Make America Great Again

Words that have changed the political landscape of the country. Words that Donald Trump made into the central platform of his run for the Presidency and is the reason why he has ignited the movement that has won the Republican primary for a fraction of the cost of what anyone else has spent. The words... Continue Reading →

Happy Independence Day!

Let me be the first to wish our British cousins a happy Independence Day on June 23. It would have been so perfect if they could have held off a couple of weeks till July 4th so that we could have matching Independence days but history is not that kind. It has been a long... Continue Reading →

The Muslim Problem

When I first began writing this article I intended it to be about the ban on Muslim immigration as proposed by Trump. While writing it I realized that it is more than that. It morphed into what I think are fundamental questions about our methods of dealing with Islamic terrorism. Like all good stories though... Continue Reading →

Emailgate and the Dictator Within

If you are politically active you will have an opinion about the private server of Hillary Clinton. It has been all over the news and I am not going to waste time summarizing it. I am guessing it mostly falls along party lines. If you are a Republican or lean that way you think she... Continue Reading →

Trumplican View: Interventionism

There has been some talk about the contradictions inherent in the Trumplican view on interventionism. Some people think that Trump contradicts himself every time he speaks on it. On the one hand he says that we should let Russia help fight against ISIS and that we should be more non-interventionist in other conflicts. On the... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Trump U

The general elections have started early this year and the Clinton's have fired their one and only bullet at Trump. The Trump university cases. In my opinion this is the only real vulnerability of Trump in this campaign and if we are being objective it is a small one. Everyone should know about it by... Continue Reading →

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