Who is the Anti-fa?

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With their recent coverage in the news it is important for everyone that we understand who Anti-fa is, what they stand for, and which major political figures have been supporting them.

Anti-fa is of course short for Anti fascist. They are a group which believe in opposing fascism by any means necessary. They believe that fascism must be stamped out in its infancy before it takes root. To Anti-fa physical violence, intimidation, and suppression of free speech are all valid and legitimate tools to combat who they deem as fascist. One of the defining traits of Anti-fa is they have very little in the way of central leadership so each particular “cell” (for lack of a better term) determines who or what is fascist too them. Another defining trait of Anti-fa is they have widespread political support. The alt-right has been denounced by nearly all major politicians of both parties. In contrast nearly every major Democrat has expressed support for the actions of Anti-fa. Even Republican leaders such as Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have cleared Anti-fa of any wrong doing with their statements.

Since every division of Anti-fa decides for themselves what defines fascism they have declared a lot of events as fascist. In college where conservative speakers such as Ben Shapiro or even the more controversial Milo have been scheduled to speak, Anti-fa has been on hand to prevent the event from taking place. Sometimes it is thru physical threats, actual violence, or blockading the entrances. Even their presence sends a chilling effect as conservative speakers are forced to pay huge sums to provide adequate security for their talks. In political campaigns they have decided that the Trump campaign and its supporters are fascist. They were on hand to break up the Trump rally in Chicago during the primaries. In Arizona they even forced President Trump to enter one of his rallies thru the back. In California there was even a rally by Trump supporters where Anti-fa used pepper spray on children. Even Republican town halls discussing the potential changes to Obamacare were also protested or demonstrations against planned parenthood.

To date I am not aware of any demonstrations against any political activities done by the left which goes a long the uniform support they draw from Democrat politicians. On the other hand it seems like the definition Anti-fa uses for fascist has been expanded to include any activity which furthers the Republican agenda. This makes the refusal of mainstream Republican political leaders such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Mitt Romney to condemn them very strange. To date it looks like President Trump is the only major political figure to condemn violence caused by Anti-fa.

To sum everything up. Anti-fa is an organization supported by Democrats and establishment Republicans which violently suppresses anything they deem as fascist. They have also determined that anything having to do with conservatives is fascist.


Cultural Privilege


Whenever you discuss anything with a liberal the conversation always devolves down to privilege. This is ironic as this is exactly the reason why they cannot handle the Trump presidency. Loosely defined privilege is the advantage someone has in life because of the circumstances of his birth.

The right may hate me for saying this but some privileges do exist. I firmly believe that there is an American Privilege, if you are born an American you can expect a much higher quality of life than someone born in Syria. A genius born in Syria could still very well end up sold by Uncle Mohammed for 5 goats or be sent to bomb the local police station to claim your 99 virgins. There are of course some privileges that are bogus. White privilege being one of them. People of all colors can succeed in America. If hard pressed I would even say that Asians may succeed at higher rates than white people do. It may even be harder to be a poor white person in America than a poor black or brown one as there are support structures that exist for them that do not for the poor white person.

I am not saying we should feel guilty about this. Some people are born stronger, faster, smarter, prettier, more athletic, or a whole host of other advantages than others. Different people get different advantages and it is all about making the best out of the hand we are dealt.

Liberal Privilege

Liberals have cultural privilege. Since they were born liberals have been told by society that their ideas are correct. While you are growing up most of the things that you interact with come from a liberal perspective. If you watch tv or a movie it would most likely have been made by a liberal. Chances are the teachers you have for lower and middle school are liberals as well. Even comic books are coming with a liberal flavor now. Although that may change as marvel says their profits have cratered after catering to social justice warriors. Nuanced arguments like how adding more labor to the pool without available jobs makes it harder for wages to go up or how we creating a new slave class with illegal immigrants come much later. This is not random. Liberals exert a lot of effort to keep these institutions pure. Conservatives are routinely hunted down in Hollywood and teachers who don’t conform to the standard viewpoints are removed.

This goes above being taught that they are right. Liberals are taught a very simple formula. If you dislike something all you have to do is declare that it is racist, sexist, fascist, or any other ist and society will rally behind you to exterminate the threat. Companies will get boycotted, professors will get fired tenure or no tenure, and people lose their jobs. I urge you to look for articles about Mccain, Romney, Bush, or any other Republican running for president at the time they were running and compare it with articles after. It would be far kinder to be labelled a murderer than a racist. Do you ever wonder why there are so many accusations of faux racism happening recently? You cannot give people the power of life and death over someone and not expect them to use it. Republicans are complicit in this as well. Instead of standing up to the system they have gone along with it and the greatest fear for most of them is to be labelled an ist.


For most liberals Trump is a breakdown of the system. They were supposed to be correct. They labeled Trump all the proper things and the labels did not produce the desired result. It would have been the same with any other presidential candidate. Liberals ran their campaign like they always do based on how evil Trump was. He was not America. He is sexist. He is racist. He is a fascist. America chose him anyway. Not only that they gave him majorities in both the house and the senate. There are two options liberals can choose from. Either the rest of the country does not define racism, sexism, and fascism the way they do or Russians. They chose Russians.

To the intellectual liberals Trump represents are far greater threat. Not only did the system malfunction Trump did not participate in it. Atlas Shrugged has some questionable assumptions regarding the economy and the value of the capitalist but it is spot on morality. Trump is like Hank Rearden in his trial. The system is set up so that everybody has an original sin. In Atlas Shrugged it was making a profit. In Trumps case he was white, male, and rich. Trump never downplayed any of that. In fact one of the central themes of his campaign was I am rich. Trump did not play the racism game either. When a reporter called him out on the Pocahontas comment he just repeated it. When they said his ads were anti-semetic he didn’t care. He ran on illegal immigration reform and did not care that he was called racist. The intellectuals know that all it takes is one person with great reach to show that the system is a mirage for the entire system to break down. Losing their cultural privilege is the greatest fear of these intellectuals.

Democrats and the Rise of the Mediocre Negro


We now have a new term the democrats use for Negroes who step out of line. Mediocre Negro now joins Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, and other tools of psychological pressure to keep the African American population in line.

The issue started when some African American community leaders went to Trump Tower to have a discussion with President Trump about how to improve the lives of the African American community. Of course the pundits in CNN did not like this. They labelled them as mediocre negroes. The mediocre negroes had the gall to talk about the problems in the inner cities and employment when they were not even part of the business community but were rather sports, movie, and musical stars only brought to sing and dance and were used for photo ops.

The Talk

African Americans, like the Union vote, have always been one of the core voting blocks of the Democrats. The push-back that President Trump gets in trying to build inroads to the community is understandable. The question democrats have to ask themselves is.. Well what did you think would happen? When you ignore the interests of one of your core voting blocks in favor of the interests of other blocks you want to bring in then they will find other allies to get their needs.

In championing illegal immigration and creating more competition for scarce jobs the Democrats have shown that the African American community could expect little help from them in dealing with their historic unemployment problems as the Democrats were more interested in acquire the family members of the illegals as a voting block.

In championing NAFTA under Bill Clinton and TPP under Hillary Clinton and President Obama they have shown that they are willing to put corporate and donor interests above the employment issues that the African American community faces.

In cracking down on super-predators and pushing forth a crime bill that targeted African-Americans under Bill Clinton they have shown that the community could not rely on them to protect it.

Can the African American community rely on Trump? They don’t know. Yet there are enough of them willing to try.

The Song and Dance

The party which campaigns with Katy Perry, Beyonce, and gets it climate advice from Leonardo di Caprio is upset at the mediocre negro at only being used for singing, dancing and photo ops.

The hypocrisy is plain to see but the central issue is the fundamental understanding the democrats have of the community. According to Senator Sanders African American youth unemployment has hit 50%. There are no jobs you get early on to teach you work ethics and other valuable life lessons. There are no early paychecks to help you qualify for a credit card early and build your credit score so that when you need a loan for your first business you get favorable interest rates. Instead we have out of work youths who are at a higher risk of turning to crime. The building blocks to be a successful small business owner have been taken away one by one.

If you look at the low income African American community the quickest way out of poverty is to “sing and dance” and maybe catch too. Sports, singing, acting, and other things of this nature have proven to be the only hope of a sizable portion of the community which is why you see young black athletes take their sport very seriously. They know it is the only shot they have. Yet they are faulted for being mediocre negroes when they succeed in the only path left to them.

This is by no means limited to the left. The Republican base revolted against the party this year and voted for someone their leaders were against because they felt that their needs were ignored. As long as you keep ignoring the interests of your voting blocks more and more mediocre negroes will appear.


My R.S.V.P. for the Riot


Well yesterday happened. By now everyone will have seen the video of the black teens torturing the white mentally retarded one. All that is left is the rioting. If the riot organizers are reading this I would like to official R.S.V.P. for the riot. If possible I would like to request that we hold it near a shop that sells anime, board, or card games. That stuff gets expensive fast and i need my fix of nerd crack. Failing that I would at least like to request for a special one man riot permit so I can loot my stuff without bothering anyone else. I promise to do more looting than breaking.


We do have to discuss what happened yesterday though. There is one difference between yesterday and nearly every other hate crime that has happened in recent memory. That is the absence of shame. Every other instance of this involved the perpetrators trying to hide their identity. In the burning of the church in Alabama, which turned out to be a hoax, the arsonist did not come forward to claim responsibility. In the incident where the muslim womans hijab was torn off in public, which also incidentally turned out to be a hoax, no one claimed responsibility for it either.

In this situation the black youths believed, whether rightly or wrongly, that it would be morally acceptable to society to do what they did. Not only that. By claiming responsibility for their actions in such a public way they believed that the public would reward them for their actions. That what they were doing would be considered good. They would get a viral video and fame among their peers. Hate crimes committed by whites and indeed other races do exist, but they have the understanding that it is not acceptable to society and they would get in trouble for it.

Take a look at history. In slavery days whites who whipped blacks and kept them in line did not hesitate to take credit for it. They believed society would reward them and it did with overseer positions and other perks for having that skill. Fast forward to the heyday of the KKK. Even at their strongest point they chose to wear hoods and masks to hide their identity. They understood that even if they thought what they were doing was necessary, society as a whole did not think so. Somehow society has progressed to a stage where people believe they would again be celebrated for committing hate crimes.


Stop me if you have heard this before. Trump voters are deplorable. Hillary only lost because of sexism. This is a white lash!!!! Racism is the only reason Trump won. Economic anxiety had nothing to do with Trump’s victory. The voters were just not ready to vote for Hillary. The electoral college will have failed if it votes for Trump. Trump’s rise is the rise of fascism and nazism.

It does not even stop at this. Yesterday Anna Kasparian of the Young Turks already declared in their show that “This is not based on race”. They even go thru great lengths to edit out the portions where the black teens said “f*** Whitey”. Don Lemon in his show already stated that he thought this was not evil and one of his guests even said that we should not label this as a hate crime. The whitewashing of this incident has already begun.

You have a media, both online and conventional, who are the mirrors of our culture, openly dehumanizing Trump voters and then making excuses and deflecting when crimes are done on them. Is it the fault of the black teens if they thought that this was ok? Why wouldn’t they? We fought a civil war against racists where hundreds of thousands of white males died to free the slaves. We fought a bitter world war against the nazis and nuked the imperialist fascist state of Japan. Why would hate crimes not be celebrated when committed against these people? After all the media says that anyone who voted for Trump are these things and the last generation that killed nazis and fascists were celebrated for it. You cannot send all these signals one way and be surprised when people listen to it.

Christmas for the Right

There have not been a lot of Alt-right people who have addressed this and I felt that I really had to. One of the counter arguments of the left is that this is Christmas for the right or Christmas for conservatives. To silence us they say that conservatives are happy this event happened since it gives us rhetorical ammunition to use against them.

 I’m not going to virtue signal and say that this event had a profound impact on me. The truth is it didn’t. I don’t know this person. I don’t know anyone related to him nor am I close with anyone who is mentally retarded. I do have a cousin who is mentally challenged but I only see him once a year, if that, and if it did happen to him I would have been impacted more. Is this a terrible event? Yes it is. But terrible events happen all the time and if I wrung my hands every time one happened I would never get anything done. I do have to say that there is a special kind of karma or poetic justice that this happened the week before Obama gives his farewell address. I can think of no more fitting end to his presidency.

At the end of the day this is another event that occurred that must be analyzed. The left as always uses guilt a concept it has so effectively weaponized in the past to get the right to ignore the event. When the left compares Trump to “literally Hitler” do we say they are happy the holocaust happened because it gives them something to compare Trump to? No the right meets them argument for argument instead of relying on some form of repressed guilt. To anyone reading this do not feel guilty about laying the blame for this event where it should. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, the man without guilt is the most dangerous of all as they have nothing to control him with.