Lowering Taxes is Moral

President Trump has come out with his proposal regarding corporate taxes. He wants to lower it to 15% while closing all the loopholes. There will be a lot of discussion on both sides on the effectivity of this act. One side will say that it will generate new business and the other will say there... Continue Reading →

Macron and Hollande: The Legacy of Failure

La belle France faces a choice next week. Continue the failed policies of Hollande thru his successor Macron or forge a new path with Le Pen. With an approval rating of only 4% it is hard to imagine how France can choose to continue the legacy of Hollande. It has gotten so bad that his... Continue Reading →


The first round is over and the results are in. It will be a contest between Macron and Marine Le Pen and I would like to say that #imwithher. If you have any liberal friends here or in France feel free to say that they are a racist sexist bigot if they are voting for... Continue Reading →

The 2nd Amendment Protects the Others

I have been getting some feedback from our more liberal readers regarding my earlier article regarding the 2nd amendment. Most of it centers around practical arguments such as gun violence, deaths, and other things of that nature. This misses the point of why the second amendment is important so I felt it necessary to make... Continue Reading →

How to Wiretap Your Political Opponents

We now have more information as to how the FISA warrant was obtained, enabling the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign, allowing us to create a step by step guide on how to use the intelligence community to further the interests of your political party. Step 1: Prepare a Dossier In this step... Continue Reading →

They Want to Take Your Guns

The second amendment is always a hot topic yet one of the most misunderstood. I have seen plenty of liberals and conservatives who do not fully understand the legal arguments surrounding the issue. For today I thought I would take a break from current events and give a brief explanation of them. When conservative commentators... Continue Reading →

Obama Wiretapped Trump: Step by Step

I have been getting some requests for clarification from my article yesterday. Some readers have asked me to clearly map out the steps taken by the Obama administration to wiretap trump. Step 1: Create Russian Suspicion The first step is to blame everything that goes wrong with the Clinton campaign on the Russians. It does... Continue Reading →

Obama Wiretapped Trump

The narrative is crumbling. At first our President said that the previous administration wiretapped him and had his campaign under surveillance and the media said it was impossible. Obama was too nice. Despite reporting from left wing sources like the New York Times about how the Trump campaign and its associates were listened to. Then... Continue Reading →

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