for the Chinese. First off you have the massive border between Russia and China. There is just no real way to defend a border of that size while still keeping your coasts adequately protected. Second you have the type of military the US has and the type Russia has. At the end of the day the US is and always will be a naval power. Most of our force projection involves the navy and our carriers. Russia on the other hand is a land power. They also have the willpower to sustain casualties that the US cannot.


At first glance you would not see any great importance of Russia to China in trade. While it is true that the first priority of China in trade is the southeast region of Asia, this area is also the most easily disrupted if conflict were to arise with the US. The more China relies on this region for its wealth the more power it gives the US over it.

China knows that its navy will never equal that of the US. It is just too far behind and the US improves its navy all the time. This means that the Southeast China sea and Southeast Asia will always be at risk. Due to this the Chinese are spending trillions of dollars developing a land trade route modeled along the lines of the Silk Road used in the middle ages.

The silk road is not one straight line but rather a spiderweb of land based trade routes stretching from China all the way to Europe. These routes have to pass thru one of two major regions. The Middle East or Russia. The Middle East is the Middle East, there is no reasonable expectation for it to be a stable region anytime in the future. At any point in time any of its countries can enter a state of war. In any case the US already has significant allies in the region with Israel and Saudi Arabia. A Russia friendly to the US would mean that even these routes can be cut off.


The Chinese have been trying to set up an alternative world order without the US. From Brics, to its own version of the TPP, to various bilateral relations with countries around the world. In most of these endeavors Russia is its biggest partner and helps provide stability and credibility to these alternative institutions.

A Russia that is friendly to the US would mean that one of the primary members of this new world order would be able to make decisions that is favorable to the US.


Trump needs Russia in order to contain the Chinese and make it harder for them to compete with the US. China has a history spanning thousands of years. The current communist government does not see themselves as a New China but rather a continuation of the Old Chinese dynasties. Even Rome the longest civilization the west has had can only claim a history of 1000 years.

This gives the Chinese a mindset that favors the long term rather than the short and favors certainty above all else. The more uncertain they are over their alliance with Russia and all the plans coming from it the more they will be willing to give up to the US in the negotiating table.

Trump and Lincoln: Shockingly Similar


As the 45th President it is natural to compare Trump to others. He  has been compared to Andrew Jackson for his populist policies, to Reagan for his popularity with Republicans, and of course with Obama as the President before him. The closest and most accurate comparison however is with Abraham Lincoln.

Court Troubles

Early on in their presidency both Presidents tried to pass executive orders that they deemed necessary for national security. In both cases the judge or judges in question were criticized as being partisan hacks for taking such controversial positions. The administrations also appealed both cases and were denied by various judges.

There is no need to rehash the Trump case except to say that if the standards of Washington V Trump were applied to previous cases Obamacare would have been impossible to declare a tax and would have been declared unconstitutional and it would be very hard to pass any new gun control bills given the campaign rhetoric of the Democrats. In the time of Lincoln the case was called “Ex parte Merryman”. Due to the events in the south  President Lincoln attempted to remove the writ of habeas corpus in certain areas so he could make sure conscription went thru without any problems. The courts decided that it was only congress who could declare this and that even if the congress was in recess the President could not do it in the interim. This of course presented a problem to Lincoln as they needed troops for the war that was about to start.

Trump and Lincoln diverged on one important point though. When faced with the resistance of the courts Trump obeyed and went thru the system. When faced with the same resistance Lincoln ignored the courts. Merryman was not produced until much later on after an official request from congress.

Acting Community

When Trump got elected the acting community were very much against him. The Golden Globes was filled with anti-trump rhetoric and various actors who may have stated how much discrimination they have faced by coming out in support of Trump. Snoop Dogg has recently even threatened to kill President Trump. President Lincoln also had a problem with the thespians. He was assassinated while watching a play by John Wilkes Booth a respected actor at that time.


President Trump has been the only President in modern history to champion protectionism. A good case can be made that it was not beneficial to the country before when nobody else could compete with us since they were destroyed by war. An equally good case can be made now that these other countries have caught up and provide more serious competition so we need to protect our vital industries. The g20 even dropped opposition to protectionism in their statement after meeting with representatives from the Trump administration.

Lincoln also ran as a protectionist. The 1860 Republican platform was very focused on protectionism and in fact one of the cabinet members of the administration said that without protectionism the Lincoln administration would have failed early on. This made sense as well as the industrial north had a lot of competition world wide and needed to be nourished. Both Trump and Lincoln focused on the benefits of having the companies here as opposed to other countries and the employment opportunities they bring.


Both Trump and Lincoln are determined to combat slavery. Both face heavy resistance from the Democrats. The only difference seems to be that Lincoln sought to free the black slaves which have been imported from Africa and other countries while Trump seeks to free the brown slaves that have been imported from South and Central America. President Trump even goes one step further and  is actively seeking to repatriate the slaves back to their home countries. At most Lincoln was only attempting to free the slaves in name after which they would go into wage slavery to their former masters.


As things stand most Republicans love Trump and most Democrats hate him. Democrats mock Trump while Republicans appreciate what he is trying to do. This was the exact same situation Lincoln was in. He was mocked by southern newspapers as Trump is mocked by liberal ones now and there were numerous instances where he was burned in effigy. Things got so bad that the southern eventually seceded. Today we have rumblings in California pushing for the same kind of secession.

The partisanship is reflected in approval polls as well with republicans supporting Trump at around 90% and democrats supporting him at around 5% showing low overall numbers. While polling was not that developed yet during the time of Lincoln it would be difficult to imagine him having high numbers early on in his presidency with the south seceding and Robert Lee winning victory after victory.

The Russia thing has parallels as well. It is no secret that slave labor was an integral part to the cotton industry. The removal of it would make it a lot harder for cotton to compete worldwide. There was speculation that Lincoln was pursuing this due to foreign influences as the colonies of other countries could makeup for the lost cotton production. Russia entered this discussion as well as they had just conquered parts of Central Asia suitable for growing cotton.

Deep State

Everyone knows that Trump is having difficulty with some entrenched parts of the beaurocracy. They would rather enact the agenda of Obama and the Democrats as opposed to those of the democratically elected President. This led to Trump firing multiple diplomats and senior government officials so he can appoint his own.

A lesser known fact is that Lincoln faced the same challenge that Trump did. When Lincoln came in he got rid of 70% of the senior officials at the time. He simply could not trust many of the current employees as they still had loyalties to the south and the Democrats. Both situations were handled in the exact same way by both leaders.


Lincoln was not terribly popular during his term. In fact there were some instances when the war was going badly when there was open talk of Lincoln being replaced by another person willing to broker peace. Decades later he is remembered as one of the greatest Presidents. Time will tell of course but the Trump presidency is passing many of the same landmarks and trails that the Lincoln one did.

Trumpcare is Better than Obamacare


I wanted to wait for some time before giving my reaction to Trumpcare so I can take a look at the actual proposals instead of making a knee jerk reaction. The truth is that Trumpcare is better than Obamacare. Unfortunately it is not that much better than Obamacare so I cannot support it. It does do away with the worst portion of Obamacare but it does not fix the main issues causing our healthcare costs to rise. There is little point to replacing a flawed system with a slightly less flawed system. It would be better to just let Obamacare implode.

The Good

Rising Uninsured 

Believe it or not this is a good thing. The main problem with Obamacare was that it forced everyone to get insurance. You did not have to want it or find it particularly useful but you were forced to get it. This meant that the insurance companies, many of whom had a monopoly in their individual markets, could offer you whatever it wanted and you would be forced to purchase it. It was your tough luck if the product they offered had a deductible that was too high or doctors you did not want to visit. In a regular market the consumer would be able to correct this behavior by the company, by refusing to buy the product. Under Obamacare if you did not care for the product offered Obama would hit you with his tax or penalty until you gave in and purchased the inferior product.

Trumpcare gives the power of choice back to the consumer. If the product is terrible then you can refuse to purchase it. The insurance companies will have to offer a better product to get these consumers to purchase it again instead of having a literal captive market. It turns out that if you actually offer people a choice some of them may opt not to purchase insurance and this is a perfectly valid and rational choice depending on what the product actually offered is. Theoretically you could mandate one insurance company to have a monopoly and provide insurance to everyone in the US. They would be worse than Obamacare plans with deductibles of 200k and one doctor available in the middle of nowhere but they would cover everyone with insurance they can’t use. Quality of insurance matters as well.  As a general rule the life expectancy in the US goes up every year since the 1980’s. In 2016, under Obamacare, the life expectancy dropped.

The only people who would lose insurance under Trumpcare are those who did not want insurance in the first place. They are those who were only forced to buy substandard insurance by the gun the government pointed to their head. It is important to note that the provisions that allowed previously uninsurable people to get insurance are still there. If they want to continue their older plans they still can. The rest should get better plans as the insurance companies are forced to compete with each other.

Age vs Income

ANother important change is that subsidies are now based on age and not on income. All things being equal the younger person will have a lower premium than the older person. The younger one tends to be healthier and use insurance less than the older one so the insurance company charges a lower price for them. Restructuring the subsidies means that they reach the older people who would need them more. The younger ones who pay less will get lower subsidies and if they still needed more help they would most likely qualify for medicaid, medicare, or some other program.

The Bad

While Trumpcare does force companies to compete for their customers it still does not solve the structural issues which raise the cost of healthcare. Earlier on I wrote another article on the alt right view for Obamacare. I understand we will not be getting everything on the wish list as we are just one component of the Trump coalition. At a bare minimum I would expect there to be price controls for drugs or price transparency between hospitals for any bills to get our support.

Price Controls

Americans pay ten times more than other countries for their medicines. Drugs make up around 10-20% of total medical costs. Pharmaceutical companies have gone on the record and said that they need to charge Americans this outrageous amount to make up for the costs of developing new drugs. There is no reason why American citizens should bear this cost alone. The whole world benefits from new drugs and other countries must step up and bear their portion of the cost.

I understand if it is too difficult to set a whole set of prices out of the blue therefore we can include a standard set on the average of other countries. For example the price of a certain drug x cannot exceed the average of the selling price of the drug in Britain, France, Germany, and Japan. If the government is able to negotiate lower prices then great but at the very least Trumpcare would set a ceiling.

Hospital Price Transparency 

Everything gets cheaper with more competition. We want the insurance companies to compete with each other to lower prices. We want to remove the monopoly of drug companies in the country and get prices for medicine from the rest of the world. Hospital care and procedures would be the next price point that can be lowered with competition.

As things stand it is next to impossible to get a quotation from a hospital for procedures done. Most, if not all, hospitals will not even give you a list in their websites of what they charge per procedure. You usually only find one right before or right after the things are done to you. How can competition exist when customers are not aware of the price of the items? As part of Trumpcare we would like to see a requirement where hospitals are forced to list their base prices in their websites and give quotations upon request.

Reducing the cost of healthcare is not limited to insurance. We can actually reduce the cost of the components of healthcare. Either or preferably both of these in Trumpcare would lower the bill for everyone.

Trump Deserves Credit for the Economy


There is a debate as to whether President Trump is to be given credit for job and wage growth that wildly exceeded expectations set by economists in his second month in office. This is of course following last months job growth which also exceeded expectations. The critics say that Presidents by themselves have very little impact on the economy and that there was not enough time for any of the policies of President Trump to be felt. First off if this is true then Obama does not deserve any credit for his economy either. Second if this would have happened under the Obama economy then it would have. During his term we saw the labor participation rate steadily decline and job growth barely outpace population growth. In the two months of Trump we have seen the labor participation rate rise and wages go up in addition to the massive increases in jobs.

Power of Optimism

When the professional economists say that the President has very little impact on the economy they are wrong. What is worse is that they are lying to our faces and they know it. One of the most important jobs of the President is creating a positive outlook for the economy. When people have confidence in the economy they spend more. If they spend more then other the companies need to hire more to produce more for them which then leads to more spending. A positive consumer outlook also factors in to companies who anticipate this and make hiring decisions based of it. Business decisions and stock values are also based on the culture of deregulation brought up by Trump. All of this is happening before any EO or law is passed. I recall W Bush once was asked how everyone could help with the economy and all he said was “Go shopping.”

Consumer confidence, optimism, and other things of this nature are so commonplace in our economy that it is impossible that economists would not know it. For almost its entire history Amazon has not made a profit, yet its shares are valued very highly. The stock market itself picks winners and losers based on nothing but projections and other non-tangible things and companies can fall because of that. Retailers hire and fire employees based on whether they think that consumers will spend. Consumers either spend or save depending on their confidence on the economy. Let me reiterate that economists are aware of these factors. We have to question their partisanship in trying to omit them.


So what has Trump actually done? First off by creating an environment where we are more certain to deport illegals he has caused border crossings to drop by 40%. This leads to the jobs that those illegals would have taken being given to American citizens instead and those jobs paying at the very least the minimum wage as opposed to the slave wages usually given to illegals. This money then gets spend inside the local economy as opposed to getting send elsewhere.

Second Trump has made it very clear to companies that if they hire American he is very willing to praise them on twitter and on tv with all the PR benefits that entails. If they do not hire American then he is also very willing to criticize them on twitter and on tv. By negotiating with the companies very publicly President Trump also elevates their role in the process and makes them more willing to invest in the country.

Third by showing that he is willing to try and save jobs on a retail level like with Carrier and other instances like that he instills confidence in workers to spend as they will be more secure in their jobs.

Whether you like Trump or not he has instilled a feeling of confidence in the country regarding the economy. Consumer spending is at its highest point in a while and confidence in the economy is as well. That more than anything drives job and wage growth and Trump deserves credit for that.