Rise of the Robots

Experts have been telling us that there is no point in getting American manufacturing jobs back. They have said the only difference between having a factory in China and a factory in America is that instead of Chinese Robots doing the manufacturing American ones would instead. Any economist who makes this argument is so myopic and... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Path to 1237: POST NE Massacre

The fourth super Tuesday is over and it was a massacre. 17 bound delegates for Trump in PA, 28 delegates for Trump in CT, 38 delegates in MD, 11 delegates in RI, 16 delegates in DE. On the other hand Kasich got 5 delegates and Cruz got 3. All in all the end result of... Continue Reading →

The Trump Effect:Wages

A lot of people will question why I even make this article as they already assume Trump will be a disaster for wages. Let me be clear though. If you want your wages to go up Trump is the best candidate to pick for president. You may remember that Sanders wants a 15 dollar federal... Continue Reading →

China Trade War?

I've been hearing things like the US will lose a trade war with china and Trump cannot possibly be serious. I understand the panic which is why I wanted to take a look at the details. Top 10 things China buys from Us 1. Soybean $10.82 b 2. Semiconductors - 6.9 b 3. aircraft parts... Continue Reading →

Repeal 40B

There is a potential that we are headed to a contested convention. I wrote before and I still believe that Trump is on his way to 1237 before the event. In this article I would like to discuss a strategy for Trump that will help him get the magic number. Rule 40b is the rule... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Path to 1237: Post New York

Trumpian forces scored a huge victory in NY yesterday netting Trump 90 of the 95 delegates available. As you know I predicted 85 for him last time around. Im making a new round of projections now after the YUUUGE win. Ill make one prediction for next tuesday and then two predictions for the next contests.... Continue Reading →

The Escalator to Nowhere

There has been a recent study done by Frank Luntz that says the next generation of Americans is becoming more socialist than the last. The talking heads discussed it for a segment in the news and then never really thought about it again. They don't seem to realize that this is not a random occurrence... Continue Reading →

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