The Republican Quandry or Why the GOP Cant Get Anything Done

The other day Ben Shapiro analyzed why the GOP has failed to make headway in any of its core issues. He states that the only thing that national populists or in his words "Trumpists" and conservatives have in common is a mutual disdain for the left. This divide is why the GOP establishment has had... Continue Reading →

The Truth about The Trump Tax Reform

Tax reform is finally on the table and major details of the plan have been revealed. The media has already begun to demonize the plan as one which exclusively benefits the rich and raises the liability of the poor. As usual Republicans and the Trump team refuse to defend the plan in public so most... Continue Reading →

Bannons Three Buckets

In CPAC Steve Bannon provided the ideological background to the Trump administration in his three buckets. The topic has not generated much discussion which is surprising as you will rarely see the philosophy of the Trumpian wing of the GOP efficiently distilled into three bullet points as Bannon did. Security and National Sovereignty  When you... Continue Reading →

The Future of the GOP

Let me first begin by saying that a lead of three million in the national popular vote is meaningless. Instead of running one big election, the US runs 52 different presidential elections and plenty of other senatorial, congressional, and gubernatorial ones. As long as you can win those that is all that matters. While it... Continue Reading →

Demonization Works

Let me begin with my central thesis. Demonization is a valid and effective tool in changing the behavior of a given person or group. In this case speaking of Muslims. Whenever a terrorist attack happens leftist commentators inevitably point out that if it is a white person who is caught he would be declared a... Continue Reading →

Trumplican View: Interventionism

There has been some talk about the contradictions inherent in the Trumplican view on interventionism. Some people think that Trump contradicts himself every time he speaks on it. On the one hand he says that we should let Russia help fight against ISIS and that we should be more non-interventionist in other conflicts. On the... Continue Reading →

The Trump Doctrine

Everyone will know by now that there has been a foreign policy speech by Mr. Trump outlining his vision for a different kind of foreign policy for the United States. There have been some who called it incoherent and rambling while others have hailed it as visionary. I will be breaking down the Trump Doctrine... Continue Reading →

Founding Fathers Were Illegals

One of the most common arguments used to get America to accept illegal immigration is that the founders themselves were illegal immigrants. That statement is 100% true. It is also true that it is the greatest argument against illegal immigration. Let’s take a look at what happened. They came over with ships full of colonists. They... Continue Reading →

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