L5R Strategy: Against Scorpion

  One of the most common replies I have gotten both in Reddit and Discord about the article from yesterday asks when I would make a similar article against Scorpion. I have not really considered making one before getting all the replies as I had not considered to be a top tier deck (remember yesterday... Continue Reading →

L5R Strategy: Against Crane

One of the things people often complain about is that they have a difficult time against crane. If you were to go to the clan chats in discord and ask what clan people thought they had a bad match up against most would still mention crane. This is not unwarranted. If I were to be... Continue Reading →

L5R Deckbuilding: Crab

Today we will be focusing on the crab clan. This clan has a special attachment to me as my very first deck way back in the day was oni crab. Ogres and various Oni swearing fealty to the crab clan to invade the crane are things that I have fond memories of. Crab is also... Continue Reading →

L5r Deckbuilding: Scorpion

For today we will be taking a look at the scorpion clan. For the record this clan is my favorite to splash provided that you run enough courtiers. Forged Edict takes care of your opponents best cards and Calling in Favors turns the Reprieves and Spyglasses that your opponent is counting on against them. Scorpion... Continue Reading →

L5r Deck building : Lion

I have gotten feedback from my previous article saying that Phoenix was a very difficult clan for new players to start with. This is fair. Phoenix is a complex clan to master. When I first started the LCG I wanted to play Phoenix due to partisan reasons but chose to play Lion first instead to... Continue Reading →

L5R deck building: Phoenix

I have been consuming a lot of media recently from various sources about how to build a deck with L5R which compelled me to write this article. It looks like the most widely viewed ones come from team covenant or imperial adviser. In my opinion the ideas presented in it are more for card games... Continue Reading →

There is No World War 3

Since the start of his Presidency Democrats and some Neocon republicans have been stating that Trump will start World War 3 with his tweets and behavior. This is false and an outright lie. None of the facts around the world geopolitical situation call for a World War. It would even be difficult to imagine the... Continue Reading →

Playing L5r in Octagn

Taking a break from my usual topics for a public service announcement. There have been many players who have expressed an interest in playing l5r in octagn but have difficulty setting up. Here is a step by step guide. Download Octagn- First things first download the octagn program.┬álink to octagn here Register for Octagn- While... Continue Reading →

4d Chess: The Sanctuary State

In response to President Trump California has declared itself a Sanctuary State. Ready and willing to welcome all the illegal immigrants that can make it to their wide open arms. Conservatives and nationalists are of course up in arms at the slight. If you are one of them I want to ask you. Why? There... Continue Reading →

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