The Liberal Primer: Trump, Ice Cream, and CNN

Greetings fellow liberals! This is a special edition of the Liberal Primer. We finally have it. Conclusive evidence that President Trump is a racist, fascist, sexist, white male! This is it this will finally bring down his presidency! We had CNN one of our puppet networks blast the news today. President Trump eats 2 scoops... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Primer: Dictionary

Greetings fellow liberals! The page we have today is unique. It is meant to be shared with conservatives. Please do be careful not to show them the other pages of the primer though. We do understand that we live in a polarized society and showing the other side what we mean when we say different... Continue Reading →

C O C Devotional : Hierarchy

It is settled science brothers and sisters! You are reading the first edition of the Church of Climatology devotional! C O C devotional for short. In this publication we will be explaining and expounding on the beliefs of the church. We hope that this will help introduce us to the non-believers. If you are a... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Primer: Religion

Greetings fellow liberals! Today we discuss religion. To the uninitiated it would seem that we are too smug and superior to be concerned about religion but nothing could be further from the truth. The Church of Climatology forms a central part of our lives and we defend it just as zealously as any terrorist defends the... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Primer: ACLU

Greetings fellow liberals! In this section of the primer we discuss various organizations that support our agenda. The ACLU is our front organization which gives us credibility on the issue of free speech. We have them declare themselves non-partisan but as we all know organization that declares themselves non-partisan is lying. It is useful to... Continue Reading →

Hitler was a Great Democrat

The Democrats like to compare Trump with Hitler. What happens when you actually take a look at Hitler? He looks very similar to our democrats today. Fine Arts- As we can see a majority of the people who study the fine arts, performance arts, and other things of that nature are democrats. Hitler repeatedly tried to... Continue Reading →

Pokemon and Islam

When you look at facts objectively one cannot deny one thing. Mohammad was divinely inspired by Pokemon when he created the rules for women in Islam. I am well aware that pokemon came after Islam but the divine works in mysterious ways and the similarities are too close to discount. Teams - In Islam there... Continue Reading →

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