The Liberal Primer: The South Shall Rise Again!

Greetings fellow liberals! The day we are waiting for is finally here! The SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN! In the past our party, the democratic party, shamefully lost the war of northern aggression. As a result of the oppression of the federal government we were forced to free our slaves. We were not deterred! So what... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Primer: Superheroes

Greetings fellow liberals! Today we discuss culture. This is a very good discussion to pay attention to as it will give you insights into why we do certain things and what our long term plans are. Some of the other lessons in the other chapters of this primer may not even make sense if you... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Primer: Bill

Greetings fellow liberals! Thank you for taking the time to check the next chapter in the tome which defines all things liberal. You would be forgiven if you thought this would be about Bill Clinton the rapist. Only Infowars dot com has realized that truth however so we don't need to discuss it yet. That... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Primer: College

Greetings fellow liberals! Thank you for taking a look at the next chapter of the liberal primer, your best source for everything liberal. Congratulations on deciding to attend college or as we call it the Institute of Intellectual Homogenization.  In this institution you will get first hand experience on the tactics we liberals use to... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Primer: FAQ

Greetings fellow liberals! I have gotten some questions about the previous section of the liberal primer. I will collate them here and give you our answers for easy reference. Why did Trump win? - Russia. Why did the Democrats lose the House and the Senate despite the GOP having to defend more than 20 seats in... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Primer: Terrorism

Greetings fellow liberals. In this section of The Liberal Primer we will be discussing how to deal with terrorist attacks. This is an extremely important topic as every year you will be dealing with 7-10 very public terrorist attacks. The public will be extremely agitated at this time and must be handled carefully. Handled correctly... Continue Reading →

Why Russia?

Since the campaign President Trump has been going out of his way to repair relations with Russia. He has faced intense criticism from both Republicans and Democrats who prefer that we maintain an adversarial relationship with this country. Russia as a country presents several problems as they have their own national interests that they are... Continue Reading →

Trump and Lincoln: Shockingly Similar

As the 45th President it is natural to compare Trump to others. He  has been compared to Andrew Jackson for his populist policies, to Reagan for his popularity with Republicans, and of course with Obama as the President before him. The closest and most accurate comparison however is with Abraham Lincoln. Court Troubles Early on... Continue Reading →

Trumpcare is Better than Obamacare

I wanted to wait for some time before giving my reaction to Trumpcare so I can take a look at the actual proposals instead of making a knee jerk reaction. The truth is that Trumpcare is better than Obamacare. Unfortunately it is not that much better than Obamacare so I cannot support it. It does... Continue Reading →

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