Clinton Ran A Good Campaign


This will most likely be the most unpopular article I have ever written. Something I pride myself on though is being able to look at an event as objectively as I possibly can so that we can draw the proper lessons from it. Punditry has been unified in their opinion that Clinton ran a terrible campaign. I disagree. I think that Clinton maximized every single advantage she had. There were some things she could have done better but she was limited by other factors as well. The current groupthink only emerges because Clinton lost. If the reverse happened then they would all be saying Clinton ran a wonderful campaign and Trump a terrible one.


This brings us to the first point we have to address. If she ran such a good campaign then why did she lose? As a gamer (both computer and LCG/CCG) I know first hand that you can be a good player and have a good deck and still lose. In life there are times when you lose because the other player is just better. Clinton may have run a good campaign but Trump ran one of the best campaigns I have ever seen. Simple repeatable messages. Excellent branding of both himself and the opponent. Lastly marginalizing tactics his opponents could use against him. After all if you already know the mainstream media is biased against you then you call them fake news to turn people against them.

No Message

When you ask why Hillary Clinton was a failure the first answer people will give you is that her campaign had no message. What critics don’t understand is that this is a feature not a bug. Hillary Clinton ran as the establishment candidate to the radical change presented by Trump. The establishment candidate is not supposed to have a revolutionary message. They are supposed to say that things are going fine and that the other guy is crazy for proposing the changes that he wants done. Which is exactly what her message was.

Hillary Clinton being who she was could not run as anything but the establishment candidate. To do otherwise would be like getting a card pool filled with burn spells but making a control deck out of it or running a control character like a tank in Dota. It just would not work. One of the most important things in a candidate is knowing what you can do well and what you cannot do well.

First you had her history and connections all over the political world. People would scream fake if she was presented as the change candidate. Second she was running as the third term of Obama. If she were to be a change candidate then she would have to criticize policies enacted by Obama. Anything she said in that regard would just be used by Trump who was running against Obama just as much as he was against Clinton. More importantly the liberal media just made the case for the past 8 years that anyone who dared criticize Obama was a racist. Clinton would have difficulty doing this.


Being the establishment candidate Clinton had an easier time raising funds than Trump did. She milked this advantage for all it was worth. At the end of the process Team Clinton was able to raise 1.6 billion dollars for her election while Team Trump only raised something like 600-700 million. I cannot recall any other presidential election in recent memory where one candidate had a 2:1 advantage over the other in funding. It is true that one party will usually have the advantage over the other like with Obama outraising Romney, but never to this extent.

People have tried to say this did not matter as all the media coverage Trump got gave him something like 9 billion in free advertising. What they do not say is that of his coverage multiple studies show that over 90% was negative. If you want to consider negative advertising as money raised for the candidate then anytime someone runs an attack ad the money used for that should be considered spent by his opponent.

Political Connections

Clinton also maximized her political connections. Lawmakers, both Republican and Democrat, overwhelmingly wanted Clinton to win. This meant that major political figures did not attend the Republican National Convention or get involved in the Trump campaign. More importantly it also meant that they were able to threaten staff who used to help run Republican campaigns with being black listed for working with the campaign forcing Trump to rely on people who had gotten their experience in other countries like Manafort.

Beyond neutrality members of the Republican establishment even went over and above to help Clinton win. The Bush clan let it slip towards the end of the campaign that they would not be voting for Trump. The libertarian vice presidential candidate Weld went out and said he would only campaign in states that Trump was strong in like Georgia. Places which coincidentally the Clinton camp was trying to snipe. Most amazingly, the Republicans even ran a spoiler candidate in Mcmullin against their own guy.

Very few other candidates would have been able to achieve this much.

Last Word

I am not saying that Clinton made no mistakes. I think that she could have treated her left wing supporters better as she was trying to attract the center voters for example. While she did make mistakes she maximized every advantage that she could in ways no other establishment candidate was able to in the past.

If we are to learn anything from the 2016 election we have to give credit where credit is due. That is true for both Clinton and Trump.



The Alt Right View: Ideology


I have been asked by multiple people what exactly the ideology of the alt-right is? The short answer is pragmatic nationalism. The alt-right does not really hold a set of conservative or liberal views on any one subject. The primary concern is that the policies chosen benefit America first. This means that on some issues we can side with the left and on others with the right.

This is actually a lot more complex than it sounds. There are some groups who believe more free trade is the solution to everything so no matter what the problem they go with that even if it no longer works. There are some groups that believe a more aggressive foreign policy is the answer even if it is not a good idea for that particular case. There are some groups who believe that welcome every culture to the United States is the answer despite Islam proving to be incompatible with the west. Pragmatic Nationalism cannot just pick a default answer. It has to look at the circumstances surrounding each decision and pick the best course. I will give some examples to show how the alt-right position can change depending on circumstances.

Free Trade

There was a point in time where World War 2 just ended. Europe being one of the major battlegrounds of the war lost much of its industrial capacity. Japan and China had the same problem as China was a battleground and under occupation for much of the war and Japan, while not invaded, had most of its factories bombed or nuked. Africa and the Middle east were chugging along hopelessly as usual. In that situation free trade was great! Who wouldn’t want unlimited access to all the market places in the world with no competition? We could produce as much as we wanted and everything would have to be made in America and sold elsewhere as there was nowhere else to produce it.

Fast forward to modern times. Almost every country has the capability to produce basic products. Only a few very specialized things can only be manufactured in America. Other countries can and have taken business from the US by attracting companies with lower wages and low to no taxes. At this point with so much more competition, free trade becomes less desirable and protectionist measures should be put in place.


The statue of liberty says that you should throw anyone you don’t want in your country to the US and we will take them. It may sound strange but there was a point in time where we would have supported this approach. The US has just conquered half a continent from the Indians and the Mexicans. We had a lot of empty land in our hands and not enough people. to fill it. Using the subjugated populations for the areas would just have been asking for rebellions and in any case there was not enough Indians left alive to effectively do this. Making babies would have taken to long as we would have to wait a couple of generations before we could integrate the fallow lands into our economy. Economically each immigrant did not have a safety net surrounding them. No healthcare, food stamps, or any other benefits so there was little additional cost to welcoming them.

We have to compare that to our situation today. According to the latest statistics we have around 40% of the population not working. We have a housing crisis in several cities where the lower economic  classes who run the service sector unable to afford to live in the cities they work in. We have advances in tactics and weaponry which means that one single terrorist is more dangerous than a regiment of troops when our immigration policies were different. We also have different social services in place where a single person costs more to maintain. Simply put we just do not have the same need for the same amount of people than we did when we asked to be the worlds dumping ground.

I hope these two examples show how pragmatic nationalism works and how an idea which may have worked in one generation may not work in another.

How Do I Explain Trump To My Kids? : A Guide


Our friendly God- Emperor Trump is due to be confirmed by the electoral college today and liberals the world over are struggling to answer the question How do I explain Trump to my kids? It looks like it was first used by Van “Whitelash” Jones and then spun into a narrative by our main stream media.

Everyone should be concerned about how to explain Trump to their children so I compiled a list of talking points you can use. No need to thank me. I do this as a public service in the spirit of friendship.

  1. Obama failed so badly during his presidency that the people handed over control to a fascist and gave his party control over the presidency, congress, senate, supreme court, and even a majority of state governorships and legislatures. You can tell your child that Obama started off with a majority in the senate and house and won over 600 counties country-wide. After 8 years all of that was wiped out and 1/3 of the counties he won voted for Trump.
  2. Women are just not qualified for President. According to President Obama Secretary Clinton was the most qualified person to run for President ever. She lost to what the media describes as a “clown who likes to grab women by the pussy”. Not only did she lose. She lost while spending the most of any candidate in history and having the media collude with her. You should tell your children early on that women are just not qualified.
  3. RUSSIANS! Clearly invading Crimea and winning in Syria was not enough for Putin and he wanted a change from the Obama foreign policy. Scream Russians continuously to your kids to teach them hate early on.
  4. It’s a great victory! For years the left has been complaining about the corrupting influence of money in politics. Clinton raised 1.2 bn and massively outraised Trump in Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Trump raised 600m mostly from small donors and even had 7m left over at the end.
  5. People just didn’t understand how wonderful Clinton was. The voters are dumb and uneducated and they should have voted for her in droves. All the celebrities were for Clinton and how can they be wrong! Iron Man is pro Clinton!
  6. The biased main stream media just had it in for poor Hillary. CNN and MSNBC were openly rooting for Trump and Clinton just could not overcome that. They discussed her emails and foundation non stop! They even put out a fraudulent survey saying 77% of the US believed the media was biased in favor of Clinton and 6% in favor of Trump.
  7. Racism! The first Black president won and his successor lost because Americans were more racist towards Clinton than they were towards Obama. Teach your kids to abhor the white male early on!
  8. Fake News! Despite a stern warning from CNN online sites kept publishing Clinton’s emails. People have no authority to read this on their own and anyone who read the emails is a criminal. Tell your child Criminals caused Hillary to lose.
  9. People are unreasonable! They didn’t want to believe their jobs are not coming back period and that they need to get a different degree and sell their house and everything they own and move to a different state to try to get another job! It’s their fault Hillary lost.
  10. Bernie! He campaigned too long! He forced Clinton to collude with the DNC! He didn’t tell his supporters to vote for her enough. The lesson for your child is once the bosses decide who the candidate is you should just follow.

There you go! 10 easy to explain nuggets of wisdom for your toddlers when you explain to them why Hillary lost.


Take the Red Pill BernieBros and BernieBabes


First of we need to congratulate Bernie on a well run campaign. More than any other person he tried to stay on a positive message even when doing so could have possibly cost him the nomination. It takes great moral character to pass up the chance to focus the limelight on the Clinton foundation and her private email servers. To be totally honest, I believe he was wrong in that instance as the server, which was set up to allow Clinton to ignore any FOIA requests and accountability for her time as Secretary of State, is a legitimate issue to be brought up. People say that Trump will be a dictator, whereas Clinton has already set taken the actions of one as a dictator hates accountability more than anything.

My message to you today is simple. The revolution is not over. Two revolutionary movements started this election and fortunately we were able to pull it off in the Republican party. I will give you reasons as to why supporting Trump is vastly preferable to supporting Clinton later on but before anything I have to give you the red pill. Some of you may have already realized this but everyone needs to be aware of it.


Ready for the red pill? As Morpheus said once you take this pill you can never go back. Feel free to close the browser now. If you want to continue here it is. You have never voted in an election in your life. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Some of you are saying that I am wrong. Maybe you actually voted for Obama last time or maybe Romney. Just like the matrix provides you with an artificial construct to believe in so do the parties give you an artificial election.

Think about it. Let’s say, for example, that your biggest issue is free trade. You believe that it is sucking all the jobs out of America. What actual difference would there be in a choice between Obama and Romney? Nothing at all. Both approve of NAFTA and would have aggressively championed TPP. What about banking reform? No choice at all. Income inequality? None again. The only thing difference between the two is the social issues and that has been given to you because it is not important enough for the establishment.

Before the election both parties, whether by design or not, have already gotten together and decided on a direction for the country and the only choice given to you was whether to go to that direction 5 degrees to the right or 5 degrees to the left. Can you truly say you have voted in that sense?

This was supposed to happen this time as well. The script called for another Bush Vs. Clinton fight. With the winner supporting more free trade, wars, interventionist foreign policy, and subsidies to major companies. Again the direction would have been set without your input. That did not happen though. For the first time in our lifetime the matrix has broken down and the establishment has failed. People say that this is a bad election because you have two candidate that are widely disliked. I say that it is a great election because of that! Do you know why they are disliked? Because for the first time ever you will get to select the course of the nation. For the first time ever you can decide. Should we go north, east, west, or south? Trump represents fair trade, less interventionism unless absolutely necessary, and policies which put America first. Clinton represents the status quo. More free trade, wars, and globalist policies which benefit other countries first. Of course they are very disliked! People are used to two candidates which have similar policies. People are waking up now and seeing that other things are possible while others want things to stay the same. This election will be the first election you ever truly have a vote in, and just like brexit, will have the longest impact.


Will there be things that you and Trump disagree on? Of course there will be. If there were none then you would be voting for Trump in the first place and not Bernie. Why Trump though? First off he represents a rejection of the trade deals that have brought disaster upon the country. Everyone knows his main message is that jobs are leaving the country at record rates because of this. Second he represents a different foreign policy. There is no longer any need to go to war at the drop of the hat. There is no longer any need to stay for the long term either and engage in nation building. Get in and then get out as fast as you can. Most importantly there is no longer any need to treat ancient enemies as enemies. Germany and Japan are our strongest allies and we fought a war with them. Why should Russia be any different? Trump has the potential to bridge that gap for lasting peace. Third he represents a different economic policy where conditions for wage increase are set instead of dictated (This is a link to a full discussion on that ).

The main concern I get from Bernie supporters is that Trump is just lying and will turn into Clinton after he gets elected. I understand the concern but the answer is so what? If it turns out we have no actual choice in this election and the establishment did not fumble then we are no better off than when we started. We also get the added benefit of showing that there is a groundswell of support for a candidate that is against TPP, interventionism, and rampant globalism. If that can be proved in an election then more candidates who put the country first will arise and the revolution will continue. If on the other hand we choose the status quo. We choose the candidate that will push for the TPP, outsourcing, and more war then we are effectively telling the people that we do not want a revolution and it will fade.

If you want the revolution to continue then there is only one choice. Vote Trump.


Progressive Globalism : Boarding the Trump Train



One of the hallmarks of progressivism is that it asks more from the rich to help out the poor. On a local level I have no problem with that. I have written about a trickle up economy here and believe that the best way to stimulate an economy is to give the tax cuts and benefits to the people most likely to spend the money inside the economy creating velocity of money and providing more jobs and employment.

On a local level that is good. It is a disaster on a global level. This is my main problem with Bernie Sanders as a candidate. He wants a lot of good things but they can only be achieved by a nationalist like Trump. You are probably thinking that Sanders is a nationalist too right? Whatever label he gives himself his ideas are that of a globalist populist. Basically you try to do what is best for everyone on the globe instead of everyone in the nation. This is why his stances to the refugees, illegal immigration, and his lack of understanding on the issue of healthcare.


In its simplest form progressive policies takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor. Who is the rich though? Is it China? Britain? The EU? If you haven’t figured out yet it is America. Progressive Globalism is at its heart a transfer of wealth from the US to every other country in the globe. The country is already poor and struggling but we are about to make everyone poorer.


One of Sanders main arguments is that other modern countries provide healthcare for all their citizens yet the US cannot. Why is this? Well the other countries have a limit on how much companies can charge for drugs and the US does not. The answer seems to be simple right? Place a limit on the drugs prices of the US. Well the companies recover their research costs in the American market. Without the American market then there would be no new drugs available. In effect the European countries can have good healthcare because the American healthcare system is bad. Once you fix the drug prices and crack down on illegal immigration, thereby lowering the total number of people who need healthcare and most likely cannot pay healthcare cost will be lowered.

Would a progressive globalist change this once he sees the impact of his policies on the rest of the world? I have my doubts. I have no doubt that a person who puts America First would have no trouble doing it.


People will be surprised to see this on the list. Isn’t Sanders the champion of 15$ minimum wage and Trump say we may have to lower it? It should be a no brainer right? My own personal view of minimum wage is that 15$ may work for California and New York who have economies so different from Iowa, Michigan, or Alabama that they may as well be from another country but it will not work for the poorer states who will not be able to afford it.

On to Sanders, you can legislate whatever minimum wage you want. You can say it will be 100$ it does not mean that it is good for the country nor does it mean that businesses will necessarily follow it. I would like to remind everyone that illegals exist and Sanders is the one most in favour of them. They can be hired like they are now to bypass the minimum wage.

Lets look at it without the promises. What keeps wages down? Well the scarcity of jobs and the excess of workers. More workers mean that they lose the ability to negotiate a good wage because they are easily replaceable. Given this data the only way to increase wages then is to increase the frequency of jobs and remove the excess of workers.

Let us take a look at what Sanders offers. He has offered citizenship to illegal aliens and has said he would not deport any. The gist is more incentives for illegal immigrants. The pope one of the biggest proponents of this has effectively endorsed him. What does illegal immigration do? Well it increases the available pool of workers. What about companies then? Currently after all the loopholes we have a 15% interest rate. Sanders would close the loopholes so we are back at 35% and then increase the tax so we are we effectively triple their rate. I am all for taxing corporations but at some point it is better to stop doing business in the country. You also don’t hear about tariffs from Sanders because that would hurt other economies who depend on selling to the US.

Wages are low because of scarcity of jobs and too many workers. Sanders adds to both fronts.


Well what about Trump? The person who says the national minimum wage will be lowered or left alone. Lets take a look using the same standards as Sanders. Trump has made it a central piece of his platform to aggressively go after illegals. Removing benefits, installing e verify, and then deporting them faster. This of course reduces the pool of available workers.

Trump has also made the wall a central piece of his campaign.  A lot of people see the wall as an anti – immigration program. Which it is, but it also doubles as a jobs program. After all does anybody think the wall will build itself? That adds to the frequency of jobs by itself. Trump also proposes to lower the corporate tax to 25% and close all loopholes. Corporations who can afford armies of lawyers will see their tax rate rise but small business who can’t will see it drop. The tax rate increase though is more modest than Bernie’s proposed one and combined with the Tariff Trump is threatening increases likelihood of companies remaining in the US.

Trumps policies increase the frequency of jobs and reduces the available workforce giving more opportunities for workers to negotiate a better wage for themselves.


Here both sides agree. We have to get our partners in alliances to foot the bill for more of their own defense spending. Right now because of globalization the US is paying for everyone spending facilitating the transfer of wealth from the country to outside.

The difficult thing then with Sanders position is he wants to cut the military whereas Trump wants to rebuild or spend money on it. On its face cutting the military may make sense. After all we are strong enough and we spend more money on the military than a lot of our competitors combined. If you live in a big city you most likely do not see the downside to this but there are so many small towns and cities across America that need their local base or manufacturing plant to survive. If you remove them then all of a sudden you get more Flint’s and Detroit’s. Of course the displaced citizens need jobs as well. What do you think a huge influx of unemployed workers will do to the negotiating power of labor? What do you think it will do to the demand for labor in the service industries in the affected areas.

I wrote earlier about the need for a trickle up economy but the military industrial complex is a roller coaster that we are on that we cannot get off until we have employment for the people displaced. The military is also unique in that due to security reasons they spend their money onshore. I would rather they spend all of it onshore but they spend such a high percentage that im convinced that it’s not totally wasted. If we want any hope of raising the wages we have to keep military spending as is at least for the meantime.


I feel that this article has gone on too long already so I am cutting it here. Trump does not set a high minimum wage instead he creates a condition wherein wages can be raised. As opposed to setting a wage which businesses will not be able to meet without hiring illegals. If you want quality healthcare and a higher wage I urge you to support Trump it is really the only way. Supporting someone with globalist principles, even progressive ones, just brings the standard of living of the US to the level of other countries.

If you have any other points that you would like me to address as to why only someone with the philosophy of Trump can achieve the goals of Sanders put it in the comment section below and ill make an article for it in the future.