The Liberal Primer: Trump, Ice Cream, and CNN


Greetings fellow liberals! This is a special edition of the Liberal Primer. We finally have it. Conclusive evidence that President Trump is a racist, fascist, sexist, white male! This is it this will finally bring down his presidency! We had CNN one of our puppet networks blast the news today. President Trump eats 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream after dinner. Yes you read that correctly 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream! We had our puppets discuss this for hours to underline its importance! Im sure you already realize it by now but let me spell it out for you just in case.

Pouring Over Chocolate Cake

White vanilla ice cream was poured over black chocolate cake! The white ice cream was poured over the black cake! There can be no clearer sign that President Trump wants whites to rule over blacks.

Only Vanilla Ice Cream

Only vanilla ice cream was served! No black , brown, yellow, or ice cream of any other color. This clearly shows that President Trump wants a world of only white people.

Thousand Island Dressing

Only Trump has Thousand Island Dressing! There can be no clearer sign that the President wants to conquer one thousand islands! Just like Hitler!

Diet Coke!

President Trump has diet coke! Why not Pepsi! Why not Sprite? Clearly Trump is a puppet of Coca Cola and has been compromised. Coke clearly has compromising pictures of Trump.

Pence Gets Fruit Plate

This is final confirmation that Mike “turning fruits into vegetables” Pence prefers fruits to pie! He prefers gays to women.

Thousand Island Dressing

He likes Thousand Island Dressing! This was made in North America! President Trump is clearly showing his ethnonationalist leanings!

Two Scoops

The President gets two scoops of ice cream while everyone else gets one! He is clearly using a North Korean or Russian style gulag system where he starves the people who work for him.

Diet Coke and Water

The President drinks diet coke and everyone else water. This is fat shaming and a subliminal message for everyone to get thinner as the President wants his army of superior men! Just like Hitler!

With all this new evidence how can the President hold on? The resistance will be victorious!


The Liberal Primer: Dictionary


Greetings fellow liberals! The page we have today is unique. It is meant to be shared with conservatives. Please do be careful not to show them the other pages of the primer though. We do understand that we live in a polarized society and showing the other side what we mean when we say different terms can only help us understand each other. Some of the terms are defined the same way which means that they are usually interchangeable.

Racist – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Bigot – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Fascist –  Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Nazi – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Sexist – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Traitor– Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Russian Hacker – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Useful Idiot – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Elitist – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Good – Someone who votes for Democrats.

Evil – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Educated – Someone who votes for Democrats.

Uneducated – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

Privileged– Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

White Nationalist– Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

White Person – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

White Supremacist – Someone who does not vote for Democrats.

This is of course only a short list. If there are any additional terms that need to be defined please reach out to us so we can include it in the dictionary.

C O C Devotional : Hierarchy


It is settled science brothers and sisters! You are reading the first edition of the Church of Climatology devotional! C O C devotional for short. In this publication we will be explaining and expounding on the beliefs of the church. We hope that this will help introduce us to the non-believers. If you are a believer then may the great Gore protect you and keep you from the ice age and may Leo and all the stars guide you thru the vast oceans caused by global warming. You now have the perfect tool to convince heretics. It is settled science indeed!


Since this is our first publication we must begin in the beginning. In order to understand how the church works we must first understand how it is structured. There are 2 major ranks among the faithful. Our colloquial term for these ranks are the stars and the shlubs. Movement among the ranks is based on something we call “green levels”. Once you have enough green levels you can move up in the ranks and eventually make it from shlub to star. Your current green level is determined by three things. First is strength of belief. The more you believe in climate change the higher your rank. Second is obedience. The more closely you follow our teachings and the more vocal you are about it the higher your green level becomes. Lastly we have your fame. The more famous you are the more important you become to the church of climatology. These green levels are determined by our gazers located in our Holy city of Holy Wood. In practice everyone in the religion already has strong belief and is perfectly obedient so the only variable is fame.


We now go to the individual ranks. The Sun is a special rank that was not named earlier. This is the equivalent of the Pope or the Grand imam. He is the head of our religion and his word is beyond question. In fact the word of anyone of higher rank is beyond question. The title is currently held by Al Gore. This title is unique as it cannot be gained by increasing your green levels nor can it be lost by it as well. This rank is always appointed by the party. Like with civilians controlling the military a Democrat must always control the Church of Climatology. The religion exists to serve the party after all.


These are the upper crust of the Church. They almost all live in the holy city Holy Wood and they are almost all universally loved by the membership of the church. We do have several rules that we enforce based on our beliefs. What companies to support, where to fly, and generally what to do to reduce the amount of pollution you cause. What is important to understand is that the stars are exempt from these rules. It is far too important to keep them happy. The rules we set are only to be followed by the shlubs. Any criticisms of people of higher rank will earn a loss of green levels.


We could write a lot about the shlubs but who really cares. They exist to follow orders and make our stars feel better about themselves. If shlubs wanted us to pay more attention to them they should strive to be stars. That said it is important to pretend that shlubs are valuable. The more of them there are the more special the stars feel.

As you can see our religion revolves around our sun and the stars around him. This is by design. The stars have their uses outside of the Church of Climatology. They are a great source of fundraising for the democrats, can draw crowds for rallies, and give our pet media something to talk about when they endorse our candidates. If the Church keeps them happy then they keep the party happy. To keep them happy it is your job to gain more followers for our religion. Go out there and preach! Scream it is settled science at the top of your lungs in every street corner! The blessings of the Great Gore will be upon you and the stars will look upon you with favor.

The Liberal Primer: Religion

download (2).jpg

Greetings fellow liberals! Today we discuss religion. To the uninitiated it would seem that we are too smug and superior to be concerned about religion but nothing could be further from the truth. The Church of Climatology forms a central part of our lives and we defend it just as zealously as any terrorist defends the great pedophile in the sky. Not only are we willing to kill people to defend our religion, we are willing to ruin careers, livelihoods, and silence anyone critical of our religion.


The tenets of our religion are simple. White men are sinful creatures and are going to destroy our environment. The simple minded think that our credo holds that all men are responsible for the changing climate but that is only what we release for public consumption. If there are two countries a white majority one producing 10 units of pollution, lets call it the US for example, and there is a country with a non-white majority one producing 50 units of pollution, lets call it India or China for example, we would require that the country producing the 10 units of pollution be more highly regulated than those producing 50. In our religion the pollution caused by white men causes more damage to the environment than pollution caused by people of other races.


The church of climatology has a very well defined hierarchy. On top we have our equivalent of the Pope or the Caliph. It is currently the almighty Al Gore. On the next level we have Leo and the rest of the saints residing in our holy city of Hollywood. We use very simple criteria in determining who moves up and down in our hierarchy.  The more famous you are and the more pure your belief in climatology the higher your rank is.


Like any other religion we do have heretics as well. Our colloquial term for them is deniers. They deny the one true faith. When you meet one of these deniers I encourage you to plug you ears and shout “It’s settled Science” at the top of your lungs. This is a very useful phrase to remember. If you ever find yourself backed into a corner or unsure of what to say shouting this is a safe bet. It is like “Deus Vult” for the christians in the middle ages or “Allahu Akbar” for the muslims today. They all mean the same thing. We are right because we believe in our heart we are right. It does not matter what others say.

Rest assured we are going after these heretics. They will hunted down and eliminated. When dealing with these people we are very thorough. First we make sure that they are cut off from any source of funding. We will put pressure on the universities and other places they may be employed to get them fired. Next we will make sure they get humiliated by the press and other agencies controlled by high ranking members of the Church of Climatology. Lastly we make sure that they cannot infect other people with their ideas by censoring them. We can be as thorough as inquisitors employed by the Pope if we put our minds to it.


Every religion has sects which declare the end of the world. Some christians declare that the rapture is coming and hole up in their church. Some muslims say that the final battle is here and head to the middle east to fight. Our religion is no different. In fact out of all major religions we have declared the end of the world the most times. We are very creative as well. Other religions have static scenarios. Jesus is coming or the infidels are coming to Mecca. We have many different ones. A new ice age, islands dissapearing, a massive world war, and many others you can think of.

This shows the strength of our religion. If other faiths were to make the same number of end of the world predictions that we did and consistently get it wrong nobody would believe them anymore. In our case every prediction we make just reinforces the faith of the members of the Church of Climatology. Our faith is truly strong.

Glory be to Gore in the highest and praise Leo and all the saints!

The Liberal Primer: ACLU


Greetings fellow liberals! In this section of the primer we discuss various organizations that support our agenda. The ACLU is our front organization which gives us credibility on the issue of free speech. We have them declare themselves non-partisan but as we all know organization that declares themselves non-partisan is lying. It is useful to us as it fools the less informed members of the country.

Free speech has always been a difficult issue for us which makes the ACLU all the more important. After all how can we be against free speech when the saintly ACLU says that all Democrats are good and all Republicans are evil. This is perfect as we do not really believe in free speech anyway. Democrats get free speech. Republicans and conservatives have the right to keep quiet and do as their told. The public has plenty of things going on with their lives and getting more information will just confuse them. All they need to know is that we are right and the other side is wrong.

Aside from the credibility boost the ACLU serves two other major functions. To channel and divide.


The first major function of the ACLU is to make sure that any free speech that is harmful to Republicans is encouraged and heard by as wide an audience as possible. Any time organizations like the KKK or anything Neo Nazi wants to hold a rally or march it is the duty of the ACLU to encourage it. If we could pay for their transport and venue we would as well. In fact we may already be doing that. Do you ever notice how the KKK only becomes relevant every 4 years and they only hold rallies in swing states that we believe we have a shot at winning? In 2016 it was in North Carolina. You would think they would do so in other more Republican states, but that’s a discussion for another time. By encouraging these groups we make sure that all the gays, jews, and women in the country feel that we are the only thing standing between them and the ovens and concentration camps. They have no chance of convincing people of their viewpoints anyway and left alone they may just wither and die. That is the last thing we want to happen.


The second function of the ACLU is to control free speech. Do you ever notice that the ACLU is silent whenever figures like Shapiro, Coulter, and Milo are shut out of universities? This is by design. The only time the ACLU would speak out on it is when the issue is over and the speech has been cancelled. The last thing we want is for Republicans and conservatives who have a chance to convince other people to speak in public. The fact that these three are gay, Jewish, and a woman just complicates the issue. The last thing we want is for these communities to identify with people who think differently from Democrats. It would defeat our purpose of keeping them on edge at all times.

I hope this has made you realize the importance of the ACLU. They are just as much a part of the Democratic party as the DNC. Don’t forget to donate to them. Match me!

Hitler was a Great Democrat


The Democrats like to compare Trump with Hitler. What happens when you actually take a look at Hitler? He looks very similar to our democrats today.

Fine Arts- As we can see a majority of the people who study the fine arts, performance arts, and other things of that nature are democrats. Hitler repeatedly tried to apply to Fine arts institutes while living in Vienna.

Hollywood and the Arts- We all know that everyone in Hollywood is a liberal and hates Trump and the Republicans. Recall that Hitler was old enough to have participated in World War 1. Living as a Bohemian painter in Vienna is as close to Hollywood as he could get.

Jewish Success-  Hitler believed that the Jews a minority in German society had nothing to do with their own success. They were parasites that manipulated and exploited the rest of the German population to gather wealth. In our time it is not controversial to say that the predominantly white countries in the US and Western Europe are preferable to live in rather than the Middle East, Africa, or India and China. According to the democrats this is not due to any special virtue of the population living in that country, which is a successful worldwide minority, but rather because of the exploitation of the other areas by the white race. They did not produce anything and are only wealthy because of the benefit they have derived from what the other races produced. The savagery of the middle east and Islam has nothing to do with their backwardness, the Indian caste system and the mandarin system of the Chinese have nothing to do with how harshly they exploit their labor class, and the infighting in Africa has nothing to do with their current status. It is all due to the parasites who produce nothing for themselves.

The Paris climate change accords are a good example of a codification of this world view. The developing countries produce most of the pollution but the most constraints have to be placed on the first world countries as they have to pay back for the pollution they caused before. If your real concern was climate change then you would go after those who cause the most pollution now.

Jewish Existence- As everyone knows Hitler tried to exterminate all the jews. The democrats have a similar goal. History teaches us that a static defense line, such as the Maginot line, will always fail while strategies involving defense in depth, such as the Russian campaigns against Napoleon and Hitler, have been more successful. By requiring the Jews to give up their land they are forcing them to rely on a static defense line rather than defense in depth. Anywhere from 1-4 to 1-2 of the worlds Jews live in Israel. Having it overrun by the arabs would certainly cause more casualties than the holocaust.

Welfare- Liberals are very concerned about welfare and insist that all people should share the same standard of living no matter what work they actually put in, a view that Hitler shared. The Winter relief program initiated by Hitler required everyone to give donations to the less fortunate and while donations were voluntary you could be terminated for not donating.

Culture- Hitler also enforced his culture onto his countrymen. The strength thru joy movement forced ordinary Germans to watch plays that were approved by Hitler. The democrats of today achieve the same results by exiling conservatives from Hollywood ensuring that only material with liberal viewpoints are fit for public consumption.

Racial Discrimination- Hitler believed that certain races should get certain advantages that other races should not. The Germans of course were at the top of his list. The British were there as well as he did admire a lot of their culture. The democrats of today practice the same discrimination. Certain scholarships are only available to certain party approved racial groupings. The primary requirement being support of the party. For instance democrats would approve of a scholarship devoted exclusively to Muslims but would cry racism if there were ever a scholarship devoted to whites.

Enforced Racial Equality- This is related to the previous point. When Republicans are asked what would make people equal it would be the free market. Companies who pick people based on talent will naturally succeed and companies that dont will fail. Hitler did not believe in this. The Jews had too much power and the Germans and other qualified races as chosen by Hitler had to be given opportunities by the government for equality. Today’s democrats are the same. It is not enough that Silicon Valley hires qualified Asians they have to hire a certain number of party approved races too. Same goes for college, housing, and other things. Race is the primary qualification not income or education which actually caused the mortgage crisis in the past.

Totalitarianism- Hitler believed that the person should look to the government for everything. Healthcare, work, culture, and even permission to reproduce. The democrats are taking us down the same path.

Religion- It is not true that Democrats abhor religion. They have no problem with Islam. They have a problem with Christianity. This is a view that they share with Hitler. He actually tried to dissolve the catholic church and place them under government control. When they resisted they were persecuted by the government. Their faith was mocked and various government institutions were used against them exactly like what democrats do now.

Pokemon and Islam

images (9).jpg

When you look at facts objectively one cannot deny one thing. Mohammad was divinely inspired by Pokemon when he created the rules for women in Islam. I am well aware that pokemon came after Islam but the divine works in mysterious ways and the similarities are too close to discount.

Teams – In Islam there is a hard cap in the number of wives you can have four just as there is a cap in the number of pokemon you can have which is six. Unless you are Mohammad who can have unlimited wives you cannot break this cap. Islam theorists have also speculated that the reason that Islamic mean can have four different wives is for specialization. One would be for her godly character, one for her dutifulness and housekeeping skills, one for her beauty, and one to advance the social status of the man something akin to a political wife. Of course the specializations would evolve over time. It could be by fetish now. It is remarkably similar to pokemon. I could not have a team of 6 pikachus as that would leave me weak to earth type pokemon. I would need to specialize and have a fire type, earth type, and others as well.

Pokeballs- In Pokemon when you are no longer using a pokemon it is supposed to go inside its pokeball until it is needed again. Nobody knows what it does there or how it spends its time except it is always ready whenever you need it. Nobody can see the pokemon without the owner summoning it for his pleasure. In Islam we have the womans quarters or haramlik. The women are kept there until needed like the pokeballs and they can only come out in the presence of their trainers or husbands and other authorized male relatives.

Signature Moves- Whenever pokemon get into battles they always do what their trainer says. They will not follow any other trainer and they will even learn new moves at the instruction of their trainers. This is similar to how Islam treats women. Women are always to be subservient to men and follow whatever they say.

Gotta Catch em All – When you begin your pokejourney you fill up your team with whatever pokemon you can get. Then when better ones come along you either boot out the old ones or place them in storage. The same principle applies to Islam. You do not need to be picky about the first wives you choose. You can just say I divorce you thee times and you can get rid of your old ones to make room for new.

Trade- In pokemon you can trade your old unused pokemon with other trainers. Sometimes this is the only way to acquire special items or evolutions. The same is true with Islam. You can trade women with other owners either for other women or for goods and services.

Combat- In pokemon the trainer regularly seeks out other trainers to fight. In combat however the most sacred rule is that the trainers must not get hurt. The pokemons can do whatever they want to each other but the trainer. We see a similar strand in Islam. Women are kept around and used as human shields so that their trainers will not be targeted.

Capture- In pokemon when you capture a new pokemon you throw your pokeball. It does not matter whether the pokemon wants to be captured or not. It is the same with Islam. To add new women to your team you negotiate directly with her previous owner. The woman has no say.

Cuckservative? No. Fluffservative? Yes!


There has been an effort by the hacks employed by the establishment to try to dismiss alt-right viewpoints as simply racist. They believe that by simply chanting this mantra they will be able to ignore all the arguments of the other side. Let me borrow a phrase from Marco Rubio here. I want to dispel the notion that the alt right is racist. It’s not about race. It’s about the nation and all the people in it.

When you are called a “cuckservative” its not because you support positions that are supposedly anti white. It’s because you support view points that are anti- America. If something is anti America it’s against all the races that are citizens of it. whether they be black, brown, white, yellow, or any other color.

If it was all about race then illegal immigration would not be an issue. After all they hurt African-Americans a lot more than they hurt any other race. They are the only demographic with 50% youth unemployment. The misdirection is so deep that the only candidate trying to fix that is the one who is called the most racist. If it was about race then NATO would not be an issue. After all who does NATO protect if not the predominantly white population in Europe? Sweden, Denmark, Germany are all predominantly white. Wouldn’t we be fine using the countries resources to protect other white people? No NATO is an issue because America is paying a lot more than its fair share. The nation as a whole is getting screwed and that involves blacks, whites, asians, and latinos. If it was about race would we complain about high medicine prices? After all the only reason its high is because we have to pay for the drug companies to recoup their investment in research here instead of in price controlled areas. Price controlled areas that are predominantly white like Europe. The sad thing is these cuckservatives don’t even see that if America is drained dry then the rest of the world goes down the tubes too.

Do you think the forces of the establishment miss this fact? No. Let me dispel the notion that they do. I gotta say I love Rubio for giving us that line. They know that the alt right is all about nationalism and putting America first but they have no defense against it. The only way they can fight against it is not by ideas, but rather by crying racist so loud that it drowns out the argument of the other side. Next time you read one of their articles pay careful attention. They never really defend the arguments for illegal immigration and NAFTA taking jobs, nor do they defend the fact that the US has to pay for the defence around the world. It’s all a history of the alt right and how somehow being nationalist in a nation made up of many different races is racist.

I will say one thing in their defense though. Cuckservative is the wrong term. A cuckold only watches as his wife or in this case his nation gets violated. The proper term is Fluffservative. A fluffer not only watches as his wife or nation gets violated but helps facilitate the act. Usually on his knees. After all who refuses to stop illegal immigration, insists on sending jobs overseas, and shouts down any attempt to get other countries to pay more for their defense? Is there a more apt description for the current political establishment?

Seeing Beyond the Veil


I wanted to take the time to explain this ad to everyone. It actually is a good example of why Trump plays the game at a level above everyone else and why I think he will eventually become President.

This video was widely mocked as something that was not relevant and had no bearing on the issues. If you hear someone say that don’t listen to them anymore they have no idea what they are talking about.

Before I begin with the video itself let me point out that the ad is 15 sec long. Its purposely designed to be played not in networks, nor in youtube but in social media. This may be the first ad we have seen designed for social media and the free coverage it gets.

Now on to the ad itself.

At its lowest level it gets you to laugh at Hillary and if your mind is in that mindset lets you think of Hillary as a female dog. The comparison is apt because she has always had a reputation as someone who is unlikeable and who thinks she is better than other people. Just running a search on how she treats her secret service detail tells you this.

At its standard level it reminds you how ineffective Hillary has been. Russia was able to annex Crimea. ISIS was able to take Syria. The Chinese encroach on the Spratly’s and buy up more and more American businesses. What has Hillary been able to do? Well it shows you exactly what in this commercial. Bark like a dog, with no effect.

At its highest level we have to look at its context. Remember this ad was released right around the time Trump said he could have asked Romney to drop to his knees for his endorsement. Hillary is already seen as a unbelievably corrupt politician. Trumps ad shows that to people with money Hillary will bark like a dog like Romney will drop to his knees. The power relationship is also there. Trump is the customer, Hillary is not even the vendor. She is the merchandise.

Cruz will never be able to make an ad like this. He runs a brilliant data driven campaign, which has been done over and over again by his predecessors. There is no spark of innovation that changes the game. They failed then just as Cruz will fail now.

With Trump vs Clinton we are headed for a realignment year where all states are up for grabs in both sides. With Clinton vs Cruz we are headed for another guaranteed defeat. After all Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.