Take the Red Pill BernieBros and BernieBabes


First of we need to congratulate Bernie on a well run campaign. More than any other person he tried to stay on a positive message even when doing so could have possibly cost him the nomination. It takes great moral character to pass up the chance to focus the limelight on the Clinton foundation and her private email servers. To be totally honest, I believe he was wrong in that instance as the server, which was set up to allow Clinton to ignore any FOIA requests and accountability for her time as Secretary of State, is a legitimate issue to be brought up. People say that Trump will be a dictator, whereas Clinton has already set taken the actions of one as a dictator hates accountability more than anything.

My message to you today is simple. The revolution is not over. Two revolutionary movements started this election and fortunately we were able to pull it off in the Republican party. I will give you reasons as to why supporting Trump is vastly preferable to supporting Clinton later on but before anything I have to give you the red pill. Some of you may have already realized this but everyone needs to be aware of it.


Ready for the red pill? As Morpheus said once you take this pill you can never go back. Feel free to close the browser now. If you want to continue here it is. You have never voted in an election in your life. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Some of you are saying that I am wrong. Maybe you actually voted for Obama last time or maybe Romney. Just like the matrix provides you with an artificial construct to believe in so do the parties give you an artificial election.

Think about it. Let’s say, for example, that your biggest issue is free trade. You believe that it is sucking all the jobs out of America. What actual difference would there be in a choice between Obama and Romney? Nothing at all. Both approve of NAFTA and would have aggressively championed TPP. What about banking reform? No choice at all. Income inequality? None again. The only thing difference between the two is the social issues and that has been given to you because it is not important enough for the establishment.

Before the election both parties, whether by design or not, have already gotten together and decided on a direction for the country and the only choice given to you was whether to go to that direction 5 degrees to the right or 5 degrees to the left. Can you truly say you have voted in that sense?

This was supposed to happen this time as well. The script called for another Bush Vs. Clinton fight. With the winner supporting more free trade, wars, interventionist foreign policy, and subsidies to major companies. Again the direction would have been set without your input. That did not happen though. For the first time in our lifetime the matrix has broken down and the establishment has failed. People say that this is a bad election because you have two candidate that are widely disliked. I say that it is a great election because of that! Do you know why they are disliked? Because for the first time ever you will get to select the course of the nation. For the first time ever you can decide. Should we go north, east, west, or south? Trump represents fair trade, less interventionism unless absolutely necessary, and policies which put America first. Clinton represents the status quo. More free trade, wars, and globalist policies which benefit other countries first. Of course they are very disliked! People are used to two candidates which have similar policies. People are waking up now and seeing that other things are possible while others want things to stay the same. This election will be the first election you ever truly have a vote in, and just like brexit, will have the longest impact.


Will there be things that you and Trump disagree on? Of course there will be. If there were none then you would be voting for Trump in the first place and not Bernie. Why Trump though? First off he represents a rejection of the trade deals that have brought disaster upon the country. Everyone knows his main message is that jobs are leaving the country at record rates because of this. Second he represents a different foreign policy. There is no longer any need to go to war at the drop of the hat. There is no longer any need to stay for the long term either and engage in nation building. Get in and then get out as fast as you can. Most importantly there is no longer any need to treat ancient enemies as enemies. Germany and Japan are our strongest allies and we fought a war with them. Why should Russia be any different? Trump has the potential to bridge that gap for lasting peace. Third he represents a different economic policy where conditions for wage increase are set instead of dictated (This is a link to a full discussion on that ).

The main concern I get from Bernie supporters is that Trump is just lying and will turn into Clinton after he gets elected. I understand the concern but the answer is so what? If it turns out we have no actual choice in this election and the establishment did not fumble then we are no better off than when we started. We also get the added benefit of showing that there is a groundswell of support for a candidate that is against TPP, interventionism, and rampant globalism. If that can be proved in an election then more candidates who put the country first will arise and the revolution will continue. If on the other hand we choose the status quo. We choose the candidate that will push for the TPP, outsourcing, and more war then we are effectively telling the people that we do not want a revolution and it will fade.

If you want the revolution to continue then there is only one choice. Vote Trump.


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